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Round 1 Game 8: Vote for your Favorites in the KtP Attraction Tournament

Round 1 Game 8: Vote for your Favorites in the KtP Attraction Tournament

Vote for your favorite Walt Disney World attractions in our first ever KennythePirate Attractions Tournament! We are voting on “classic” Walt Disney World attractions now, so come cast your vote and see which attraction won yesterday!

The Crew had so much fun with the KennythePirate Character Tournament, we’re starting another one!  This time, we’ll vote each day to narrow down our favorite Walt Disney World attractions.  In the championship, we’ll decide on the ultimate Disney World attraction!

Here’s how it works:

Every day at approximately 12:00 pm EST we will post two attractions for you to vote on. The link will be sent to Twitter, Facebook (both the official page and Crew group), and your email if you are a subscriber. We will work through 4 categories of attractions:

  • Classic Rides
  • Family Rides
  • “Thrill” Rides
  • Shows

The poll will be closed at 6:00 am EST the following day.

Once we work through the first round in all 4 categories, the winners will advance on to the next round. We will continue this until we have a winner!

Make sure you are on the lookout for this post each day, and vote using the poll in the post!

This tournament will be played similar to March Madness. Let’s call it “summer madness!”

Photo courtesy of d23.com

Be sure to check out Kenny’s Character Locator for detailed information on attractions and so much more!  

The Attraction Tournament Bracket

Here are the attractions we will be voting for during this tournament.  You’ve got some tough choices ahead of you!

Some attractions fit in more than one category, so we selected what we felt was the most appropriate category.

Yesterday’s Results

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which attraction do you prefer?

Yesterday was a really hard choice for many, but Spaceship Earth came out on top!

Walt Disney World Classics

The first round features Walt Disney World “classic” attractions.  

These attractions have been around a long time; in fact many of these attractions were in place and open to guests on the day Walt Disney World opened its doors!

What makes an attraction a “classic?”  The definition can vary, but we believe it is a combination of longevity, popularity, and nostalgia that keeps these attractions around for the long run.

Round 1 Game 8

Today’s game will see Haunted Mansion and Journey Into Imagination With Figment go head to head.

Haunted Mansion is a beloved classic ride located at the Magic Kingdom. This dark ride takes you on spooky tour through a haunted house, complete with “grim grinning ghosts.”

Haunted Mansion has Closed Again Today

Haunted Mansion was an opening day attraction at Magic Kingdom. Disney fans absolutely love this ride, possibly because the attraction is filled with Disney history, possibly because it features an outstanding theme song, and possibly because it is just so much fun!

Journey Into Imagination With Figment opened in Epcot in 1983, one year after the park opened. The attraction features a lovable dragon, Figment, who surprises guests as they take a tour through the sensory labs at the Imagination Institute.

Which is your favorite?  Cast your vote now!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which attraction do you prefer?

We’d love to hear which attraction tops your list!  Let us know who you voted for on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and tell us there!

-Jamie & Susan


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  1. If this was comparing the ORIGINAL Figment, it would have been a hard decision. The Figment that is now at Epcot is a very sad rendition of what it used to be. Even the “play” area after getting off the ride has been reduced to only a small part of what it was.

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