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Big Price Increase for Disney Genie at Disney World

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Guests visiting Disney World this morning are shocked at the big price increase for Disney Genie+. Would you pay this price to skip the attraction lines?

Variable Pricing

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Last fall we saw an incredible list of recent price increases, and one of the most unwelcome was when Genie+ moved from fixed to variable prices each day. Since its launch in 2021, Disney World’s Genie+ cost $15, and Disneyland’s version cost $20 per person (plus any applicable tax). However, guests have since seen pricing anywhere from $15-$22 at Disney World and $25 at Disneyland with this new pricing.

With date-based theme park ticket pricing and Disney’s announcement that Guests could no longer purchase Genie+ in advance, variable pricing came as little surprise. Disney saw a way to increase revenue during peak crowd levels on this service and capitalized on it.

When crowd levels increase for holidays and school breaks, the need for Disney Genie+ increases to skip attraction lines. Now, the price for Disney Genie+ also increases on these dates.

Increased Pricing

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This morning, guests purchasing Disney Genie+ were shocked that the price jumped to $29 for the day. This is the highest price point for the Disney Genie+ service and one that we have seen during recent holidays. This is likely due to large Spring Break crowds.

Have you wondered if the new Disney Genie+ option is worth the price at Walt Disney World? Check out this review of a day in the Magic Kingdom using Disney Genie+ and also a review of using Disney Genie+ for families HERE.

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The price increase does not stop there, there is also variable pricing for Individual Lightning Lane attractions. Rise of the Resistance is currently priced at $25 for the day and is still available for purchase after 9:00 am.

If you think you may want to purchase Disney Genie+ during a holiday or with increased crowds be prepared to purchase this early (you can purchase at midnight the morning of your visit) and be prepared for high prices.

It is important to note that it is now possible for Disney Genie+ to sell out. We saw this happen for the first time during President’s Day weekend. If you think you may want to purchase Disney Genie+ during a holiday or with increased crowds be prepared to purchase this early (you can purchase at midnight the morning of your visit) and be prepared for high prices.

What do you think of this variable pricing? Would this change your travel plans to avoid holidays at Walt Disney World? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


  1. Walt Disney wanted a place where families could vacation together. As kind of a man as he was I am pretty sure he would not want to keep out families that couldn’t afford to go, and with the prices these days for just regular tickets that is many. It’s a shame. We use to save Disney dollars to go there about once every 4 years to help with the expenses. Now we can’t go at all. It’s also unfair to make quicker lines which mostly benefit only wealthier families. I don’t think Mr. Disney would like how his dream turned out.

  2. Disney has since the beginning been a place families save for and vacation maybe every few years because it’s never been cheap understandably it’s a big place to run but the now price are past ridiculous and unaffordable so families with two children or more will slowly opt for a more affordable vacation.i spent $2000 for 5 days at disneyworld food,parks and transportation included but it’s just me so how can families afford this.?

  3. I feel what Walt built they are destroying for the children. They hare taking all of the joy and fun out of what used to be a fun, happy planned family vacation. Pricing is the worst but also selling alcohol in the parks can cause a lot of harm. All of the new policies will eventually come back and bite them in the tush, which will be well deserved for destroying Mr. Walt’s dream. VERY SAD

  4. How much longer will people take and stand up against these price hikes I see adults wear t-shirts that says this guy is broke now with mickey mouse thumbs pointing at themselves and etc. etc. It may seem funny at first sight but come one at what point will the people stand up against disneyland and say enough is enough.

  5. Remember when everyone was so excited about Iger coming back, thinking that the CEO actually controls anything. The CEO is just a face for people to associate with. The decisions are made by others who are the same people that were making decisions when Chapek was CEO. Disney set on this path long ago and has no intention on changing.

  6. Sorry but no ride in Disney is worth paying over and above the admission price. Nobody should be buying Genie+ or LL, we need to show Disney we have the purchasing power

  7. You keep raising prices and you will suffer the consequences enough of this useless crap. Biden is destroying America with his ridiculous spending on Ukraine and raising prices on EVERYTHING for Americans not to survive. He must be a communist wanna be! Disney can survive on their long time fan base without these costly price increases and WOKE crap. Keep this up and you will loose everything

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