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New change for Disney World Resort refillable mugs

New change for Disney World Resort refillable mugs
Credit: Monica

Do you love Disney World’s refillable mugs? They do make a great souvenir! You will want to note this new change for your upcoming trip.

Refillable mugs

Credit: Monica

The resort refillable mug is a thermally insulated mug made of either plastic or metal that is equipped with an RFID chip.  This “RapidFill” technology allows the mugs to be activated and used at any RapidFill station at any Disney resort for the length of your stay.  You can find the beverage islands at the resort’s quick serve dining location and swimming pool area.

It is important to note that the resort refillable mug cannot be used in theme park restaurants, Disney Springs, and water parks. Additionally, any hotel that is not Disney-owned (such as Swan & Dolphin and Shades of Green) is also off limits.

Credit: Monica

The refillable mugs have been the source of quite a bit of debate between Disney fans over the years.  To a non-Disney fan, I’m sure this might be hard to comprehend.  However, one of the most common questions asked and debated on our site centers around whether the refillable mugs are worth it. 

You can read more about if they are worth it HERE.

New change

Credit: Monica

Just like (what feels like literally) everything else right now, Disney has increased the cost of these mugs. The last price increase took place in 2019 and cost $19.99.

Now, that price has increased to $21.99! That’s $2 more for soda, coffee, and tea you consume while at Disney along with the actual mug. These mugs are great for taking back home as a souvenir. However, with no dining plan they are no longer “complimentary.” Could you justify spending $21.99 per mug during your stay? For a family of four to have their mug to use on vacation, that is now $87.96.

Refillable mugs are now $21.99 – a $2 markup from $19.99.

We are unsure of when exactly this change took place. We do know that these mugs were still $19.99 this past summer (2022), but with all the price increases that hit Disney World today this appears to have been a recent update.

Do you love to use Disney’s refillable mugs? Will you continue to pay for them? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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  1. That is not being smart, it’s being a scam artist… why not just buy one large coke at McDonald’s and just keep bringing it back over and over whenever you’d like too?!

  2. There are a couple restaurants that still use chipless, self serve stations, Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios being one of them. So yes, you CAN use it at some parks, if you know where to look.

  3. It is very much worth the increase. Although you can’t get sift drinks there are bottle filling stations that you can refill it with water. Plus I use one DAILY for my commute and at work. Saves me money at home too!

  4. $22 for a mug for the duration of your stay. We will be staying 13 days 12 nights.
    If we refill the mugs each, twice a day with a projected cost of $2 a drink (easily) then we are coming out ahead. Generally we refill 3 times a day or even in a night. In the past it’s been part of our meal plan. Even without the plan this year’s it’s still worth it to have them on the resort. Saves you from buying bottles and cans elsewhere for consumption at dinner or while you are relaxing.

  5. I enjoy buying a soda in the regular disposable cup, then refilling it for days. We used to buy the mugs when they were $10.00. At their current price, keep em on the shelf.

  6. It is worth it for my husband and I because we like our Diet Coke. So as much as we drink it pays it self off in a couple of days.

  7. It’s something I can easily live without….go down the street to Walmart or Publix and see how much soda you could get for $21.99!

  8. To me it seems as if Disney is slowly raising prices on everything. I’m going to skip Disney, and my family is going to Hawaii. I wanted to go to Disney World for my 60th birthday but I’ve decided to go to Hawaii instead.

  9. Tea, coffee, iced tea , and hot chocolate don’t have the chip and since I don’t really drink much soda, I just refill on iced tea from my mug purchased on an earlier trip. March and August had the same design and I just refilled from that one mug.

  10. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and iced tea are available not just soda. You can use it at any resort, so if you visit a resort to eat or shop, you can use it there. Half a dozen refills pays for it, easy to do even in short stays.

  11. I prefer SeaWorld’s cup. You get refills day of and can bring it back for discounted refills all season. Plus, it’s cheap enough to simply recycle when you’re done with it, no obligation to have it filling up a cabinet for years to come.

  12. I think they can be reactivated within a year. The issue comes when the chip is unusable after a year. This was the case a few years ago and they may have changed the policy since the new CEO took over…

  13. No way. Not worth it. Unless you stay mostly at the resort, and not at the theme parks (not most cases) you will not use the mug much.
    At the end of the week you will say to yourself “why did I buy this plastic clutter junk?”

  14. I don’t mind buying the cup, but every time you go? I can’t stand buying it every time we go to Disney (which is several times a year.) I just wish Disney would allow you to reuse your refill cup buy paying 1/2 price for recycling/reusing your cup when you come back.

  15. These are much cheaper at Universal, SeaWorld etc. You even get a discount if you buy multiple cups. Once again, Disney is ripping off guests.

  16. I think the cup is worth $10-$12 that our family brings home and keeps using. Factor in that and your looking at another $10 for refills for a 5 day min stay…my family will sit in food court and eat, that’s 2-3 refills a meal and the adults get coffee; kids get powerade in morning then we refill at night before food court closes. The iced fountain drink is our preference over bottled drinks…stays cold longer. That is why it works for our family.

  17. At $4 a drink the mug pays for itself in 6 drinks. My family stays atva Disney resort for 6 or 7 days. We always do a resort break day and I easily refill 6 times that day. Plus I refill every morning of our stay and whenever we get back from a park. The refillable mug is a good deal for my family and I even at $22.

  18. Totally worth it for us. I just wish they had seltzer available at more of the refill stations. It’s hit or miss which is surprising to me since so many people like to choose seltzer instead of soda.

  19. They are free refills during the duration of your stay. The $21.99 is not that expensive if you take in the cost of buying a water bottle or drink everytime you are thirsty while you are resort hopping or relaxing at the hotel/by the pool. This has been going on for months and it is not something new. Since probably before 2022.

  20. I think they are worth it. Last time we were there we bought one and for the amount of times we refilled it was worth it. Also you can take to parks and get water.

  21. I’m not sure they are worth it anymore. For some resorts it’s a long walk to refill. Not to mention we have so many cups as a family over the years, too bad Disney won’t allow you to bring back mugs to reuse for a future trip and maybe charge you half as much to fill on your next visit. Last time, it seemed like the ice tea choices were always out or sodas needed to be changed. We get bottles of water and drinks to keep in our room much more convenient and affordable at this point. Disney needs to make it less obvious that their number one goal is money. Not guest happiness, not the environment, but 100 percent profit. Disappointing. After going at least once every year since 1999, it’s sad to see the magic of Disney be lost to greed.

  22. We just stayed 9/27-10/2 and they were still $19.99. I think if you have heavy soda drinkers in your family, they can be worth it for those folks *only.* I say this because the price of a single “regular” size soft drink was $3.99 while we were there. At $4/diet coke, it doesn’t take long for the mugs to pay for themselves.

  23. Before the pandemic you use to be able to bring your old mug and they would just charge you to re-activate your mug by updating the chip. Do you know if they ever bought that feature back? The last time I was there they couldn’t do it and reactivated it for free. Just curious.

  24. In my opinion, if you are staying multiple days and plan on purchasing at least 5 beverages while there, it’s worth it. Do I love price increases? Definitely not. But for $21.99 and drinks starting at $3.99 each without refills, you break even after or so drinks depending on what you get. Even with the limitations, there are still many locations to fill up and get your money’s worth. Plus it saves on waste and is a little more sturdy than the paper cups with the paper straws and no lids.

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