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Review of Cloth Face Masks from shopDisney

Review of Cloth Face Masks from shopDisney

Many of you have seen the cloth face masks that Disney is selling now, with themes from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and classic Disney characters.  We ordered a few sets, and here’s what we think!

Who would have thought face masks would be a fashion statement? Leave it to Disney to know we need character cloth face masks!

We ordered 4 sets of them:

  • Character noses
  • Star Wars
  • Pixar
  • Mickey/Minnie

Princesses and Marvel characters are also available!

New: Disney Cloth Face Masks Available for Pre-order

You can find more information, including sizing (which I’ll get to soon!) and pricing HERE.

The masks are out of stock again and available only for “pre-order,” but people who were able to pre-order when they first hit the app in April have started receiving them this month.

The Good of Face Masks

They’re cute! We love how they look! The set with the Mickey/Pooh/Stitch noses is probably my favorite, and it’s hard to go wrong with Baby Yoda.

They’re comfortable! They’re made of a nice, soft fabric, they feel very comfortable across the face, and they fit well across the nose and mouth.

The Bad of Face Masks

They’re hot! I don’t think these would be comfortable outside in hot climates.  They’re not as breathable as some of our other masks.  I wouldn’t wear them to the parks in Summer. Or Spring. Or Fall.  

The sizing is, well, awful!  We ordered 4 sets, each one of them Large size.  The lengths and widths of the mask surfaces varies, and the ear loops are significantly different lengths too. You can see the variation in the photos. 

I do not have a freakishly large head. I have what I understand to be a normal-sized head for a 6’1” adult human. But the R2D2 mask folds my ear over while the T’Challa mask fits fine.

It’s not just our family; several reviews on shopDisney note the sizing problem too.  

Verdict of shopDisney Face Masks

If you are buying for a mix of adults and children, it may work out for you to buy sets of the Large size, as long as your family is willing to assign masks by size rather than character. 

“Sorry, honey, you may want Anna and Elsa, but that’s the only one that fits Daddy.” But you’re taking a bit of a risk with a non-returnable, non-refundable product.  

Whatever mask you get, the most important thing is to wear it – masks save lives!

Do you have any of the face masks from shopDisney? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook, and join our KtP Crew to continue the discussion there!


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  1. I ordered the small size for my 5 year old. They are TINY! Like fit an infant tiny. They barely fit his teddy bear from build-a-bear.

  2. I just got my Disney face masks and they very in size suppose to be adult med and there more like med for a child I will never never never never did I say never yup or from them again and took over 3 months to receive them but you didn’t have any problems taking my money over 3 months ago

  3. Bad quality masks. I order the kids one (I measured specifically before ordering) and they are loose for my kids. But that’s not the worse part of it. The material is very thick. It will hard to breathe.

  4. Thank you Kenny the Pirate for all the stuff you post! It’s so helpful! Since you have already been to the parks- can you tell me what face mask you have used in the heat? What has worked best for you? Any brands you recommend?

    • My wife made my mask back in March. It’s a custom Star Wars one. I tried a regular medical mask, but it touched my lips too much and annoyed me.

  5. It’s the loops on the masks that are wrong, they slip right off your ears. I measured correctly for the large masks, the masks fits on the nose and face area, it’s the loops!!! Not too surprised at this Disney clothing is horrible in sizing, always has been always will be. Does Disney reps actually try things on before contracting clothing companies to produce products for them. IF NOT THEY SHOULD ITS THEIR PRODUCT

  6. Well made, but the ear loops were very badly planned. They either need to be larger or have much more give. I ordered the large, and it’s just barely large enough. Funny, because I sell branded face masks as promotional products and I don’t have these issues with my suppliers – wonder why Disney couldn’t get it right? Also, why the tag on the inside sewed into the banding? It should have been a tearaway on the outside of the mask, not somewhere where it will leave an irritating stub against your face if you cut it. Or, better yet, a tagless imprint, like in a t-shirt. Disney merchandising people need to do more research on what they’re creating or hire people that really understand promotional products!

  7. ShopDisney has both sizes, child and adult BUT I don’t think that was in the original order. Not sure. But I just checked they have adult and child sizes and they are clearly labeled.

  8. Horrible masks! itchy material and hurts your ears. See photo on Kenny the Pirate. See how the ears bend! Very uncomfortable!!! couldn’t wear it for more than a minute. got the Large size. Very disappointed in Disney.

