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Disney Genie Drops to a Low Price Now That Holiday Crowds are Gone

Disney Genie Drops to a Low Price Now That Holiday Crowds are Gone
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Genie dropped today! How low will it go?


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Whether you are an occasional Disney traveler or a diehard Disney Parks fan, you have probably heard by now that the paid Genie+ service has replaced the popular FREE FastPass+ system.

This is paid service that allows Guests to reserve a Lightning Lane for many attractions around the parks. For a full guide to purchasing Genie+ head over here.

Variable Pricing

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This fall we saw an incredible list of recent price increases, and one of the most unwelcome was when Genie+ moved from fixed to variable price each day. Since its launch in 2021, Disney World’s Genie+ cost $15, and Disneyland’s version cost $20 per person (plus any applicable tax). However, guests have since seen pricing anywhere from $15-$22 at Disney World and $25 at Disneyland with this new pricing.

With date-based theme park ticket pricing and Disney’s announcement that Guests could no longer purchase Genie+ in advance, variable pricing came as little surprise. Disney saw a way to increase revenue during peak crowd levels on this service and capitalized on it.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we saw Disney Genie+ prices rise to a whopping $29. After the crowds thinned out, the price for Disney Genie+ decreased as well.

Prices are Dropping

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While prices soared once again during Disney’s peak season for the days leading up to and following Christmas, we are now seeing a drop. This drop occurred despite the fact that Disney is pretty crowded for runDisney Marathon weekend.

Today, Genie+ pricing is $17 per person. This is the lowest it has been since December 16 and very close to the original price of $15.

Genie+ dropped to $17 today.

Credit: Disney

Even at $17, it is still a hefty expense, especially for larger parties. However, it is nice to see it decline despite it being a relatively busy weekend.

It is likely we will see another spike for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr Weekend. The big question is whether there will ever come a point when Genie drops below that $15 price point.

Would you buy Genie+ at $17? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook. Also, be sure to spread the work about variable pricing to your friends and family who have trips planned and are new to Genie+.

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  1. The Disney experience is becoming to complex and stressful. We do not want to be on their phone at 7am (For some of us that are not adjusted to the time change is 4, 5 or 6am) trying to make reservations. We don’t want to have to remember to make reservations during the next available time. We want the vacation to be as stress free as possible. Disney needs to learn from Universal. I book at Premium Universal Resort and have unlimited access to express pass for all rides in the parks except 2. It’s makes things so much less stressful to not have to remember to book rides the entire day. Disney’s expense for this system must be high as well. They need to eliminate their not efficient, expensive system and offer perks for staying on property. I am planning a trip to Disney and staying off property for the first time in over 12 years because there aren’t enough conveniences to stay on property. I will stay at a hotel resort that feels like a Deluxe resort with value pricing. I will get to the parks quicker than the buses using Uber with the money I save on the hotel. However, for Universal (if my budget allows), I will plan to stay onsite. I feel like a VIP the entire day at Universal. I almost skipped Disney this time to go back to Universal just for the stress free experience.

  2. others are making many of the remarks that come to my mind regarding Genie+. We have used it some days and not others. I guess I knew sooner or later Disney would start charging for “Fastpass”… but I never dreamed they would create a program as complicated and NOT user friendly as Genie+. With Genie+ Disney has managed to BURST the bubble that was Disney for me and many others. One of the reasons I fell in love with Disney was “the bubble”. I could make my plans ahead of time, all inclusive… transportation from airport to resort, LUGGAGE HANDLING, (which was a big thing for me but it hasn’t gotten much attention in remarks), fastpasses chosed ahead of time, and we could pick the times in planning, dining reservations made (with or without the dining program). I could come, enter the bubble and leave the real world behind. Not now, Genie+ can only be done day of… getting up at 7 am to make sure I have it, not getting any choice of times, and having to stay on our phones during the day. Transportation and luggage handling are gone, left for us to piece together. It’s the bubble I miss. The ability to leave the real world behind for a few days.

  3. We have not and will never purchase Genie+. We are older now, and Genie+ simply does not fit the way we visit the parks (which is only for a few hours later in the day). We have cut our annual spending by thousands of dollars. Disney is no longer as enjoyable. We now spend the bulk of our theme park budget at Universal and SeaWorld.

  4. I definitely miss fast passes. We knew what we were getting and what times we needed to be in certain places.

    I feel for people who aren’t really good planners because with the implementation of Genie +, and the park reservation system, you have to plan EVERYTHING in order to go to the parks. I understand they are tying to make the park accessible and enjoyable for everyone but what they have going on right now is definitely not enjoyable for anyone ☹️

  5. DVC member here, just got back from a few days at the parks and my wife and I decided we are selling our points. The new Disney is not the same. Everything is much more expensive and it’s ridiculously crowded. Well done Disney you took huge fans and totally turned them off.

  6. We purchased Genie+ when we were there in October. Didn’t realize that you could only use it for a specific ride once. There are rides I cannot go on for medical reasons so I wish I could repeat some of the rides I can do. One day we parkhopped and wasn’t able to use Genie+ in the park we hopped to so it was a waste of $80 for our party of 4. They need to go back to the old Fast Pass system.

  7. Disney needs to do away with Genie+ altogether. It’s ridiculous to spend what we have to for park passes and then be expected to pay extra. With the fast passes, a guest could decide what time of day he/she wanted to ride. Now it’s left up to Genie+…which requires getting up at 7 am to start planning and doesn’t work reliably. This isn’t my idea of a vacation. As passholders and dvc members we took several trips to WDW each yr from out of state. Sometimes we’d choose to stay at our resort until late afternoon and then enjoy the parks with advanced dining reservations and our 3 fast passes. That made for a really nice and relaxing vacation.

    Still hoping Iger changes some of this stuff, but starting to lose hope at this point. Disney has just made vacationing not only ridiculously expensive, but a chore. It’s not my idea of a fun vacation anymore unless something drastically changes.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, JW. I agree that I preferred being able to select attraction times prior to arrival and make the rest of my plans around them. I would also prefer to be able to ride attractions more than once if there is availability. My children like to do their favorite rides over and over and don’t necessarily care about experiencing half of what is available on Genie+.

  8. We are having the same issue! We are DVC and even though our resort is taken care of, park tickets are so expensive, Genie+ (which I hate) , and the need to use Lightening Lanes as the park is so crowded, esp. if you have young children who have to spend their day waiting in lines (and expensive with 5 of us at a minimum of $15 per day + the LL). I am getting to the point that I am not excited or happy to go to Disney which I thought would never happen! Really miss the Fast Pass system! Not to mention the free and easy Disney Express is gone! I loved that as so easy.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Marcy. It makes me so sad when DVC owners start feeling less love for their home away from home. The loss of all the benefits has got to be very disappointing for owners.

  9. Thats totally ridiculous! As a family of 5, I just priced tickets and we can only go 4 days for the same price we went for 10 days in 2020. Unbelievable! We started going in 2010 and the prices are exponenitally higher with less perks. This will be our last trip for a long time. We will start exploring other theme parks .

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