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Review of Cloth Face Masks from shopDisney

Review of Cloth Face Masks from shopDisney

Many of you have seen the cloth face masks that Disney is selling now, with themes from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and classic Disney characters.  We ordered a few sets, and here’s what we think!

Who would have thought face masks would be a fashion statement? Leave it to Disney to know we need character cloth face masks!

We ordered 4 sets of them:

  • Character noses
  • Star Wars
  • Pixar
  • Mickey/Minnie

Princesses and Marvel characters are also available!

New: Disney Cloth Face Masks Available for Pre-order

You can find more information, including sizing (which I’ll get to soon!) and pricing HERE.

The masks are out of stock again and available only for “pre-order,” but people who were able to pre-order when they first hit the app in April have started receiving them this month.

The Good of Face Masks

They’re cute! We love how they look! The set with the Mickey/Pooh/Stitch noses is probably my favorite, and it’s hard to go wrong with Baby Yoda.

They’re comfortable! They’re made of a nice, soft fabric, they feel very comfortable across the face, and they fit well across the nose and mouth.

The Bad of Face Masks

They’re hot! I don’t think these would be comfortable outside in hot climates.  They’re not as breathable as some of our other masks.  I wouldn’t wear them to the parks in Summer. Or Spring. Or Fall.  

The sizing is, well, awful!  We ordered 4 sets, each one of them Large size.  The lengths and widths of the mask surfaces varies, and the ear loops are significantly different lengths too. You can see the variation in the photos. 

I do not have a freakishly large head. I have what I understand to be a normal-sized head for a 6’1” adult human. But the R2D2 mask folds my ear over while the T’Challa mask fits fine.

It’s not just our family; several reviews on shopDisney note the sizing problem too.  

Verdict of shopDisney Face Masks

If you are buying for a mix of adults and children, it may work out for you to buy sets of the Large size, as long as your family is willing to assign masks by size rather than character. 

“Sorry, honey, you may want Anna and Elsa, but that’s the only one that fits Daddy.” But you’re taking a bit of a risk with a non-returnable, non-refundable product.  

Whatever mask you get, the most important thing is to wear it – masks save lives!

Do you have any of the face masks from shopDisney? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook, and join our KtP Crew to continue the discussion there!



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