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BREAKING NEWS! Disney World Proposes Reopening Plan for Resorts and Parks!

BREAKING NEWS! Disney World Proposes Reopening Plan for Resorts and Parks!

After months of uncertainty, we are finally starting to get some answers regarding the reopening of Disney World resorts and parks! Come see the reopening plan that was proposed at the meeting this morning!

We got word yesterday that Disney World was confirmed to present its reopening plan to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force. Finally! The day we have been waiting for!

The Task Force has been meeting often throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to determine the best steps in regards to reopening businesses in the Orange County area.

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Last week we heard from Universal Studios. Their approved reopening date is June 3 for Passholders and June 5 for general admission.

Social distancing, temperature checks, virtual queues will all be the norm for Universal Studios when it reopens.

The big question for many of us has been whether or not Disney World will implement many of the same requirements. We have already been given a sneak peek of the Disney World experience when Disney Springs reopened last week.

You can read more about Cast Member and Guest expectations while visiting Disney Springs HERE.

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Well, now we have our answers! At the meeting this morning, Disney World proposed a reopening date of July 11 for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and July 15 for Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

There are several health and safety requirements that will be implemented for Cast Members and Guests when Disney World reopens. They are as follows:

Enhanced protective measures and physical distancing

Mask wearing will be required for Cast Members and Guests.

More frequent hand washing and sanitation stations for both Cast Members and Guests.

Plexiglass will be used as barriers to facilitate physical distancing.

Physical distancing requirements will be maintained.

Overall capacity will be limited in retail stores, restaurants, in the parks, and on transportation vehicles. A reservation system will be used to ensure capacity is not reached.

Disney will also suspend parades, fireworks shows, and other entertainment that create crowds.

Enhanced cleaning and health protocols

Increased cleaning will be implemented on high touch areas.

Temperature screenings will take place like at Disney Springs. This will take place at the entrance to the parks. A contactless, handheld device will be used.

At-home temperature checks at home and on site for Cast Members will be required.

Limited Contactless Enhancements

Limiting the number of contacts will also be importance. Cashless transactions like mobile ordering and continued use of MagicBands to make purchases will be encouraged.

Temporarily pausing character meet and greets and play areas will also be implemented.

Education, Communication, Engagement

Signs and online materials will be available for Guests to view ahead of time, known as “Know before you go.”

Guests will be prepared for the environment on the website, while in the parks, and on the My Disney Experience app.

Cast Members will continue to engage Guests, but they need to focus on well-being now. Correct behaviors will be displayed and encouraged.

A social distance squad will be made up of energetic Cast Members and will emphasize the important elements of physical distancing. They will be located throughout the parks.

Just as a reminder, this is a proposed plan, meaning it still needs to be voted upon by the Task Force and then approved by Mayor Demings and Governor DeSantis. It should, however, be approved rather quickly. We will be sure to update when that happens.

What do you think of the measures Disney World is proposing in order to reopen? Will any of these keep you from visiting Disney World? Let us know on Facebook!


  1. They prob really hadnt planned on opening until fall but with Universal opening they feel like they have to do something. Everyone wanted them to open. Well this is the best your gonna get in a Pandemic. It will be a long time before I go to any theme park.

  2. DVC just announced that they are opening all the WDW resorts on June 22nd. I would imagine that hotels would be opening around the same time. So many of the DVC properties are connected to Disney hotels.

  3. I had a big trip to WDW, DL, and Aulani scheduled this summer. And it’s all cancelled. And I am disappointed. Very disappointed But, I remember Dr. Fauci saying that the virus dictates the schedule, – not any corporation or our desires. I can’t wait to go back to WDW, but not until it’s safe to do so and it’s the WDW I want to see. I don’t think that the WDW we will see this summer is the one I want to visit. I was glad to see that Disney is waiting to reopen until they are confident in their ability to while keeping their visitors as safe as possible.

  4. This is awful. I understand social distancing and temperature checks & masks for the workers to protect them. However, Its not fair for Disney to charge the high price of a vacation for 1/2 of the attractions. I changed my vacation from August to Sept. and got no discount, in fact it was higher for our 4 families. If customers are willing to come to the Parks then they are taking their own risks. People need to be allowed to make their own decisions. I agree that Disney should protect their employees but guests must use their own means of protection. I think I will have to change or even cancel my reservations for 4 families and I think that Disney may have to rethink their ways of getting people to plan reservations for a while.

  5. Disney is doing everything they can to ensure our safety. I think people should stop whinging and be grateful for what they do have. We all spend alot of money going to Disney, except the rules or stay home till things change.
    This is a different world right now, just be happy Disney is trying to open and make it safe.

  6. I have a JULY reservation! They need to offer more clarity on this “reservation system.” Will resort guests get priority (as they do during phased closures during crowded times of the year)? Will this mean no parking hopping? Can you get a reservation for two parks for the same day? What if I have MK FPs during the day and dinner reservations in Epcot? What about Disney buses? Will you have to reserve a spot on those too? I expected capacity controls, but similar to Christmas and NYE – not a reservation system.

  7. Wow. I expected the masks & social distancing, but the no shows, parades & fireworks really hurts. Is there any more information on how the reservation system will work? Also, is there any information on park hopping? We have a trip planned towards the end of September & I am VERY hopeful that some of this will be relaxed, but not too optimistic. We have a resort reservation & I would be absolutely devasted if we were to fly down & pay for the room only to be told we can’t get into a park or park hop.

  8. I agree, too many restrictions. No parades or fireworks? Really? Social Distancing squad? Plexiglass everywhere? I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for that. This sucks….

  9. I think the plan created more questions that it answered. What exactly is “limited capacity”? What about FPs? What about the resorts? When will they open? I have hotel reservations and FPs already for mid-July (and am an AP & DVC member). If I fly there in mid-July, will I have a place to stay? As a pre-booked resort guest with FPs, will my family get some kind of priority access to the Park reservations over a day guest? When WDW closes for capacity on Christmas and NYE, Disney gives priority to resort guests and there was no indication in this presentation whether they planned to do that here. This actually left me more uneasy. Anyone else concerned?

  10. While I understand some guidelines probably should be in place, I’m not happy with no fireworks, no parades and no character meets. I could deal with temperature checks and masks, if necessary, but I feel like the magic will be gone without these other things. I generally spend about $5,000 on our Disney trips, sometimes a little depending on what kind of deals I can or cannot get on airfare. That’s a lot of money for me as a single parent. I work too hard to save to spend that much without being able to experience these special experiences that make up the magic of Disney. I currently have a trip planned for January 2021. I guess I’ll wait awhile before I cancel it. I hope these requirements relax and it will be better then. Otherwise, I will be canceling.

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