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Multiple Rides Down and/or Evacuated at Magic Kingdom

Multiple Rides Down and/or Evacuated at Magic Kingdom

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Multiple rides are down and/or evacuated at Magic Kingdom. This is surely disappointing for Guests, but don’t let it ruin your trip! See which rides are currently affected.

Attraction Closures

Credit: Susan

Sometimes unexpected closures occur at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Either a ride is malfunctioning or some quick work needs to take place that doesn’t require a full blown refurbishment. Something may need fixed that doesn’t affect the ride function.

Unfortunately, those unexpected closures can became a multi-day closure. We have seen this with Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and PeopleMover most notably this year. Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster was closed for about 5 days in January, and as we all know, PeopleMover has had a rocky history for most of this year. It faced a multi-day closure back in March.

Credit: Susan

Just yesterday, Disney decided to cancel KiteTails performances while there was severe weather for the majority of the day. Tower of Terror has been closing in the mornings and reopening in the afternoons due to work being done on the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Over at Magic Kingdom, other closures are plaguing some of the most popular rides.


Credit: Monica

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, or PeopleMover for short, is a nostalgic slow-moving ride through Tomorrowland. It’s not exactly the most thrilling ride. In fact, I (Monica) would argue it’s probably the least thrilling ride you will find in Magic Kingdom!

However, this ride has been around for a while, and it is a favorite among Guests (myself included). The fact that it isn’t thrilling at all is part of why I enjoy it so much.

Screenshot from MDE

That does not mean its without issues, however. It remained closed when the parks reopened last July and did not reopen until late this spring. I missed it so much and am happy to see it is back up and running…for the most part.

This morning, November 6, the PeopleMover came to a stop for several minutes before Cast Members evacuated Guests off the attraction. Check out the screenshot above showing the ride as temporarily closed.

Other rides down

Credit: Susan

Over in Frontierland, Splash Mountain is experiencing its own problems. This is another ride that is very popular and is on the opposite end of the thrill factor. It is about to be rethemed to a Princess and the Frog attraction, although we do not have a timeline for the closure.

We are unsure what is going on with Splash Mountain, but it is also down along with PeopleMover. You can see it in the screenshot shared above.

Hopefully these attractions do not experience anymore closures today!

Which ride do you prefer: PeopleMover or Splash Mountain? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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Amy Lynn Rosiak

Tuesday 9th of November 2021



Monday 8th of November 2021

I will be going soon and hope we can enjoy ourselves. We have a lot of emotional ties there. This will be my grandsons first trip he is one and a half. We are retired and the expense of taking everyone is getting to be too much to afford. We will definitely not be able to take the whole family again for a long while or perhaps not again. This reality is sad.

Michelle Cichon

Sunday 7th of November 2021

I'm so sad to hear so many people complaining.lwould love to go but being a senior citizen l have to watch my money and it sounds like it coats alot these days I guess I'll just keep my memories from past times being there l loved it and hope things will get better!


Sunday 7th of November 2021

We have gone for the last 6 years and a couple of times twice in one year. At no point has the quality of our experiences going down with the exception of the construction. Obviously with the pandemic still going on, things have been delayed from opening. With the shortage of available cast members do the pandemic, things were a little more difficult. I like being able to order with the phone and having my food ready at a specific time. Yes, there were inconveniences but again due to the pandemic we had to be flexible as well. We are not going back this coming year because the rides we were excited about will not be opening in 2022 and I have a huge problem with the genie Plus app. With the cost of Park tickets and staying on property, we feel that the genie Plus app is just a cash grab and should be terminated immediately.

Gregg W

Sunday 7th of November 2021

It is sad.. I used to love it there. Got engaged in the rose garden(which I'm pretty sure is gone also) next to the castle. Took my daughter every year, sometimes twice until she was 6. Not anymore. People are so correct that quality, experience, and getting what you pay for is gone. Can't get on rides. Called and they told me to get to Hollywood Studios at 5am to maybe get on a Star Wars ride.. Not happening. Way overcrowded.. Lines too long. Too expensive. We went to Universal this year. Same amount of days tickets total were $600 compared to Disney's $1,200. As a single parent, I don't have $4,000 for a Disney anymore.. Had so many happy memories, but guess I'll have just memories..

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