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Unbelievable Frustration for Guests Booking Lightning Lane Selections

Unbelievable Frustration for Guests Booking Lightning Lane Selections
Credit: Disney

Disney has stated that “We have never had a friend like me” when advertising the new Disney Genie system. Find out what it is really like navigating this new system and making a Lightning Lane selection.

Lightning Lane

Credit: KtP

Individual Lightning Lane is a paid system priced per person per attraction. You can select up to two headliners per day to ride using this option.

There is also the Genie+ which is a one day fee where you can access even more selections. We have now confirmed that access for Genie+ is now $15.98 (including tax) per day per Guest. See which attractions are included in this Lightning Lane access HERE.

That is quite a hefty price tag for a large family visiting Walt Disney World, but many have stated that they would be willing to pay the fee if it would be worth it.

We have now confirmed that access for Genie+ is now $15.98 (including tax) per day per Guest.

Today our very own Kenny the Pirate wanted to try out this new Disney Genie and Lightning Lane in the Parks. Spoiler Alert: we want our Best Friend necklace back from the Genie. We have clearly had better Disney Pals than him.

Making a LL Selection

Screenshot MDE

When Kenny the Pirate made his first Genie+ selection this morning it was for Peter Pan’s Flight. The earliest time that he was given was 10:30-11:30 am. He later saw that a return time was available for 9:30am.

Rather than simply being able to modify this selection to the earlier return time, he had to completely cancel that Lightning Lane selection. After a few attempts, he was finally able to find and make the selection for the 9:20am return time for Peter Pan’s Flight.

When Kenny the Pirate tried to make another selection it showed an ERROR screen.

Screenshot MDE

This is already a mess and it appears that Guests will be spending even more time looking at their phones than ever before with this new system.

What do you think of having to completely cancel rather modifying Lightning Lane selections? What do you think of the error screen when trying to make a second Lightning Lane selection? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. So far this year,time share costs,$1360.00,air fair 5 people $2500.00,5-4day park hoppers $2,900.00,car service to and from airport $700.00,rental car orlando$700.00,total spent so far $8160.00 and I havent even left the house yet,and now lightning lanes,I must be crazy…..

  2. Hated almost every minute of our trip because of overcrowding, overpriced and completely ripped off with Genie+. Getting food that actually tasted good only happened for the people who knew to book 60 days in advance. I lost weight because I can’t eat French fries for every meal..

  3. My family and I paid $75 for a genie pass and was only able to get on one ride! A TOTAL RIPE OFF. Bring back the fastpass system.

  4. This is the worst system. I’ve been a pass holder for 6 years and have never had such a bad experience as we did last week with this new system. Just because you pay for Genie + doesn’t mean you get to ride what you want. In fact there’s a mad dash at 7am each day to make selections and the first one available to us was at 3 pm!! It goes without saying that by the time we were done with that ride the only options available were 2 rides at round 8pm – neither of which my daughter likes. We couldn’t have stayed later at the park anyway without paying $160 per person for the Christmas after hours party. So disappointed with Disney.

  5. Wow we wont be going until this mess is straightened out! They need to look at Busch Gardens, Seaworld, and Universal fastpasses. You get 2 days of fastpasses for a 1 night stay at Universal. At Seaworld and Busch Gardens you pay 2 price per person for ALL rides. They are all unlimited and the system works great. You dont have to plan anything because you can walk up to any ride anytime and get on! We have bought Six Flags fastpasses for years. We dont want to wait in a 2 hr line! We dont have a lot of money but we splurge on vacation. People will prob stay less days though if they have expensive fastpasses.They should just use an ID with a scan bar like Universal. Its super easy! We would lap the people in the reg line 2 or 3 times. Its available to everyone so if you dont plan its your own fault. It can be a good system if they do it right!

  6. Well, to be honest, you don’t have to pay to use the standby line, just like always. I’m a bit frustrated too but remember that Universal offers a paid Express Pass that can be around $100 per day.

  7. Quoting Genie from the movie — “You ain’t never had a friend like me Ha ha ha”

    The Chepak “ha ha ha” is the important missing part.

  8. Pricing the average family right out of going to Disney. So far from what Walt wanted. Now Disney is only for the rich, sooooo sad. Not very magical and Genie+ is not your friend!

