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A Modified Disney Park Experience May Be Coming Soon To Get Parks Up and Running

A Modified Disney Park Experience May Be Coming Soon To Get Parks Up and Running

After both Walt Disney World and Disneyland closed down due to concerns of the rapidly spreading coronavirus, many guests are wondering what that means for their upcoming trips. Disney may be working on a solution!

Last week, Disneyland and Walt Disney World announced they would be closing the parks due to the concern of coronavirus. Both parks currently are slated to open by the beginning of April.

Walt Disney World Construction Halted due to Coronavirus

While many guests doubt the parks will be able to reopen in such a short time, others (me!) are holding on to hope that there is a chance we will get to take our upcoming Disney vacations.

A New Plan

According to WDWMagic, Disney may be working on a plan to heavily modify the park experience so that we can experience the magic sooner than later!

California Bans Large Group Gatherings, City of Anaheim Responds

It is important to note that nothing has been confirmed by Disney, and all of this is currently just speculation.

Glitch in the System this Morning with Rise of the Resistance

Current ideas that are being discussed (not confirmed) are as follows:

  • Suspending meet and greets with face characters.
  • Reducing the maximum capacity of transportation options.
  • Continuation of hand washing stations and sanitizers.
  • Re-opening the parks in phases with limited attractions and shows that can be adapted to capacity and guest spacing needs. This has been implemented before, following 9/11 attacks and hurricane closures.
  • Limiting the number of people in indoor queue spaces. This may see the use of virtual queues, similar to the Boarding Groups that were in use for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.
  • Eliminating entertainment that requires guests to be closely gathered, such as nightly firework shows and parades.
  • Table-service restaurant capacity reduced to maintain a maximum of 50% occupancy. Tables will be spaced at least six ft apart.
  • Utilization of Mobile Ordering via My Disney Experience only, no queuing for Quick-Service Restaurants.
Disney World App Now Shows Hand Sanitizer Locations

Of course, all of this is just speculation, and with things changing so quickly from one minute to the next, there is no way to know what the next steps are until Disney makes a formal announcement.

Even if these aren’t implemented, I think these are some great ideas! For more ideas of ways Disney can change park experience, check out Rebecca’s article HERE.

Mickey and Minnie in the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

What do you think of these ideas for a proposed solution to get Disney Parks reopened? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook Page, or join our crew and continue the discussion.

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  1. How is this going to work with AP holders and current prices. No way I’d be ok with half of the things for full price.

  2. To the people saying they wouldn’t go under these operating conditions, really? Did you like being hearded into close quarters with tens of thousands of people for fireworks? Or being smushed into you neighbor so you could “fill all available space?” The new normal will be limits to capacity, continued social distancing, and limited interaction. This virus ain’t going away.

  3. I’m not going to put my family at risk just to see half of the park the parade and the fireworks are so pretty you can’t miss that. I had a reservation on the castle for my girls’ birthday that is in April and I just canceled it. We have to take care of our family members this is a crazy time where everybody has to survive stay at home Disney can wait for us until everybody is safe.

  4. I would not go without the full experience. Also let’s be mindful of why they are closed to begin with , smaller groups??? Still a virus out there , not sure I see the value in that.

  5. I think it’s not very smart for Disney to reopen so quickly specially when the carona virus is still out there and people are still at risk .wait for it to end to reopen it’s just a sickness waiting to happen to people Disneylqnd is a hands on place. Save it for the right time so people have a experience of a life time not a experience of getting the carona virus becouse they had hands on all the rides and things. wait Disneyland for it to be safe for people to come.

  6. Disney land is a nice vacation trip for a lot of people and to go and only see half of the park and experience not worth it.Tickets alone cost a lot and everything you do there basically requires hands on and who wants to see if they can get the carona virus . That’s just a virus waiting to happen.We are trying to stop the virus not spread it.Sorry Disneyland but dosnt sound like a good idea to us to open it and only do half of the things it in.Wait until the virus is ok to go out and be around people and have hands on things. Then we will have the best time ever and no one will half to worry if them or there love ones will. be sick with the carona virus.Save the opening for when it is Safe for people

  7. Thats ridiculous. No one is listening to the government! Cases are doubling and people are dying every day. It is selfish to expose everyone just so you can take a vacation. We can all go on vacation once this has passed. Stay in your houses for now and stop the spread!

  8. I have been passholder for many years, I watched Parks effected by 9/11..Hurricanes and this is different..this endangers human life,health and the economy. Our word,life will never be same. Disney is a Magical world that removes us. From reality, that will not happen till people know they can escape to that fantasy safely. That is not in our near future. It may be 18 month’s or more before we think trip vacation ect.. Our world just got put on indefinite hold, it is the unknown with the worst possible indefinite hold . Our life will be different, it is scary and sad but REAL. THINK what is your real life in 18 to 24 month’s gonna be?

  9. I don’t know why people would want to rush the reopening of the parks when it could contribute to the spreading of this virus, which for some people, is fatal. Everyone needs to contribute to keep the spread of this virus as minimal as possible. And I’d imagine that most people don’t want to spend money on a Disney vacation and then only get a partial experience. I am DVC and we are all APs, and even I wouldn’t want the partial experience. I know we are very fortunate for how often we can go but not everyone can go as often as we go. For those who would be going for the first time or experiencing a once in a lifetime type of trip, this seems like little consolation for a “lost” trip. I hope those people who had to cancel their trip during this time are able to work out another time when they can go, with parks that will offer them a true Disney experience.

  10. We cancelled our April Disneyland trip as out first trip there. I want the whole experience as may be my only time opus I am in the high risk category fir the virus.
    So disappointed.

  11. I am now seriously contemplating rescheduling my trip. These measures really cut into our plans and would probably make all the reservations we have useless. Why go if you can’t meet characters or see the parade?

  12. Makes no sense to have it partially open and take away any entertainments and all. Might as well leave it closed until its cleared. Furthermore will the tickets be reduced? If that was an option

  13. We just returned from Disney on March 15… Everything was normal when we went down, but I am here to tell you as it progressed throughout the week… Disney did not do anything that they said they were going to do. It was all over the Internet that Disney was wiping the fingerprint scanners after each guest with a sanitizing wipe…..we went to all four parks, and never once saw this done! The hand washing stations were a joke, we tried several of them and only one had any water in it. Most of the alcohol based hand sanitizing systems were operable, we only saw one or two that were out of hand sanitizer. I felt no safer at Disney last week than any other tome I have been down there, as far as health/germ wise.

  14. Suppose to be there this week for 10 days with 6 children/ grandchildren. Just rebooked resort, 17dinning reservations incl.Royal Table, BBB,Pirate league for July. I WOULD NOT GO UNDER THOSE

  15. Might be nice if you are a Passholder who lives close by. Certainly not what I want for my Disney vacation. I’d much rather postpone my April trip until Disney is fully operational.

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