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Tervis Introduces Baby Yoda Tumblers!

Tervis Introduces Baby Yoda Tumblers!
Photo: tervis.com

Baby Yoda tumblers have landed just in time for Christmas! What an awesome present these would make for all his adoring fans! (hint, hint)

Since the very first Mandalorian episode on Disney+, Baby Yoda viewers, including myself, have become obsessed with him. Now, you can sip your favorite beverage wherever you go, and stare into that treasured little face!!

Tervis is offering four Baby Yoda designs in a variety of sizes and styles. You can purchase each design in either stainless steel (20 or 30 ounces) or BPA free plastic (16 or 24 ounces).

Mandalorian – The Child

The first design, Tervis is calling “Mandalorian – The Child.” You can see Baby Yoda looking into the distance with his charming expression that made us all fall in love! Pictured on the left is the stainless 20 ounce mug, and 16 ounce plastic tumbler is on the right.


Mandalorian – The Child Stare

Why must they torture us using “The Child” when we all know him as Baby Yoda?? I must admit, I’m part of the cult following of this guy! (I only thought I loved Baby Groot ’til I met Baby Yoda!) Pictured below is the stainless 20 ounce mug, and the 24 ounce plastic tumbler.


Mandalorian – The Child Protect Attack Snack

Have you watched Baby Yoda eat yet? You really have to experience this to get the next cup. Who else do we “Ooh” and “Ahh” at when they eat?? Pictured below is the stainless 20 ounce mug, and 16 ounce plastic tumbler.


See below for an example of the 30 ounce stainless steel tumbler. The bottom of the mug starts thin, then graduates to a wider tumbler. All four designs are offered in the larger size.


Mandalorian – The Child In Carrier

Featuring Baby Yoda in brighter colors in his famous floating carrier with the words “THE CHILD” on graphics. Pictured below is the stainless 20 ounce mug, and 16 ounce plastic tumbler.



The plastic tumblers feature various colored lids that snap in place and have the small sliding piece to sip. The stainless steel tumblers feature a hammer lid. In case you’re wondering what in the world a hammer lid is, please see the picture below for a closeup. Instead of a traditional sliding lid, a hammer lid opens by lifting and resting on the other side of the lid.


How Do I Order?

The Baby Yoda tumblers, along with Disney Villain and other Disney designs can be purchased at tervis.com. They regularly run promotions so check their website! I ordered mine yesterday, and although Baby Yoda tumblers weren’t part of their promotion, delivery stated it would arrive before Christmas!

Are you obsessed with Baby Yoda like me?? If so, what is your favorite design of the bunch? I’m torn but love both of the more realistic tumblers. Please share your thoughts and Baby Yoda love on the KtP Facebook Page. You can also share this information by clicking the large blue Facebook button below.



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