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Dates Immediately Reach Park Pass Capacity For Walt Disney World Annual Passholders

Dates Immediately Reach Park Pass Capacity For Walt Disney World Annual Passholders

The Disney Park Pass reservation system went live for Annual Passholders this morning, and many guests eagerly jumped on to grab their reservations. Within minutes of going live, certain dates are showing no further Park Pass availability.

The Park Pass reservation system went live this morning about an hour earlier than expected, at 6 am. Passholders eager to experience the Disney magic again logged on, wary of the experiences resort guests with tickets had when their booking window opened on Monday.

So far, the Disney Park Pass system has reportedly worked smoothly so far, with the reported issues (not glitches!) of the previous days seemingly gone.

Annual Passholders worried that after resort guests with tickets were able to book their reservations, many parks were showing no availability for some days.

Hollywood Studios shows no Park Pass availability for resort guests with tickets on July 15, opening day, July 16, July 17, and July 18. Disney’s Animal Kingdom shows no availability for July 14 for resort guests with tickets.

Disney did confirm they will release additional Park Pass reservations on Friday, when Annual Passholders are able to book their reservations. This morning, Annual Passholders do have access to these dates.

Not even an hour after the Park Pass reservation system went live, several dates are showing as unavailable for Annual Passholders to book park reservations.

On July 11, opening day for Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there are no longer any Park Pass reservations available.

On July 12, there are no Park Pass reservations available at for Annual Passholders at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.

July 13, there is no Annual Passholders will no longer be able to make reservations at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, as both parks are full.

July 18, there is no Annual Passholder reservation availability at Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

July 19 shows no availability for Annual Passholders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

July 25 shows no Annual Passholder reservation availability at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Resort guests still have access to some parks during opening week, but availability is limited. You can view the calendar and availability HERE if you want to keep an eye on it.

In order to properly view the park calendar, you’ll need to select the appropriate category:

  • Theme Park Ticket Guests
  • Disney Resort Guests
  • Annual Passholders

For a step by step report on how to make a park reservation, head over HERE.

Were you able to make Park Pass reservations today? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!


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  1. There are for sure glitches . You jumped the gun in reporting this one . Some can’t get 3 and others are getting more .

    • Didn’t jump the gun. Just sharing our experiences along with others on Twitter that have confirmed the same.

  2. I think this is stupid and not how annual passes are meant to work..in an AP holder for Disneyland and when and if it ever opens and it proves difficult to get anything, I will be getting my money back! This is not how annual passes are meant to be used! It’s nonsense! Everyone who has a top AP should not be paying more than a flex pass holder is! Disney needs to reduce the cost of these payments ASAP!

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