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Walt Disney World Reopening: Cleaning and Loading Procedures for Attractions, Plus Info on Rider Swap

Walt Disney World Reopening: Cleaning and Loading Procedures for Attractions, Plus Info on Rider Swap

We are sharing more information tonight regarding the cleaning and loading procedures for Walt Disney World attractions along with whether or not rider swap will still be available upon reopening.

There’s no question about it: Disney has analyzed every aspect of the Guest experience and modified it for the reopening of the parks.

From character meets and buffets to fireworks shows down to loading Guests into attractions, Disney will definitely be different.

Cleaning and Loading Procedures for Attractions

Social distancing in place at Universal Studios earlier this month

Upon reopening, Guests will notice that there will be physical dividers between load areas to help ensure proper social distancing between people and add another layer of protection.

Rides will also be loaded together by group and then will have an empty row before the next party loads. Kenny noted in his Universal Studios post during AP previews that this increased the wait times greatly.

At Universal Studios

With no virtual queues and no FastPasses, we will see how this plays out with getting Guests loaded onto attractions in a timely manner. The KtP Writing Crew will be there opening week to get all the details.

Attractions will also be closed for 2 hours each day for deep cleaning. It is likely we will see various attractions closed for cleaning throughout the day.

It’s been noted on the Disney World website that extra attention will be given to high-traffic areas like restrooms, handrails, benches, tables, and elevators as well.

What about Rider Swap?

Many Guests are also concerned about the availability of rider swap. For those not aware, rider swap allows a Guest to sit out with someone who isn’t tall enough to ride (or doesn’t want to ride) while the rest of the party experiences the attraction.

Then, when the party returns, that Guest can board the attraction without waiting in line! This is a very convenient service Disney World offers, and we have used it many times.

child swap rider switch pass walt disney world

We have just received word that rider swap will indeed be available for Guests who wish to use it!

We will continue to keep you updated on all reopening procedures at Walt Disney World!

Are you grateful for the extra cleaning? Will your party be participating in Rider Swap? Let us know on Facebook!

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Tuesday 30th of June 2020

They eliminated paper passes and have been doing rider swap on the app for a little while now. It shows up as a bonus fastpass and you can only have one at a time I believe. Sometimes we saw the return time was immediate and others it was up to 30 mins later. They can scan up to three peoples bands to receive the pass which includes the individual waiting plus two others. If you have two kids, they can ride with the first adult and then ride again with the second.

Monica Street

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Yes! I eliminated the confusing language in my post. It was in reference to the fact that FastPass is currently suspended so they would be distributing them differently.


Monday 29th of June 2020

Disney continues to take more of the magic away while still taking as much money as they can get their hands on.

Jennifer Mitchell

Monday 29th of June 2020

"Attractions will also be closed for two hours each day for deep cleaning"... The parks will ONLY have attractions available, upon re-opening. The parks will only be open for 10 hours a day. With this deep cleaning, I am seeing this as park hours being reduced to now 8 hours a day. Full price for 8 hours of attractions, shops & food does not sound pleasing to me, at all

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