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Disney Military Tickets have been Extended!

Disney Military Tickets have been Extended!

Disney has been very quiet so far regarding the extension of discount military tickets. However, the expiration date for the Disney Armed Forces Salute tickets has been extended! Read on if you have these tickets and are planning a trip!

Disney loves our service members! They have been gracious to offer specially priced tickets and steep discounts on resort hotels.

As someone whose husband served our country and takes advantage of these offers, I (Monica) am always grateful to Disney for providing these discounts.

If you aren’t familiar with the Armed Forces Salute discount, eligible Guests can obtain 4, 5, or 6-day park hopper passes for a great price. They can be used throughout the year until the week before Christmas.

The discount must be approved on an annual basis (it usually happens in September but it’s also happened in July as well from what I can recall), and the tickets are only good for that year.

When the pandemic shut everything down and trips were canceled, many military Guests were concerned about their tickets. Service members do not always have flexible schedules and may not be able to travel again before the tickets expire.

Disney has been completely quiet about extending these tickets, even though we know Annual Passes will be extended as well as other types of tickets. As a matter of fact, the latest round of ticket updates show expiration dates of 2022! You can read about that HERE.

Well, I was in My Disney Experience checking on my family’s tickets (I have an Annual Pass while my husband and kids just use the military tickets), and I noticed a new expiration date!

Instead of the Armed Forces Salute tickets expiring on December 18, 2020 they now expire on September 26, 2021. Check out one of our tickets:

All but one of our tickets reflect the new date, and no official announcement has been made by Disney, but at least it’s something!

Since I do not have any of the other discounted military tickets (did you know there’s more than one option!?) I cannot check to see if the other types have been extended as well. If you have one of these types, it’s worth checking out though.

Disney Salutes All Who Have Served for Armed Forces Day

The Armed Forces Salute has not been extended into 2021, and it’s unclear if guests will be able to buy 2021 tickets as well as use the 2020 tickets. We will be sure to keep you updated.

Check out some other military discounts Guests can receive, and check out my full review of Shades of Green!

We hope if you have these tickets you will be able to use them! Stay safe and God bless!

Do you have the Armed Forces Salute tickets? Has your ticket’s expiration been extended? Let us know on Facebook!

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  1. If I buy the 6day tickets and once I activate them do they need to be used consecutively or can we plan to take a day break in the middle for rest? Hoping a 6 day ticket could be used over 8 days to allow rest in middle of trip.

  2. So if we reschedule our trip into 2021… Do we still get the military resort discount? Have those discounts been extended into 2021?

  3. Monica, I bought 4 6-Day Park hopper tickets at our local base office back in late February for our June WDW trip. These are not Military Salute tixs but discounted tickets since my husband is DoD Civilian employee. I have yet to link these to my Disney Experience app so I’m unsure if these have an extension as well. When I called the base office they said they expire 12/18/20 but now my family and I want to rebook for March 2021. Do you have any info if other discounted military tickets have been extended? Any input will be helpful! Thanks!

  4. Monica, the screenshot of your ticket is 9 of 16? We are military, have five kids, a family of seven, and we are only allowed to buy six military rate tickets. This is honestly a mess each time we visit. Do you have advise for us? :-)

    • These show all the tickets in my family and friends account. I have several friends I plan trips with so I also see their tickets. :) You are only allowed to buy 6 Armed Forces Salute tickets per year. Hope that helps!

  5. We have the 5 day park hopper plus. We used 2 days in February so I wasn’t sure if ours would be extended but it looks like they were. We also had a one day park hopper purchased through Shades Of Green and that one shows an expiration date of 2030

  6. We have the 6 day park-hopper tickets and ours have been extended to 9/26/21 also. So thankful! Time to reschedule again until next year!

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