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Complete Guide to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

Complete Guide to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

Disney’s Hollywood Studios recently opened the most anticipated and, in my opinion, the best attraction in Disney Parks history. Massive crowds want to ride, but are turned away because the Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups are usually gone before the park officially opens. Here’s a complete guide on how to score a boarding group and what happens when the ride breaks. There are NO ride spoilers!

When should you arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

It’s still very early in the history of this terrific attraction, but I suggest arriving at least 90 minutes before the announced park opening. Two hours would give you an even better chance at riding Millenium Falcon or Slinky Dog Dash with no wait at park opening.

This seems crazy, right? Who wants to go on vacation and show up 2 hours before a park opens. It’s worth it! If you aren’t in the park before it officially opens, you probably will not ride Rise of the Resistance. There is NO stand by queue. You MUST have a boarding pass!

How to reserve your boarding group.

At around 30 minutes before park opening, you’ll be allowed to enter the park. However, you cannot reserve a boarding group until the EXACT moment of park opening. If you attempt at any point earlier, it will not work.

NOTE: Do not use Disney World wifi. when reserving rise of the resistance boarding passes, be sure to use your cellular data, when available.

The boarding groups are usually totally gone within a matter of minutes, then they move to backup boarding groups, which do not guarantee you access to Rise of the Resistance.

At official park opening, not before, you can take out your phone and book a Rise of the Resistance Boarding pass from the My Disney Experience app. You’ll find the boarding pass area prominently featured right under the map. Click on that section.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Next, you’ll find a button on the bottom right that says “Join Boarding Group.” Tap that button. If you see an error message that asks if you are already in the park, then CLOSE the app. Backing out does not work.

If the button works, then it will let you choose the members of your group. However, if the system doesn’t recognize even one member of the group, you must CLOSE the app again until it does. It’s a bit of pain, but it’s the only way to book them in the same group.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Do all members of your party have to be present?

YES. EVERY member must be in the park. No one can sleep in. No one can be late. As I mentioned above.

Should we all be looking at the same time?

No. One person should have everyone linked to a central account and have that one person book the boarding pass for the entire group. If multiple people are attempting at the same time, you’ll likely create an error and won’t receive a boarding group pass. If people book individually, you also will not receive the same boarding group number.

One person books the entire group!

Can I use DAS?

Yes and no. First, EVERYONE must have a boarding pass. Even if you have DAS, you must have a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group . You can’t stroll up and ask for DAS or ask for a boarding pass. Those using the DAS access may have to plead their case a bit to get the Cast to allow you to use the Fastpass entrance area as many don’t know how it is supposed to function.

Here is an example of how one of our writers actually experienced the Disney Accessibility System (DAS) at Rise of the Resistance. It has some helpful information.

How do I use the boarding pass?

Throughout your wait for your group to be called, you can check “My status” on this page again. It will just show the progress with little green bars being filled and tell you what groups are being called.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

When your boarding group is active, you’ll receive a popup notification on your phone. You can also check the available groups at the attraction with that long blue sign to the left of the attraction below

How long do I have to use the boarding pass?

You’ll need to return to Rise of the Resistance within the 2 hour boarding window that is allowed for boarding. However, if the ride breaks down, and it will, you can return anytime through the day.

You’ll want to be at this spot in the photo below. This is the area they use to tap magicbands and tickets for the returning boarding groups. You’ll then be sent through the regular stand by line.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group
Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

How long is the wait?

If you have one of the first boarding groups, you’ll have little or no wait. If you have a later one, you wait could be 45-70 minutes. It does not post a wait time and it breaks frequently, so your wait could become longer. One of our writers basically turned the experience into a free Character Meal, you can view that post here.

If it breaks while you are in line, it means that you may have to stand or sit in the queue for a long time. They don’t usually evacuate the entire queue when a breakdown occurs. I was evacuated 3 times in 3 days and each time I was in the actual attraction at some point.

There are a large number of bench seats built into the actual queue, which comes in handy when the ride should break down.

What is the guest recovery for a break down?

The cast are prepared for the ride to breakdown. It’s new and untested and it happens several times per day. The Cast Members will first present you with a paper Fastpass like the one below. This will actually function as a real Fastpass when the ride re-opens.

Guests who use these paper recovery Fastpasses are allowed to take the short walk through the Fastpass line and avoid the entire queue. You’ll be placed in the holding room before the first part of the attraction.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

If they ever do offer Fastpass, you’ll be happy to have it. You don’t really miss much in the queue. It’s just rock work and props.

I was informed by some Cast Members that they would accept these paper Fastpasses for up to 7 days from the date of issue because they realize that you may not have planned to return the following day.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding pass

In addition to the paper Fastpass, you should be given a “Multiple Experience” Fastpass digitally on My Disney Experience.

