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Mandatory Isolation Order Extended

Mandatory Isolation Order Extended
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Everyone is looking forward to Walt Disney World finally reopening once again! It has been a long time since the magic has been with us. If you are among the guests visiting Walt Disney World upon its reopening, you might want to check out some recent travel restrictions that have been extended. Read on for more details.

Welcome Home!

Today marked a special Cast Member preview day at Walt Disney World Resort and later this week, Annual Passholders will visit this Thursday and Friday.

The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will welcome guests back home on Saturday, July 11th.

Hollywood Studios and Epcot will welcome guests beginning on July 15th.

We have already seen a little preview of how things will look different once guests are welcomed back. While facial coverings will be required for all guests, there will be designated relaxation zones throughout the parks, which will allow guests to remove their facial coverings and relax.

We have also seen from the Cast Member preview day that it appears as if Cast Members will allow guests to remove their masks on the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Only time will tell on whether or not this practice will continue once the parks reopen.

Isolation Required

Last month, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, issued an executive order requiring all guests traveling from the Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York) to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into Florida or the duration of the individual’s presence in Florida, whichever is short.”

The order was to end on July 7, 2020, but today DeSantis extended the state of emergency for another 60 days, thereby extending travel restrictions for those traveling from the Tri-State area.

Disney has made it clear that any guest under self-quarantine orders will not be admitted to the theme parks and resorts.

any guest under self-quarantine orders will not be admitted to the theme parks and resorts

This is stated in the health acknowledgement that all guests will be required to read and acknowledge before visiting.

What do you think of the extended order? Will you have to readjust your travel plans? Tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Floridas governor is deflating the numbers and has been since May. I for one will not be going to Florida anytime soon. I miss Disney though!

  2. FL does not have more cases than NY! FL total cases is 238,000. Over 430,000 cases in NY….and FL death rate is less than .02%! Perhaps if people visiting FL did what they were supposed to do and quarantine upon entering FL, our numbers would start to flatten….As soon as other states opened, people started visiting our parks, beaches, bars, and restaurants…..very little social distancing and mild mask wearing. Don’t blame our Governor. Blame common citizens on not following simple safety protocol. Period.

  3. We have more cases now because everyone from the north thought they would come down here and vacation during this pandemic and bring the covid with them! Our streets are riddled with NY, CT, NJ, MA and OH plates! We quarantined like everyone else and were fine in April and May! As soon as our state opened and the northerners came in we became the hot spot!

  4. Makes absolutely no sense. In Connecticut our cases have dropped considerably because we had a stay at home order that was put in place on March 23rd. Our phase 3 of reopening has been postponed. Perhaps Florida should have enforced a stay at home order then maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation.

    Our annual passes expiration date was extended (passes were supposed to expire in July) because of closure (we were supposed to go in May, then postponed until June and now scheduled for October 2-9). It’s bad enough that we can only book up to 3 days with our annual passes, yet our son who is going with us was able to book 5 days because he has a regular 5-day parkhopper ticket and he can’t even parkhop. Not really happy with the way Disney is treating its Annual Passholders. I just want to get this trip over with so I can put it in the past and forget about Disney for a while.

  5. This makes absolutely no sense. When I first saw the headline I thought it was going to be that some states would require 14 quarantine when returning to the state from Florida. That would make total sense. However, requiring a person to quarantine in Florida – which has some of the highest number of cases – when they are coming from a state with very low cases is completely ridiculous. I agree with what everyone else is saying – this is all politics.

  6. Are you sure the quarantine order is extended? This only says the state of emergency is extended, which gives the governor the power to implement restrictions such as quarantines and business closures.

  7. I agree completely. If the Florida governor truly cared about the state – states that are spiking would be included. NY is below 1,000 cases per day while Florida is over 10,000 a day. It doesn’t make sense to not include other states.

  8. Glad I cancelled our trip for next month, coming from NY. Seems Fla doesn’t want us tri state area people there for retaliatory reasons only since our cases have been thankfully controlled. I hope the order applies to the other 18 states that have significantly higher cases then in the tri state area if the governor is truly concerned for the health of its people. I would be furious if I was a season pass holder from the tri state area.

  9. I live in New Jersey and at the present time, Florida has more cases than us. New York proved that they did what they needed to curb the rise of cases. As the states are opening, everyone is seeing increases. But Jersey is way better than it was that’s for sure.

  10. This is ridiculous. NY HAS proven that we can strategize and lower our statistics consistently over time. This is discrimination against our states!! Karma is a B**** governor.

  11. Wow thats hilarious since Florida has more cases than New York. I dont even want to go anywhere near Florida right now and Im in Louisiana which looks really good compared to Florida right now!

  12. Politics in retaliation for the Tri state area’s quarantine order against FL and 18 other states with out of control Covid cases.

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