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Florida Reports Close to 9,000 New Cases of COVID-19 within Weeks of Walt Disney World’s Reopening

Florida Reports Close to 9,000 New Cases of COVID-19 within Weeks of Walt Disney World's Reopening

Florida just reported the highest number of new cases of coronavirus with just about 2 weeks to go until the reopening of Disney World. What do you think this means for summer trips?

We have seen a steady increase in the new cases of COVID-19 over the last few weeks. With businesses reopening and more widespread testing this was to be expected.

However, the largest jump in cases happened today with Florida reporting 8,942 new cases. This smashes the previous record of 5,508 which was just reported on Wednesday.

For most of April and May we saw very few cases, and numbers were hovering around 1,000 new cases per day into the beginning and middle of June.

This has prompted some concern regarding the reopening of Disney World parks and resorts in July.

Graph from earlier this week

Due to this increase in cases, it’s been suggested that Cast Member unions and Disney leaders are in discussion. Unions may be requesting hazard pay or additional health assurance.

Disney could decide to delay its reopening depending on how the next few weeks play out with new cases of coronavirus and with any agreements made with unions.

Despite the increase, Orange County officials recently told CNN they have no plans to delay the reopening of Disney. They will let Disney World officials and Governor Ron DeSantis to decide if the reopening should be pushed back and when a new timeline would be established. Check out the tweet below:

At this time, we are not aware of any plans to delay the reopening and encourage you to continue planning your upcoming vacations. We will be sure to continue to update!

Do you think the increase of cases of COVID-19 will prompt Disney to delay the reopening of its parks in Florida? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.


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  1. Its still rising even if its 3000 cases. Covid is very much still here and hospitalizations are rising all over the US now. Take it seriously people!

  2. We’re Not making a Disney trip in the foreseeable future. Not necessarily because of new Covid cases but because of mandatory mask wearing, favorite restaurants not open, no fast passes, no character meets, no fireworks, no parades, or park hopping. I refuse to grovel for a pass to the park after I’ve booked a resort. Disney isn’t Disney anymore to us. It seems like all the masses of protesters ramped up the Covid numbers. Sad.

  3. These are newly “reported cases”, NOT new cases. The state didn’t know about them, but they are not necessarily people who got sick recently. It doesn’t mean it’s spread to 9K people in the last few days. Many of these 9k are people who may been sick in Jan-May timeframe. Some states like Virginia post data via date of onset of symptoms which tells you how many are actually getting sick each day. That is a good measure, but Florida doesn’t have that. The best measure of a pandemic is hospitalizations by date of admission and deaths by date of death. This shows the seriousness of those getting sick. If you go to the florida website and look at the dashboard it shows you deaths by date of death, but not cases by date of symptoms. It shows a clear downward trend with only 6 deaths two days ago. The trend is downward for deaths and that is good. For some reason, Florida is not providing the onset of symptoms info that many other states are.

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