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Guests Allowed to Remove Masks on Kilimanjaro Safari

Guests Allowed to Remove Masks on Kilimanjaro Safari

Despite the strict mask requirements in place at Disney World, it appears as if Cast Members are allowing Guests to take off their mask on the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Will this be common practice in other areas? See the video below.

Masks, Masks, Masks

When Disney World shared their reopening plan with the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, masks were definitely included. We learned they would be required for all Guests ages 2 and up, except when eating, swimming, or sitting in the relaxation zones.

Follow the links to see the possible relaxation zones at the four theme parks:


Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Disney has also placed pretty strict requirements on what is considered a mask. For example, they must tie around the back of your head or loop around your ears. You can find more details about mask requirements HERE.

If Guests do not wear a mask, they will be asked to either purchase one or leave the park. They have the horribly sized shopDisney masks available in the parks so please be sure to bring your own!

Physical Barriers at Disney Park Attractions

With the Cast Member preview beginning today, we are seeing many photos and videos of the plexiglass barriers in place at various attractions. They are placed in the queue loading area as well as on the attraction itself.

In the video below, you can see the plexiglass barriers in between each row of seats on Kilimanjaro Safari.

Did you also hear what the Guest said?

While you cannot hear the Cast Member tell Guests they are permitted to take their masks off if they desire, the Guest does repeat it.

It remains to be seen if this was a one-time incident or if the plexiglass barriers on the attraction make it permissible for Guests to remove masks. We will update when we are able to experience this for ourselves, along with any other attractions in the parks where Guests are allowed to remove face coverings.

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  1. Wow the Florida Governor just said they dont have a problem and they flattened the curve with 11,000 cases a day! I for one will not risk my life going to a theme park in a pandemic! This is why we are having a second wave. Its becoming apparent that Disney probably wont enforce the masks and safety measures like it should. After all, what did we expect? They have been all about money for the last 10 years!

  2. Don’t feel sorry for Florida… I live here and this is just basic common sense. this is one instance that I will say thank you Disney for using your brain instead of overthinking this. Anytime you leave your house you were put at risk for many things including viruses like flu, common cold, coronavirus, etc. If you are not willing to except the risk, don’t leave your house.

  3. Ok thats ridiculous! A crowded tram full of people? This is just the first of how they are gonna break the rules. I feel sorry for Florida. Cases are already skyrocketing! I think Disney is gonna end up shutting down a few weeks after opening! This wont work.

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