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News: Today’s pricing for Individual Lightning Lane Selections

News: Today's pricing for Individual Lightning Lane Selections
Credit: Disney

Now that Disney Genie is live, we are getting a first look at pricing for Individual Lightning Lane selections. How much will it cost you to experience your favorite attractions?

Disney Genie

Credit: KtP Writer Christina

Disney Genie is Disney’s way of helping Guests plan their vacations. Available in the My Disney Experience app, Genie is free for all Guests.

Guests who want to use Genie+ to get Lightning Lane access (read: formerly Fastpass+) instead of standby waits for attractions will pay $15 per person, per day.

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In addition, there are some attractions that offer Individual Lightning Lane (ILLs).

When you purchase Individual Lightning Lane, you can choose from a list of available return times throughout the day. You will only be able to purchase that attraction once a day using ILLS. 

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You will be able to purchase both Individual Lightning Lane Selections at 7 am if you are staying onsite. If you are staying offsite, you must wait until park opening to purchase your ILLS. You will purchase these in the My Disney Experience app.

So just how much will you pay to get on these attractions?

Individual Lightning Lane Attraction Pricing for Genie Debut Date

Credit: Susan

We recently shared that Individual Lightning Lane pricing will vary by date, attraction, and park.

Now that Genie is live, we have the pricing for today’s selections to help you plan for your trip! Keep in mind that since pricing can vary by date, the prices may be different for upcoming dates.

Magic Kingdom:

  • Space Mountain: $7
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: $10


  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure: $8
  • Frozen Ever After: $9

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Flight of Passage: $11
  • Expedition Everest: $7

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

  • Rise of the Resistance: $15
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway $8
Picture of fountain, taking the following evening Credit-Rebecca

What do you think of these prices? Is a shorter wait time worth the price of your favorite attraction? Let us know in the comments below or on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page.


  1. The worst part – you not only pay more (after getting on your phone at 7AM) you now have to hope after paying the additional money – you get a time that fits into your schedule. I still do not understand why you can not pay the extra money and reserve the day and time – BEFORE you leave for vacation. Why not allow the 2 month in advance reserve like restaurants????

  2. If I recall correctly, Disney did away with ETickets and increased daily ticket prices because all rides were included. At least Fast pass was available to all. If we are going to have to pay to have an opportunity to ride rides, shouldn’t the ticket price drop? Don’t tell me everyone gets a chance to pay for a ride. They clearly sell out and it makes for unpredictable wait times for those in stand by and therefor experiencing less at the park…which goes back to the ticket price that didn’t go down in exchange. What kind of Genie asks for money to grant wishes…Jafar’s Genie should be spokesperson for this program.

  3. Universal provides free express passes for their deluxe hotels. Stay 1 night and you get 2 days of complimentry express passes for all the room guests. That is more than what disney provides.

  4. Let’s cut the chase with all these confusing names (Genie – free, Genie + – $$$, Lightning Lane – $$$) and just put a credit card slot at the entrance of every ride so Cheapek can charge whatever he wants whenever he wants (i.e. charging more for a ride next to a ride that just broke down).

    Better yet, replace the credit card reader with something that can just suck the $$$ from our required phone (and Disney app) and be done with it.

    Or, just charge $1,000/ticket so the crowds minimize themselves.

  5. I had to price this out for my family of 5. One day tickets non-park hopper $657.59 (admittedly we would probably not do just one day but still). Genie+ times 5 people is another $75 and to lightning lane the two rides at HS another $75 and $40 respectively. So theoretically $847.59 for one day in HS before tax, and with no food or accommodations. Insane!

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