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Breaking: Hong Kong Disneyland to Close Again Due to Coronavirus

Breaking: Hong Kong Disneyland to Close Again Due to Coronavirus
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Hong Kong Disneyland, which just reopened on June 18, will reportedly close again due to the novel Coronavirus. Read on for details.

According to various unofficial accounts on twitter, Hong Kong Disneyland will be closing again amid an outbreak of COVID-19.

The park reopened on June 18 with safety precautions and limited capacity in place, similar to the policies we are seeing in the parks in the United States.

The Hong Kong Disneyland park was the second park to reopen after all Disney parks closed down earlier in 2020 due to the spread of coronavirus. It will be the first park to close back down.

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Hong Kong is experiencing its third wave of coronavirus, but the populous city has been relatively unscathed by the virus thus far, with around 1,500 confirmed cases for a metropolitan area of 7.5 million people.

Reports state that the third wave of Coronavirus in Hong Kong is the worst they have experienced so far, prompting talk of closing the Disney park.

The reported re-closing of Hong Kong Disneyland serves as a reminder that the United States parks could also be forced to close back down at some point.

Hong Kong’s latest outbreak is much smaller than the current outbreak in Florida, with 173 confirmed cases between July 5 and 11. It is unclear at this time what level the outbreak would have to reach in order for the Florida parks to shut down.

When the Disney Parks in Florida shut down back in March, the number of confirmed cases in Florida was around 300. Now, Florida is adding over 10,000 new cases per day, with a US record breaking day this weekend of over 15,000 new cases.

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