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Disney World Places Strict Requirements on Types of Masks that can be Worn at Parks and Resorts

Disney World Places Strict Requirements on Types of Masks that can be Worn at Parks and Resorts

Forget the neck gaiters and bandanas. Disney is placing pretty strict requirements on what is considered a face mask, and they will be enforcing it. Plus, what happens if you leave a mask behind? I’ve got the answer below.

If there’s one item that sums up 2020 (besides toilet paper), it’s face masks. They are are a necessity for touring Disney World parks and grabbing groceries.

We have known for quite some time that face masks would be a requirement for visiting Disney World.

Universal Studios has asked Guests to adhere to the same requirement as well.

Review of Cloth Face Masks from shopDisney

However, what passes for a face mask? Are there certain requirements that a facial covering must have to be considered a proper face mask?

Disney is going to be pretty strict on the use of face masks on their property. With the rise of positive COVID-19 cases hitting 9,000 in Florida late last week, they are a necessity in the fight against coronavirus.


What type of face mask is required?

Face masks worn on Disney property must be secured with ties or ear loops. We suggest not purchasing the shopDisney ones because they do not fit well at all. Check out our review HERE.

That means no bandanas, neck gaiters, or cut up undergarments that you fashioned together in your hotel room because you left yours at home.

They must have a tie or ear loop! If you don’t have a proper mask, Cast Members will ask you to purchase one.

You can read the newly updated information regarding face masks from Disney HERE.

KtP writer Rebecca wearing a neck gaiter

What if you leave your face mask behind on a ride or restaurant?

So you’ve bought the face masks (preferably ones that match all your cute Disney outfits!), but you left it behind on Splash Mountain or in the gift shop. Now what?

Cast Members will throw them away. They are not considered a lost and found item, and they will be thrown into the trash.

We suggest stocking up on some disposable masks or just be very careful to keep your mask on as much as possible.

What do you think of these mask requirements? Are you more or less likely to go to Disney World knowing this information? We would love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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  1. The “private property” claim does not negate public accommodation and anti-discrimination laws. There will definitely be lawsuits in the future. Disney is fortunate they have legions of lawyers.

  2. Wearing a mask won’t be a problem for me as I already wear then 8hrs a day for work. My concern is the crazy tan we will have on our faces

  3. Disney is private property and they can tell you what they want you to wear or not. If you don’t want to comply…don’t go.

  4. Tammy, what? I am not, sure what you are trying to say. Mask are required at Disney. They do not, want you to buy those mask. Just bring the proper masks.if, this does not make you happy, do not go.

  5. Disney has no right to tell you what kind of mask to wear. If it covers your mouth and nose, then it should count! They are being really stupid. It’s a FLU, it’s not going to go away just because people wear masks. There’s more that you have to do, to keep it away. Why can’t people understand that?
    My father works for the city we live in, they have to wear masks, but his masks are shields to keep you from breathing on others, and others breathing on you. They aren’t real masks, if the CITY says that is considered okay, then Disney should think ALL face coverings are safe. They just want to be money hungry and have you buy their masks. I’m extremely disappointed in Disney. I’ve been a pass holder for years, and have had family work for Disney, but I’m seriously thinking they are ruining the magic that Walt created.

  6. In the heat a neck gaitor is the best choice. But, I’m staying away anyway. It is too much money to waste walking around outside in the heat. Definitely,not worth the hassles.

  7. As of right now on Disney property any type of face covering is acceptable. I’ve not seen any cast member tell someone that they had to purchase one. In fact I’m pretty sure if you walk up at Disney Springs without one they will hand you a disposable one.

  8. Appearance of safe does not actually mean safe. Prolonged mask wear causes its own set of problems. Along with the part-time mask wearing, it is nonsense. Just as much nonsense as 6 feet of social distancing for a virus that can travel more than 20 feet and even hang in the air for more than an hour.

  9. I wish we had never gotten annual passes. I think if Disney has these restrictions they should let people out of their passes. There is no evidence that face masks work any better then just staying 6 ft away.

  10. Really just need to hold off on the opening…. Clearly people are not following the guidelines and it is going to get worse before it gets better. How will Disney enforce drinking water and eating on the go snacks… At Disney springs people are seen carrying their water bottle just to avoid wearing a mask….. C’mon man…

  11. Disney is right on with this. I live in NY and our governor made it a law that we wear masks about 2 months ago. Since that time, our counts have consistently gone down. They work. Do it. Instead of being the epi-center of the disease, we now have one of the lowest rates of transmission.

  12. What???? Please realize without these precautions there would be limited to no staff available for you to “enjoy your American right” to attend Disney. The thought that you would think nothing of endangering the lives of the employees of Disney is selfish and ignorant. A hike in cases of the virus would also close parks again. You also run the risk of possible loss of family members no matter how hard you try to rationalize this as nothing but the flu.
    Please learn to spell and learn the true definition of discrimination.

  13. kind of bummed about the neck gaiters not being acceptable – I find them comfortable and much easier to use – hopefully this gets changed before we go in mid October (if they don’t shut down again that is)

  14. What’s wrong gaiter masks they more comfortable then mask they want you wear. I think they just want you buy their masks. I wish WALT & Roy Disney family step up so we can hear from them. These other people are destroying Disneyland and Disney World.
    They are not going by WALT Disney dream way he had set up for all of us to enjoy. They are just money hungry

  15. I am curious why the type of masks with 2 elastic bands that go around the head (instead of the ears) are not allowed. Any idea? Are they considered less safe?

  16. Disneyvneedscto stop now this is insane peoplecwoll field from this insane madks nullsjit, they are being complete a****** and very discriminatory. They need to get over themselves. Muzxlesxate commimidtvsnd dont wotk.

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