  9. Ordered 4 sets. 1 small for the 7 year old and 3 sets for the adults. I have been nothing short of frustrated. I did contact Disney and they are replacing them for larger sizes but I don’t know if that will work. We’ll see. But we needed for the July 11th date and they can’t get them in until August. Meantime I am trying to make adjustments to the straps but I don’t think the face of the mask covers as well as it should. Disappointed.

  10. Mine were made in Honduras….
    I ordered back on 4-30. They shipped early & arrived on 6-23. Was supposed to arrive after 6-29….
    I ordered Med Pixar for my 5 year old & LG Star Wars for my 9 year old.
    I don’t understand this review of size at all. THEY’RE KIDS MASKS! Very detailed size chart & how to measure before you buy.
    They didn’t seem to shrink at all when I washed them. Probably b/c of the Polyester outer layer & I air dried them. Hoping they’ll last a while by not putting them in the dryer.
    My kids seem to love them. AGAIN THEY’RE FOR KIDS or smaller adults. I’m 5’6″ & the LG were too small for me.
    Maybe Disney will jump on the bandwagon & make adult sizes in the future…….

  11. Mine were made in Honduras….
    I ordered back on 4-30. They shipped early & arrived on 6-23. Was supposed to arrive after 6-29….
    I ordered Med Pixar for my 5 year old & LG Star Wars for my 9 year old.
    I don’t understand Kennys review of the sizes at all. THEY’RE KIDS MASKS! Very detailed size chart & how to measure before you buy.
    They didn’t seem to shrink at all when I washed them. Probably b/c of the Polyester outer layer.
    My kids seem to love them. AGAIN NOT FOR ADULTS unless you’re smaller. I’m 5’6″ & LG pulls on my ears too much to be comfortable.
    Maybe Disney will get on the ball & make adult sizes.

  12. Does it say where they were made? I’m assuming China and if it’s like other stuff I ordered that came from there they don’t know how to size anything. Didn’t get mine yet but ordered 4 sets of all size large even for my 12 and 14 year old. Hope it fits them.

  13. I ordered the Small size and Medium size.
    Small size is literally for baby !!! it’s so tiny !!! I was expecting a decent size for children k-5 grade…no can’t do.
    Medium size…. the ears loop was so short that it pulled my ears and hurt. :(

  14. I ordered the first day of preorders. I still have not received them. Ordered three sets. Tried to find out when I will receive online and no response.

  15. I received mine, medium, and all are tight. I pulled the loops apart to break some stitches so they were more comfortable and didn’t smush my nose down.

  16. What the deal with ordering mask and it taking months to arrive , this is the worst money grab I’ve seen in a long time ..by the time the mask arrived ur probably already had it

  17. I ordered three sets of the Star Wars masks, one set in each size, the day they were available for preorder. They arrived this week. They are super cute. They are also super hot. We felt that all three sizes ran small. The small size fits my small 5 year old niece fine in the face, but the loops are to short around her ears. My teen daughter and I planned to wear the medium size, but experience the same issue. I bought the large for my husband, but again, the ear loops are not long enough for him. The large mask is to large for my daughter and me. I don’t know who these are designed for.

    Still, if they happen to fit you, another problem exists with the material not being the type the scientists recommend for facial coverings. They recommend 100% cotton, tightly woven fabric with a layer of non-woven liner material between the outer layers. The cute outer printed layer of these masks is a 100% polyester knit fabric. The inner later is a 100% cotton knit fabric. As in Jersey knit t-shirt material which is much less effective as a filter for respiratory droplets. There is no liner that I can detect, nor does the tag indicate one is present. I cannot recommend these.

  18. I ordered two 4-packs in Large. I’ve only received one set so far (second set is on schedule for delivery on Monday.) My Pooh face fits me fine. Mickey face fits my “pooh-sized” boyfriend fine. My Maria face is short on one side and off center. It fits but feels a bit skewed. Neither of us has tried on Stitch face.

  19. Got mine in medium and immediately sent the back for a large. Masks was way too small and the ear loops too short hurt ears and felt suffocating just trying it on. What a disappointment

  20. I also found the sizes were off. 2 fit & 2 were too small. I contacted Disney & they are sending replacements free of charge & told me to donate the ones that were too small. Very happy to do that, hopefully the replacements fit

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