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Huge new alcohol policy coming to the Magic Kingdom soon

Huge new alcohol policy coming to the Magic Kingdom soon
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There’s a big change coming to the Magic Kingdom theme park. Take a look at details, including when this change takes place.

Alcohol Served at Disney World

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Guests can purchase beer, wine, and cocktails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Many guests enjoy “drinking around the world” at EPCOT, while others think it can get out of hand on the weekends. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Alcohol is served at both table service and quick service locations throughout these 3 Disney World theme parks. Note that guests are allowed to carry quick service drinks with them inside the theme park, but not take them outside the park. This even holds true for guests staying in walking distance, such as Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

Another interesting fact is that Disney cast members are not allowed to provide lids with alcoholic beverages, only non-alcoholic drinks.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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About a decade ago, Disney’s Magic Kingdom broke a 40-year tradition of no alcohol being served there. Many people were upset about this thinking it went against Walt Disney’s wishes, while others embraced the change. This change allowed table service restaurants inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom to serve a variety of beer and wine.

However, no quick service locations were permitted to serve adult beverages. Not only that, but Disney’s Magic Kingdom only served beer and wine, no liquor drinks are currently served there. Good or bad, this limits alcohol at this theme park.

Change Coming

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Disney will be introducing drinks with liquor in addition to the beer and wine offerings at its table service restaurants. Mixed drinks containing liquor are coming to Skipper Canteen, Liberty Tree Tavern, and The Diamond Horseshoe.

Mixed drinks containing liquor are coming to Skipper Canteen, Liberty Tree Tavern, and The Diamond Horseshoe.

When This Takes Place

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If you have a Disney World vacation scheduled over the next few weeks, this change won’t affect your trip. However, this new change takes place beginning September 13th.

This change takes place on September 13.

What do you think of this change? Are you excited to see more adult beverages choices or do you think alcohol doesn’t belong at the Magic Kingdom? Please share your experience with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


  1. I suspect Walt is spinning in his grave seeing what the money grubbing CEO’s have done to his parks..The Magic Kingdom is the children’s park. Let them keep it that way.

  2. I do not think alcohol should be served in the Magic Kingdom or inside any of the parks.
    I believe in Walt Disney’s vision and creativity and look to that for my vacations there. He was a brilliant man. I believe he is not pleased with decisions that are being made now. I have been coming since 1975 and believe in classic Disney. Thanks.

  3. I think MK should be alcohol free because there are a lot of small children on the rides there. I know all ages enjoy MK as I do but you have the other parks to drink at there’s no need to do it here.

  4. I think you should consider hiring more security, since not all intoxicated people behave appropriately especially around minor children.

  5. I was there in Memorial Day weekend and had a BLAST! Can’t wait to go back, hopefully they can also put a frozen drink stand somewhere in the park!

  6. I was there in may/June and I did not experience any of that and I enjoyed a nice frozen margarita in the Orlando heat.

    This sounds very much like get off my lawn

  7. I was at Epcot in December, and it was truly “drinking your way around the world.” Crowded, with rude drunks everywhere. You could barely navigate from one place to another without being pushed and shoved and cut off. The worst experience at a park ever. Never gonna repeat that experience. Never going back to Epcot again. Horrible.

  8. This should make the fights even more entertaining!
    To increase profits even more, they should lay off at least half of the security cast members too.

  9. Welt initially Was gonna build Walter’s new road in Missouri Siri but because of things sad said about him not serving alcohol in his parks he changed to a plan B and came down to Florida secretly buying land under a under other names because he was adamant I’m not serving alcohol in magic kingdom and now you disregard his wishes. If you can’t go A-day without alcohol with your family in a park that’s pretty sad.

  10. We all know the whole park is a lie first off Second of all these are grown responsible adults it happens to be at a Family public place these are same law abiding citizens that make pays their taxes and employees of this park they should be able to drink responsibly. Some countries allow legal drinking at 16 actually they should allow legal Marijuana or at least cbd

  11. Stupid stupid stupid. First of all, this totally goes against Walt’s vision of a family oriented theme park. Secondly mixing alcohol with heat, Humidity, crowding. Is just asking for more and more problems

  12. With the recent fights, disruptions and treatment of cast members does Disney really think this is in the best interests of the parks? Oh, yeah, it makes more money for Chapek, almost forgot.

  13. MK should remain alcohol free. For many years the association of Mickey with anything relating to alcohol was forbidden…no Mickey image on wine glasses, or any accessory related to alcohol. It was done for a reason which was Walt’s vision. Now, it’s about profit…profit…profit…regardless of image and view.

