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Disney’s new 50th sweet treat is over the top!

Disney's new 50th sweet treat is over the top!
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Did you vote in Disney’s poll to see what treat will be released next? If you love ice cream, you’re going to want this.

Disney’s 50th Celebration

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Disney World is half a century year old! Disney celebrates the last 50 years of making fun memories. You’ll find yourself singing the catchy theme song “You are the Magic” even after you leave. Disney shares so many new things from statues and food to new parties and cavalcades. This 18 month celebration is just getting started. If you want to see all of the festivities, try and visit before it ends in the spring of 2023. It is such a huge milestone for Disney World, and how fun is it to say you visited during their 50th anniversary?

Celebrate with New Treats

Disney announces a Wonderful new Treat for the 50th
Screenshot: Disney Parks Instagram story

In preparation for the next round of 50th anniversary food debuting at Disney World on January 10, we are getting a sneak peek of what to expect. Over on their Instagram page, Disney is sharing one new item per day.

So far, we have a Mickey shaped cinnamon roll, the Slue-Foot Sue fish sandwich, the Always Tea Time slushDonald Duck dome cake, Croque Monsieur flatbread and Crooning Flowers float. Which is your favorite so far?

Vote in Disney’s Poll

Screenshot: Disney Parks Instagram story

Every day Disney’s Instagram followers vote on whether they want something sweet or savory released next. So far, it’s a pretty even mix. Be sure to check out Disney’s Instagram page daily to vote. Although today’s winner was a landslide, others have been extremely close.

Today’s Winner

Screenshot: Disney Parks Instagram story

To enjoy today’s winner, make a reservation at the Plaza restaurant in Magic Kingdom. The Plaza makes amazing shakes, sundaes, and other ice cream treats. However, today’s Cheers To You 50 Years! Sundae is OVER THE TOP! Yesterday’s choice was overwhelmingly cookies over oranges. This desert would be fun to share with family or friends. If you try one, please share a picture!


What do you think of this new sundae coming to the Plaza? What has been your favorite treat or snack so far? Please tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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