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Orange County Florida Mayor Gives Coronavirus Press Conference

Orange County Florida Mayor Gives Coronavirus Press Conference
Credit: Disney

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings gave a press conference this afternoon regarding the novel Coronavirus and touched on when the government would consider closing Disney World. Read on for details.

During the mayor of Orange County Florida‘s press conference on the novel Coronavirus, Mayor Jerry Demings was asked specifically about the closing of Hong Kong Disneyland due to a small rise in cases in the region.

Mayor Jerry Demings, from the OCFL Mayor website

The question posed to the mayor was whether the county government would ask Disney to close and under what circumstances, given that Disney has said they will look to government leadership in order to make their decisions on closing.

Mayor Demings says that if the region were to exceed hospital capacity or if there are any outbreaks associated with Disney, that they will not hesitate to ask Disney to “reevaluate“.

See video of that portion of the press conference embedded in the tweet above.

Earlier in the press conference, Demings said that the county is not yet at the point where they feel they need to roll back reopening plans. He asserted that no outbreaks have been associated with the theme parks that opened prior to Disney.

Demings added, “For me, if there’s one place on planet earth where we should be successful, it would be at Disney. Disney has gone to great lengths to look at all of their various safety and sanitary protocols.”

For me, if there’s one place on planet earth where we should be successful, it would be at Disney

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings

Disney certainly has taken safety and sanitation very seriously as they prep for reopening! Take a look at these articles about mask requirements, hand sanitizer, and socially distant queues.

What do you think about the Mayor’s press conference? Should Disney make their own decision on closing if cases continue to climb? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group!

-Rebecca W Davis


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  1. Thats what I was wondering about. If your family has an emergency their icus are already full. They are talking about using the convention center now. Its just not worth the risk. Sorry to hear about your husband but glad he is ok! Thats horrible on vacation!

  2. I agree that Disney is going above and beyond with regards to safety. Honestly if the whole country had just required everyone to wear a mask anytime they left the house we would be is so much better shape right now. I also, believe that Disney is one of the safest places to be right now. However, my big concern with going to Disney now is the fact that most of the Orange County ICUs are close to capacity. In 2015, while on vacation at Disney, my husband had a massive heart attack. He was rushed to Dr. Phillips where doctors saved his life. He coded twice in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and if there had not been an ICU bed or a ventilator (which he was on for 3 days) available within minutes after he arrived at the hospital he would have died. So, it is not just about COVID for me. Other, life threatening, emergencies can and do happen while on vacation. I would want some level of confidence that there would be a hospital near by to handle that.

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