  14. Go back to the original concept – alcohol- free Disney parks. This expansion just caters to the alcohol dependent which is not where Disney ought to be.

  15. The decisions of these new leadership lately proves it’s not an effective move at all. Stop getting involved politically because it’s not working. Check how much your stocks has dropped. Now you come up with another idea to sell alcohol? Have you forgotten the vision of Walt Disney? When he created this place he knew exactly who his target market was. Yes, it was for families and their children to have a happy place. Now somebody came up with another brilliant idea of selling alcohol around children?

  16. Can people not go one day without alcohol? Parents need to be attentive to their kids. Buy a Dole Whip or a churro instead and enjoy the park!!

  17. Disney should remain family friendly. Alcohol has no place there. There are plenty of other parks and places for adult entertainment. Whoever is making these decisions needs to go.

  18. We were in Epcot in June where a fight broke out between 4 people who had had too much to drink. Lots of children (and adults) were upset. It had an impact on our day too. Plenty of places to drink away from the parks. If people can’t manage without for a while, there’s an issue somewhere.

  19. I don’t have a problem with the alcohol but just limit the amount of drinks and individual can have in a day, kind of like a punch card.

  20. Peoples can drink in many many places, why Disney, Sorry but alcohol and children’s place don’t mix. Enjoy t now the Magic Disney experience, because soon this park’s not fit for families and children anymore, and that will be so sad

  21. My stepfather was a violent alcoholic. When I was a kid we would go to Disney a couple of times a year. He didn’t (couldn’t) drink for the couple of days at the park. That literally made Disney the happiest place on earth for me. I am disappointed to see this change. I am already tired of dealing with the drunks at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I know most people can handle their alcohol, but the few that don’t ruin the experience for everyone else!

  22. My wife books all rides. We get the genie+. She spend the day there booking rides and not enjoying it. She won’t go back. she hates it.

  23. Our family was just at MK last week. So nice to not have to worry about intoxicated people there. Why can’t family time continue to be alcohol free. I enjoy a good drink like a lot of people but can certainly enjoy a family day without it. Major mistake bringing alcohol to the Magic kingdom!!

  24. I think at the restaurants is perfectly logical beer wine and mixed drinks but within the confines of the magic kingdoms there should be no Alcohol at all .

  25. They are serving a larger variety of mixed drinks, at the restaurants….. where they already served alcohol. They aren’t handing out shots at the gate.

    Everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but I think it is worth noting that if someone wanted to cause chaos after drinking alcohol they could easily achieve this with wine or beer…. again, at the same restaurants where alcohol was already being served before offering mixed drink options.

  26. I love all the complaints. Probably the same people who complain that Disney has changed and they don’t want to go anymore. Good, Disney doesn’t have to be for you after over 50 years, times change. Fewer people in line so I can get on the Haunted Mansion.

  27. Great, more drinks in the Magic Kingdom. You have out of control people now cutting lines and starting fights, without alcoholic drinks, you just ignited the fuss. Thank God, its all about CORPORATE GREED at the expense of families on vacation. Chapek, Amoro and “Cut the Portions Fat McCarthy, need to go!!!

  28. Fantastic! Magic kingdom is the grumpiest park. A drink or two could really take the edge off all the burnt out people. I’m in favor!

  29. Disney is turning into a 4 park Pleasure Island. Sorry children Disney doesn’t care about you anymore because you don’t have any money.

  30. What happened to Disney World,the magic is gone . No more Main Street bakery, no more wishes fireworks, no more great movie ride. These Geniuses have destroyed it, it’s just another Amusement park. Sooooo. Sad

  31. Totally agree! It gets so out of hand. It’s really sad. I thought I was going to read that they were doing away with alcohol at magic kingdom. I would be totally fine with that.

  32. Agree with everyone that alcohol does not belong at Walt Disney World or any of the walt disney properties I think it is destructive and I think everybody should be able to live without alcohol for one day or for their time that they are at the walt disney companies, It is supposed to be family friendly not a club or bar, please preserve the innocence of the the family time, please keep it G Rated……Walt Disney is for the family!!! Walt would be proud!!!!

  33. Touche everyone! Due to recent events, you would think Disney would concentrate more on the behavior and safety of their guests. Another genius idea Mr. Chapek! Can you please just go away!

  34. With all the crazies at Disney lately (fights, fountain guy, Space mountain table girl), you would think they would be lessening the availability, not adding. What could go wrong??

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