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This Disney World a la carte attraction has already sold out

This Disney World a la carte attraction has already sold out

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It’s been a busy morning as Disney’s Genie, Genie+, and Individual Lightning Lane Selections have officially launchd at Disney World. See which a la carte attraction has already sold out and be sure to take note so you can prepare for your trip!

Individual Lightning Lane Selections

Credit: KtP

When Guests visit any Disney World they have the option to purchase additional headliner attractions at an additional price. You do not have to buy Genie+ in order to purchase the ILLS.

As a reminder, only two headliners are available in each park, and you can only buy an attraction one time per day. See all the rides that are part of the a la carte attractions and the pricing we are seeing for these select rides.

Sold out already?

One reason Disney has priced these attractions separately is because they are popular rides. Wait times for these attractions are among the highest in the parks with Guests waiting an hour or more most days.

Among those is Rise of the Resistance. Located in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, Rise is one of the most popular attractions in the parks. Up until last month, Disney implemented a virtual queue to get everyone on the ride.

However, now it has moved to standby and Individual Lightning Lane Selections (ILLS). This ride is not part of the $15 Genie+ option, so if you do not want to use the standby line you must purchase ILLS.

Credit: Monica

Just before 10 am, it appears that Rise of the Resistance has already sold out for ILLS. This means if you have not purchased it and you want to ride it, you must wait in the standby line.

Rise of the Resistance ILLS purchases are sold out today, October 19.

The park opened at 9 am today, so it took less than an hour for the sell out to occur. Right now, the standby wait time is posted at 120 minutes. I imagine Disney may increase the price on this in the future since many people were willing to pay the $15/person price for it.

Good info for future use

MDE Screenshot

This is good information if you are planning a trip to Disney World. It would be wise to purchase your ILL selections as early as you can. Since onsite Guests can book at 7 am but offsite Guests have to wait until park opening, this is another benefit of staying at a Disney hotel.

It seems that sleeping in and being able to grab attractions as needed may not be the best strategy if you plan to ride headliners during your trip.

Are you surprised Rise of the Resistance is already sold out? Would you pay for it? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Facebook.

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