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In app disability services are struggling at Genie launch

In app disability services are struggling at Genie launch

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New Disability Access Service (DAS) features launched today with Genie. But DAS users are finding it difficult to use.

New DAS Features

As previously reported, the Genie+ update to the My Disney Experience app included new features for DAS users!

First, there was the new video chat option for users to sign up for DAS ahead of their visit. The rollout there was embarrassing, with some DAS users waiting for 8 hours or more to chat with someone.

Now, Disney has added language to the DAS website asking guests not to use the video chat option unless their trip begins on or after November 1.

The second new feature, booking DAS return times in the app, launched today with Genie.

Booking DAS times in the app

Credit: MDE app

First of all, one must have scanned into the park in order to book a DAS return time. A friend of the blog is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today using both Genie+ and Disability Access Service.

She shared that as of this morning, she could book a DAS time for herself, but the app would not allow her to add the rest of her party. See Below:

She’s lonely without her family on here! Credit: Disney App

She requested assistance from the guest experience team, who lamented that this has been happening all morning. The Cast Member added the guest’s family to her return time.

Hopefully Things Improve Quickly

Want to use Disney's New Genie Features? Be Sure to do These Two Things First
Credit: screenshot of My Disney Experience

We all expected Genie and Genie+ to have some hiccups as it rolled out. We hope that Disney is able to iron out the kinks for all guests soon!

Check out our other articles about Genie+ today! New policy for ride breakdowns, when you can book a Lightning lane, pricing for Individual Lightning Lane selections and more frustration for guests using lightning lane today.

Are you in the parks today? What has been your experience? let us know in the comments below

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Wednesday 20th of October 2021

I tried DAS 3 times and they had me fill out a form and I got approved to move on to the next part where I had to wait for a cast member. The second time I waited 4 hrs and they closed me out and the next time I waited 5 1/2 hrs, 3:30 to 9:00 and they closed not taking anymore. This is ridiculous, on top of all the other stuff going on, instead of relaxing and enjoy the Magic I’m thinking the Magic is no longer.

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