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A Water Issue Closes Disney Resort Lounge with no Warning

A Water Issue Closes Disney Resort Lounge with no Warning

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An unexpected water issue has closed a Disney Resort lounge with no warning. This may affect your plans if you are a Guest or visitor of the resort.


Credit: Susan

Whether it be an attraction malfunctioning, a water leak, or accident closures happen frequently at Disney World. The Skyliner closes often due to colliding gondolas. Tower of Terror closed for multiple days this past week due to work being done on the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

PeopleMover and Splash Mountain were both down yesterday. Additionally, severe weather forced Disney to cancel KiteTails performances a few days ago.

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Credit: Susan

It happens. Unfortunately, it does not make it any easier to deal with if you are visiting the parks and resorts. Even the best plans using Character Locator can sometimes be derailed due to attraction malfunctions or restaurant closures.

Guests visiting the Contemporary Resort are experiencing just that.

Water Issue

Credit: Disney

It appears there is some sort of leak or water issue wreaking havoc on the Contemporary Resort. Right now, construction is taking place at the resort to renovate the rooms. They will receive an “Incredibles” makeover, and while some rooms are done, the project is not yet complete.

Outer Rim, the lounge at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, is affected by this water issue. It is currently (and unexpectedly) closed due to the fact that water is leaking from the ceiling.

Water is leaking from the ceiling at the Outer Rim lounge.

Credit: Monica

If you are unfamiliar with the lounge, it is located right next to Chef Mickey’s and Contempo Cafe. The resort gift shop and monorail station are just a few steps away as well.

So far, it looks like nearby restaurants and shops are unaffected by the leaking. We will keep an eye out and see if additional closures affect other destinations in the hotel. If you were planning to visit soon, you may be out of luck.

Are you staying at or visiting the Contemporary Resort this weekend? Were you hoping to enjoy a drink at Outer Rim? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion!

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Richard de Treville

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Big old-school Disney fan here! My mother was the first female publicist for WDW and was on the opening-day team/wrote all the original press releases and created all the original press packets for each opening-day attraction/got to walk by herself through many of the early attractions (such as Pirates of the Caribbean - with no water!) to take photos (we still have the film negatives and all of her original attraction press packets)/had to get special clearance from the Secret Service to coordinate President Nixon's visit and subsequent famous "I am not a crook!" speech at an international journalism conference at the Contemporary/came up with the idea to shut down one of the hotel elevators to run video cables from the conference room where the president was speaking down the halls to guest rooms where the live-feed was wired directly to the hotel room television sets to provide more viewing room for the participants and press when the conference room was at capacity/my mother still has a few original opening-day Contemporary Resort guest room furniture pieces (such as a plastic "space-age" desk - filled with never used original Magic Kingdom ticket books lol)/my mother's sister was one of the first sales managers for all of the original Disney resorts/etc. I was born and raised a couple of miles from WDW and also worked as a front desk/concierge Cast Member for a year or so while in college. Anyway, all this to say I have a personal history with WDW and the various resort properties. I have seen them go through so many changes/refurbishments/renovations over the years and yet... I still do not understand - why haven't they ever removed the popcorn ceilings in the atrium lobby at the Contemporary Resort? lol!

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