  9. I had a chance to go one day…yesterday..opening day for lightening lane..after paying $200 to go one day, I was not going to pay a penny more…I went to 3 parks. ,not ak, mk was fine, but I noticed by early afternoon in Hollywood studios, lightning lane number controls were out of control..wait times were double in the stand by line then being shown at the ride entrance..it took and hour and a half at toy story mania when it listed 40 min…told by cast members they were having a hard time judging time because they didn’t know how many lightening lane people would be coming through at any one time..seems to me it would be just like the fast pass…I didn’t like it but I didn’t use it out of principle

  10. FYI, the only new AP that does not block out the Thanksgiving week is the Disnsy-Incredi Pass which is $1299 plus tax. Way too much money. We are planning on only renewing one of our three APs.

  11. As a regular paying customer yesterday for the first day of Genie+ at Epcot, we got completely screwed by the Lightening Lane. We entered the standby line at Frozen Ever After with a 40 min posted time, but we ended up waiting just over 2 hours! Anytime a lightening lane customer walked down the aisle, they would completely clear that line and then throw on a couple of us from the standby lane. When I mentioned to the Cast Member that it took us 2 hours to wait, her comment to me was “they paid for the service.” How completely insensitive and rude as my family of 5 – with 3 kids under the age of 10 – were also paying customers. When we purchased our tickets, months ago, there was no option to cut the line and the day before everyone would have been on the same playing field for riding times.

    It feels like a dirty cash grab from Disney and I feel horrible for the inequity created between the haves and have nots. There was no magic felt just frustration and disappointment.

  12. I know. We are coming the week of thanksgiving and are bringing the two little ones(3 and 5) for their first trip. I am holding my breath. This trip will decide if I am done with Disney or not. Am an AP holder and DVC but the more I see and Disney triple charging you for everything I have pretty much had it with lesser experiences (no LL affter waiting an hour in line and rides breaking down ) and the charge after charge and Disney’s crappy websites and I don’t like being glued to my phone, just too much!

  13. Several years ago, I went to DeLand. I had a thought. It’s not really fair that people who either can’t or simply don’t want to (go on rides) have to pay full price ticket. They should offer a discount and wrist bands for those who do ride (regular price)
    Well, in a way now those people who don’t want y ride are (sort of) getting a discount.

  14. We’ve visited Disney almost every year since it opened…next week we’ll add another, and I have to say I’m not looking forward to it.

  15. Joseph — Want a tram? You need to book that on Genie +, with a $15/pp LL time reservation (going up to $35/pp for popular arrival and departure times).

    I said it before, it’s only a matter of time before Cheapek starts charging for a LL pay toliet system.

    “Tlaw, you just had your first Genie +, LL experience, what are you going to do now?”

    “I’m going to Hershey Park!!” (Universal, 6 Flags, or anywhere else)

  16. Crowded … People won’t boycott … The system definitely needs help… We got the error message several times .. also should be able to pick from a choice of times like fastpass did…. Lunch or breakfast could interfere and now they just give a certain time… C’mon Disney … And maybe don’t park us in captain hook with no tram…. Thanks for the help with getting my steps but I am walking all over the park…

  17. Several posts ago, a wise commentor reminded me of the saying insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. That’s where I am with Disney. Except I’m not insane. I’m just going to have all my great memories of a place that used to be and refuse to give any more money to what is now. It’s sad but at least I don’t have to lose sleep over Genie +. Good luck all

  18. Patricia, while I think everyone should boycott Cheapek….I believe we should return to Walt’s initial ticket system, in which the “guest” had a booklet of A to E tickets (‘A’ ticket for less popular rides, ‘E’ tickets for the good ones).

    Walt knew what he was doing and the system worked well. If he was still running Disney it would still be magical, not like today where we got a bunch of greedy a$$ holes destroying what Walt created.

  19. I am really annoyed! They basically lied to us! They knew what the cost would be!
    I’ll have to see how things go before forking out any money for this. Not a good start.

  20. They kept stating that it would be $15. So I see it’s now $15.98. Just say $16. This is a whole extra dollar. It might not bother some people but it still adds up!

  21. I think the Genie+ is totally wrong by making you pay for standard rides when already paid for in your ticket Price. I can see this being a nightmare to book rides and spending so much time on your phone just trying to book a ride. Greedy Disney HOPE PEOPLE BOYCOT DISNEY GENIE AS THEY GET FED UP WITH IT.

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