NOTE: Rise of the Resistance is listed as a “Fastpass” on this list. It is actually giving you access to the Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group line, this digital version acts like a Fastpass everywhere in Hollywood Studios EXCEPT Rise of the Resistance. It is a great plus for the Millennium Falcon though!

Rise of the Resistance Multiple Experience
Rise of the Resistance Multiple Experience

What happens if my Boarding Group is never called?

If you have an actual Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group, and the ride never calls for you that day, you’ll be given a Multiple Experience Fastpass for the following day that includes EVERY ride at Walt Disney World.

Additionally, Disney World has often given away a free one day park hopper ticket to those who where not called for boarding. This is for the regular boarding groups, NOT the backup boarding groups. The backup boarding groups are not compensated in any way, if there group is not called.

As a local, it’s a great benefit to have an extra ticket. As a first time guest or out of town visitor, that would be a major disappointment to miss out on the ride because no regular line was allowed to be formed.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Notification

All new attractions need time to become seasoned attractions and have all the many moving pieces work in sync. Many days the ride works quite well and all boarding groups are accommodated, other days the ride experiences a great deal of downtime, like the story here when the guests had to wait 7 hours before they began calling boarding groups.

This attraction IS worth the wait. It is a unique and interactive experience that goes beyond being “just a ride.” When guests do take part in the Resistance, they usually walk away with a big smile on their faces.

If you have any questions for me. Leave them in the comments below or hit the big blue Facebook button below and leave a comment there!



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  1. Do you think the crowds for Rise of the Resistance will thin out a bit by August? (Or at least have most of the bugs worked out of the ride system?)

  2. Information about families with small kids not able to ride? I’m guessing no rider swamp so do we have to get two separate boarding passes?

  3. I am a little worried after seeing the long lines at the entrance to Hollywood Studios. We have great FastPasses for the day and just need to arrive early for a boarding group. What time would you suggest to arrive before park opening?

  4. But does having pre park breakfast help with only having to be there 20min early and entering through dining line, to be “in the park” for boarding group versus, having to get family up and wait for an hour out front?

  5. It is actually useful to have everyone in your party have their own My Disney Exp app with everyone linked as family and friends.. That way if someone’s phone breaks down all is not lost. The speed of your carrier (AT&T T-Mobile etc ) is important. I was never able to access the site with Verizon but my daughter got on instantaneously. And with Disney you can never get there too early!

    • And we tested with multiple people linked and multiple phones trying at once and it gave us an error. Linking is great, but my experience is that only one person should be getting the pass for all

  6. How do you know when official park opening is? And what happens if they open the park early? Does that mean the official park opening is changed? If we’ve already arrived early and waiting inside the gates how do we know if they’ve changed the time and the boarding pass system is open? I must sound ridiculous but I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around this! Thanks for all your amazing info and insight! We’re planning our visit for May!

    • EVERYONE who will ride at any point MUST have a boarding pass, but you can request Rider Switch in addition to that. 3 people would be allowed to ride on the 2nd time around with the Switch pass

  7. Since originally writing this article are you still suggesting arriving 1.5–2hrs before park opening? Planning on 2/08 & 2/10 (both green days for HS.)
    Thanks for all you do, KtP!

    • If you wish to ride Slinky or Falcon with little wait, 90 minutes is ideal. Just to get a boarding pass, you could arrive 20 minutes before opening

  8. Thank you so much for all of this information. Of my party of 6, only 4 are able to ride. Can the 4 in my party go early to get into the park and get a boarding group while the other two come later?

  9. This article is fantastic! Thank you, as always, for being thorough. I hadn’t thought about cellular vs wifi. Great tip!

    Quick note: DAS stands for Disability Access Service ;)

  10. It seems like you answer if all guests have to be present a lot but my understanding was all that needed to be present was their magic band. I heard several guest talking about this in December. Any truth to this?

  11. Can more than one person log in to the same MDE account? I have my whole families all done under my one MDE email log in – can multiple devices log in to that one email account? Or will we mess each other up?

  12. Hello! If multiple people in your party go on the app at park opening, is it ok if each phone is logged into the same My Disney Experience account? Thanks!

  13. At MK recently. Noticed huge groups taking up space in many attractions. Do these groups get special accecc to Rise?? Also, when I randomly look at the loading progress for Rise, it looks like it starts at group 10. Who is in the first set of 9??

  14. I’m coming from Australia and just use WiFi when I travel. I read where you said use data not WiFi??? Will it not work with WiFi????

