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Disney adds new liquor location inside Magic Kingdom

Disney adds new liquor location inside Magic Kingdom
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Disney’s Magic Kingdom was once alcohol free, but that’s changing rapidly. Check out the details and all the locations now serving cocktails.

Alcohol at Disney World

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Guests can purchase beer, wine, and cocktails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Many guests enjoy “drinking around the world” at EPCOT, while others think it can get out of hand on the weekends. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Alcohol is served at both table service and quick service locations throughout these 3 Disney World theme parks. Note that guests are allowed to carry quick service drinks with them inside the theme park, but not take them outside the park. This even holds true for guests staying in walking distance, such as Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Another interesting fact is that Disney cast members are not allowed to provide lids with alcoholic beverages, only non-alcoholic drinks.

Magic Kingdom

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About a decade ago, Disney’s Magic Kingdom broke a 40-year tradition of not serving alcohol. Many people were upset about this thinking it went against Walt Disney’s wishes, while others embraced the change. This change allowed table service restaurants inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom to serve a variety of beer and wine.

However, no quick service locations were permitted to serve adult beverages. Not only that, but Disney’s Magic Kingdom only served beer and wine until recently.

Bringing Liquor to the Park

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Last month, we shared that Magic Kingdom was introducing liquor to select table service locations within Magic Kingdom HERE. At that time, Disney debuted drinks with liquor in addition to the beer and wine offerings at Skipper CanteenLiberty Tree Tavern, and The Diamond Horseshoe beginning September 13. You can see details on these drinks HERE.

New Location

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Today, Disney adds a fourth dining location inside Magic Kingdom that will serve mixed drinks with liquor. For the first time ever, Tony’s Town Square is serving cocktails.

Check out the drinks available below:

  • Little Italy – Knob Creek Rye Whiskey, Amaro Averna Siciliano Liqueur, Sweet Vermouth, garnished with Luxardo Cherries
  • Limoncello Sidecar – Caravella Limoncello, Cointreau Liqueur, Applejack Brandy, Lemon Juice

Starting today, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant serves cocktails with liquor in them.

What do you think of this change? Are you excited to see more adult beverages choices, or do you think alcohol doesn’t belong at the Magic Kingdom? Please share your experience with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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  1. It’s one thing Epcot having liquor there is no reason to have it at Magic Kingdom. Have your cocktail at the many places outside M K, the fights that are happening now will only get worse. I’ve been going to WDW since 1972 we had a great time all the way up to 2018. Things have gotten progressively worse since then, and now we’re contemplating not going back I believe in progress but not at the cost of family fun & safety

  2. Ruining WDW. One drunk at a time. Can’t tell your how many times I have seen staggering drunks in the last few years. Animal kingdom is pretty bad. Epcot the worst for sure. But they always have been.

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