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Breaking: Disney World is Shortening All Theme Park Hours Soon!

Disney World park hours now available through early April
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If you’ve seen pictures from Disney World, you’ve seen such low crowds that the parks feel empty. Because of this, Disney has decided to shorten hours in just a couple of weeks. Read all the details here…

A few days ago Disney released much lower earnings than they anticipated. As previously reported, the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment was hit hard by the pandemic and following shut-down. With the majority of the parks worldwide closed for the entire third quarter, the 85% decrease was expected.

Unfortunately, many guests are simply not traveling out of state and stating they will not come until they can visit without masks. Lacking the full “Disney experience” is another reason guests give as a reason not to visit now.

Low Crowds

Credit: Disney

Kenny the Pirate recently shared reasons guests SHOULD visit Disney World in 2020. One of the main reasons is that with the new Park Pass system, there are NO crowds. There may be brief periods around park opening when guests are enter parks at the same time, but everyone travels on different park paths after that.

Health and Safety Measures

Credit: Maggie

Before entering the parks, everyone has a temperature scan.  If this is high, temperatures are taken behind the ear, and there are other measures to ensure an accurate reading.

Disney has laid out markings to help enforce social distancing, and included plexiglass on rides and queues. Read more about a fellow KtP writer’s experience with social distancing opening week here.

It’s Not All Positive

Credit: Disney Photopass Photo of Kenny the Pirate writers

There’s an obvious risk visiting Disney World and other locations due to COVID-19. People must travel by airport, etc to get there. While some travel bans have been lifted, others remain. Guests must also wear masks except for when seated eating or drinking, or at relaxation stations.

Breaks Within the Parks

Credit: Monica

When we visited Disney World opening week, we opted to take a mid-afternoon break. With shortened hours coming starting September 8, that will become harder to do. Taking a break at mask-free relaxation stations to cool off will be even more important.

Character Locator has updated experiences, including a map of relaxation stations.

New Park Hours

Disney World shortens hours
Photo: Screenshot of My Disney Experience

See below for a list of revised park hours, beginning September 8:

Magic Kingdom – 9am to 6pm (previously closed at 7pm)
EPCOT – 11am to 7pm (previously closed at 9pm)
Disney’s Hollywood Studios – 10am to 7pm (previously closed at 8pm)
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – 9am to 5pm (previously 8am to 6pm)

This really cuts down the amount of time local Annual Passholders can visit theme parks after work!


What are your thoughts on Disney World shortening park hours? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew.


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  1. Shortening park hours? Yeah — that’s going to encourage more people to come (he said sarcastically).

    Disney just keeps taking away the magic bit by bit. :-(

  2. APs can only book 3 days at a time. Once you use a day, after the park closes you should be able to go on the app and book another day. This way you’d get all 5 days with your son. Even when the app says the day is not available keep trying. We’ve gotten days when the app shows nothing available… just keep trying.

  3. My husband and I are out-of-state passholders who can only schedule 3 days in the park because we stay at an off-site timeshare the first week in October. Our son is coming with us and has a 5-day pass and was able to schedule 5 days. Unfortunately, he will end up losing 2 days on his pass because he won’t go into the park alone while we are being denied admission. It’s not like we can hop in the car and go to the park when a day is available – we live 1200 miles away. I’m so angry right now! The least they can do is make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. We paid a lot of money for these passes and they were supposed to have “no blackout dates.” How ironic.

  4. Sharon the CM called me back (shocked) she felt so bad she took it up to the chain of command to see if anything can be done. No promises but atleast a Disney employee cares.

  5. They need to seriously be giving us discounts on ticket prices since they are reducing park times this much. As someone traveling from out of state, supposedly the people they want to attract, this is not fair to still be charging full price for for my ticket I purchased. I can handle the changed experiences and wearing a mask, but don’t charge me for a normal all experiences full price ticket and then only let me use it for 8 hrs.

  6. Oh it gets worse. Just got off the phone and Kenny I hope you are watching and maybe can get answers. I was just told by the Passholder monthly CM that now Disney is refusing to give us the 117 days from when the closed and have it notated in people’s accounts that they chose to waive April May and June payments. So once again we have been molested by the mouse and not in a good way.

  7. Doesnt surprise me. Sure, low crowds are great but how long can they operate with full hrs and staff but very few people. Its good for you but not good for business. Im surprised they havent gone to only opening 2 parks each week and rotate between them. That would be better because they could have full hrs in those parks and all rides open.

  8. Highly doubtful. They keep taking more and more away from us and not offering anything in return. You will see more and more pass holders go-to universal as they appreciate us. Disney has pushed it’s limits with us.

  9. Not cool, 2 less hours at Epcot? They should discount tickets during this time if they are going to drastically cut hours and then cut even further.

  10. All I can say is wow. Disney didn’t learn from universals mistake? Pass holders will not keep losing more. Here is an idea. Give us what you promised. Show you give two craps about us and we will come. Quit shutting crap down to the point we just don’t visit. How about offer passholders buy 1 night stay get second free or almost free. We will come and spend our money. Keep taking and you will lose more than your board members will allow and fire your azz.

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