  15. How does having a prepark opening breakfast in HS affect your ability to score a boarding group for ROTR? (Saturday in Feb, no EMH or EMM at HS that day)

    • I’m working on re-writing this guide now. At this point you arrive 1 hour or more before park opening and at the very minute of actual park opening, you grab a boarding pass. You and 5,000 other people trying at the exact same second. Pre-park breakfast doesn’t help in any way

  16. So the park opens at 6am on NYE. Does that mean they start opening boarding passes at 6am? And I should be there for 5? I thought things had changed and now it was 7am for boarding passes. Just want to be sure we get the passes but maximize sleep.

  17. My son has autism. There is no way I can get him to park
    that early and wait in crowds of people. We are planning on
    spring 2020. He really wants to ride this,

  18. Hi Kenny. We are scheduled to go on an orange week (2/14 t0 19–I know,I know but it is a conference we didn’t have a choice). My FP day is tomorrow. How should I schedule my fast passes for the day we want to try to get on ROTR? TIA

  19. Can you still get boarding passes if you already have 3 allotted fast passes for the day? Do I need to dump them to ride? Also can you park your car in their lots if you’re there that early?

  20. What’s the best way to get to the park 2 hours early if the parking booths aren’t letting you park until an hour before opening? Or are you saying get to the parking booths 2 hours before opening?

  21. We are going on Dec 27th when it is scheduled to open at 6am, how early we should reach the park in that case? we have 2,7,12 year olds with us.
    Thank you

  22. I am planning our trip for early May. We will be staying OFF property. Do I stand a chance of getting into this ride? I figure that I will be limited to non-EMH days and still arrive a few hours before the official opening time. Any suggestions?!?!?

  23. Could you have one person wait in line for 2-3 hours and then have everyone else get there before it opens at 7am so that everyone is present at opening but little ones don’t have to wait in the line?

  24. I understand that everyone has to enter the park before they can try to get a boarding pass, but if you do luck out and get a boarding pass but it will likely not get called until later in the afternoon/evening, do you have to *stay* in the park the entire time? Or can you leave to go back to the hotel, other parks, etc and come back later closer to when the boarding pass would be called? Does leaving the park void the boarding pass?

  25. Just so I’m understanding, you can’t try and get a boarding group until ALL members of your group have scanned their magic bands and entered the gate? No way to get it while waiting at the turn stile the 2-3 hours prior? Just don’t want to miss out. Must just be the fastest fingered person on the app that gets the passes!

  26. If I want to get to the park 2-3 hours before opening and I’m staying at a Disney resort, how do I get to Hollywood Studios? Are buses or skyliner running that early? If I get a Lyft / Minnie Van, what time does the parking lot open so they can drop me off? Thank you for any information on this!

  27. So the only way to hopefully ride two times in one day is to grab an early boarding group and then hope to have a breakdown while on ride, in order to have a paper FP and a multiexperience FP to be used both on Rise, right? :-)

  28. Thanks for the info. U mention more than once that all riders have to be there to obtain boarding pass. If it’s all done on phone how will they know who is there and who isn’t. I don’t understand why I couldn’t go early, and get boarding passes for entire family. Please advise.

    • Yes, but you won’t know what time your ride is called until the notification pops up and you have 2 hours to use it from that point.

  29. Sorry, I’m a newbie… can you actually enter Hollywood Studios 2 hours before official opening time then? Are there shops/food areas open before park opening or do you just have to join a large queue for a couple of hours so you can use the app as soon as you’re zapped in? Thanks

  30. I rode yesterday Monday, park opening was 8am, I was at the gate 8:10am, I was in Boarding group 101, I was admitted to the ride around 7pm. They opened the park by 7:15am I was told, before 9am, there was no more boarding groups.

      • I am just wondering when the EMH start in the Park. For instance, if EMH is 8-9 and part opens at 9, are they going to extend EMH from 7-9. We are staying on site and going to HS this Sunday so really want to get that BP.

      • Kenny, do you mean (far worse experience in the park) that everyone has tapped in and are just hanging around waiting for their boarding group, so everything else is super busy? And that during EMH, there are way more people than just boarding group grabbers?

      • I’ll be updating this post later. Now, they let people enter the park 30 minutes early and don’t start giving out boarding passes until the park actually opens

  31. Has there been a big issue with people stopping at the gate to grab their boarding passes. Do you think this will last through February.

  32. Do u think middle of February during the week will be ok chance to ride this going a hr early before opening? we only have one day…. one park ticket! I’m so scared!

  33. We are going Jan 2nd, do you think the boarding group and all that will still be there then? Will we Jan 2nd still need to arrive 2 hours prior to park opening? Thanks!

  34. Thanks for the information. Quick question- do all members of your party have to be present and inside the park to add them to the boarding group or can they sleep in and come later?

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