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Physical Distancing Continues to Decrease on Disney World Attractions

Physical Distancing Continues to Decrease on Disney World Attractions
Credit: Disney

Things have quickly progressed since Disney World announced that physical distancing would be decreased throughout the parks and resorts. See the latest Disney World attraction that has begun loading more people.

Distancing Requirements Decreased

After a recent study suggested that the current social distancing requirement that is in place could be reduced from six feet to three feet, Disney acted pretty quickly. You can read more about this study HERE.

With the county and Orlando Airport also making changes, it also seemed to be inevitable as Disney looks to increase capacity and return to normal.

Although the website says that the distancing guidelines will be decreased using a gradual, phased approach, Disney has been moving pretty quickly. With increased capacity effective immediately, proper markers need to placed throughout the parks and resorts to effectively manage the crowds.

Add in the fact that masks are no longer required outside, and it has been a whirlwind of a weekend.

Attractions that have reduced distancing

Not only are markers being moved around in queue lines and throughout the parks, but some rides are also decreasing distance – either partially or completely. This means there are no/few rows being left open, and plexiglass may or may not still be in place.

Rides like Tower of Terror, Festival of the Lion King, and even Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club have all reduced or eliminated distancing.

My son and I on Splash Mountain in February with two rows between us and the other group.

Now, Splash Mountain is loading more Guests per boat. Given the length of the ride, only one or two parties were put in a boat during the initial reopening phase. However, now only one row is left open between parties. This should drastically reduce wait times for the ride.

It’s almost certain that we will continue to see this trend in the coming days and weeks at Disney World. What do you think of decreased distancing? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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