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The Monorail: Disney World’s best form of transportation!

The Monorail: Disney World’s best form of transportation!

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When you are thinking of Walt Disney World, there is no doubt many images come to mind. Mickey Mouse, Cinderella Castle, fireworks, and the monorail! Walt Disney World’s monorail system is the original transportation around the Resort and, by far, the most superior! Is the monorail your favorite way to get around Disney World?

Highway in the Sky

Credit: Jamie F

Disney World’s monorail system opened October 1, 1971 with the rest of Walt Disney World and quickly became a favorite of many! The monorail cruises above the Seven Seas Lagoon, offering Guests a spectacular view from this “Highway in the Sky.”

Offering access to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the Ticket and Transportation Center, and several resorts, the monorail is a quick and efficient way to get around Walt Disney World (and far superior to most other transportation options).

The monorail system covers a vast 14 miles and can travel at up to 40 miles per hour!

Monorail Routes

Credit: Jamie F

Guests have several options when using the monorail. There are three different tracks to get to different places around the Resort.

Taking the Resort Monorail, Express Monorail, or Epcot Monorail depends on your plans for the day. Let’s break them down!

Resort Monorail Line

Credit: Jamie F

The Resort Monorail line travels around the Seven Seas Lagoon and makes stops at each of the Disney Resorts in that area, Magic Kingdom, and the Transportation and Ticket Center.

The line has five stops in total and is my favorite line to take. I absolutely love stopping at each Resort, even if just for a moment. The anticipation builds and makes the trip over to Magic Kingdom even more exciting!

This monorail starts at the Transportation and Ticket Center, (Disney’s term for a very large parking lot!) followed by Disney’s Polynesian Resort. It then travels to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and makes a stop at Magic Kingdom. The Resort Monorail then continues on to Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The Monorail continues in a loop and then makes its way back to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Credit: Monica

Pirate tip: If you are trying to get to the Transportation and Ticket Center after a night in Magic Kingdom, the lines will likely be VERY long for the Express Monorail. The Resort Monorail will take you to the Transportation and Ticket Center and the lines will be much shorter!

Guests of these Resorts love having the ability to take the monorail directly to Magic Kingdom. It makes for a hassle free start to your magical day!

Express Monorail

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Credit: KtP writer Susan

The Express Monorail takes Guests directly from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom without an additional stops.

While the monorail still passes each of the Resorts, it does so quickly, getting you to Magic Kingdom very fast! You’ll still have magnificent views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the three monorail Resorts from your “Highway in the Sky.”

Epcot Monorail

Credit: Disney

This Monorail takes Guests from the Transportation and Ticket Center directly to Epcot! Although this trip is slightly longer, it is still the most efficient way to get to Epcot from the Transportation and Ticket Center and the Magic Kingdom area.

If you’re planning to park hop between Magic Kingdom and Epcot, the Epcot monorail makes that simple! You’ll simply need to change Monorail lines at the Transportation and Ticket Center, but hopping between these two Parks with the monorail is quick, easy, and fun!

Taking a ride on the Epcot line offers fantastic views as part of the tracks go straight through Epcot!

Please stand clear of the doors

Credit: Jamie F

Perhaps one of the most famous Disney quotes comes right from the monorail! While the monorail travels from destination to destination, a spiel is played over and over again to entertain and inform Guests.

Part of that spiel is one you’ve undoubtedly heard before!

Prior to the monorail’s departure from the station, an announcement plays right before the doors close. The announcement asks guests to “Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.”

Benefits of using the Monorail

Credit: KtP writer Donna

There are so many reasons why the monorail is superior to all other forms of Disney transportation.

Fast and Easy to Use

Credit: KtP writer Susan

The monorail is so fast and efficient to use! There is no worry about hitting traffic since the monorail runs on a loop and hardly ever needs to stop due to other monorail traffic!


Credit: Monica

You won’t find yourself waiting for long to get on the monorail. Each monorail can hold hundreds of sitting and standing passengers. If for some reason you can’t make it on, there will be another arriving soon!

Stroller and Scooter Accessible

Credit: KtP

Parents with children in strollers really love that the monorail can accommodate open strollers. There is no need to take children out of the stroller and fold it up. The monorail allows you to roll the stroller right on!

The monorail is also wheelchair and scooter accessible, so Guests using these can also roll right onto the Monorail. The Cast Members simply put a ramp up to the door to allow them to access the Monorail easier.

Cast Members then activate a button on the Monorail car in which the Guest with a wheel chair or scooter has boarded, and the Cast Member at the next station knows to be ready with the ramp for the Guest to use to exit the Monorail.

A great way to get around for fun

Credit: Jamie F

If you are looking for a fun day outside of the Parks, why not make your way over to the monorail and take a monorail tour! If you hop on the Resort line, you can make stops at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

There is so much to see and explore at each of these Resorts. Each features some spectacular restaurants, lounges, and views!

Head over to Grand Floridian and check out Citricos, enjoy ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, or eat at the new Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

Why not take a Monorail Snack tour and check out some delicious offerings? During the holidays, you can stop at each Resort and check out the magnificent decorations.

The monorail is special and unique

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The monorail is not a common form of transportation, so it is a special and unique way to get around. Disney fans love the monorail for its nostalgia, its ease of use, and convenience.

In my (Jamie’s) opinion, it is Disney’s most perfect form of transportation! No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete for me without riding it at least once, but more often, several times!

Do you enjoy using the monorail to get around in Disney World? Share your love for the monorail below, or tell us on Facebook.

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Tuesday 18th of January 2022

I LOVE the Monorail and have since my 1st trip in the summer of '72. However, my recent trip, the 1st week of Dec., I noticed that the monorails are in serious need of repairs on the inside! It was a nice sprucing they did of the outside and refurb to certain parts of the interior, but the door mechanisms are still cracked and separating. IDK what they can do to fix this and how much longer they can be in service w/o any serious incidences. I can't be the only one who has seen this.

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