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Videos: Guest apparently drunk at Disney, stumbling around the park as security escorts her out

Videos: Guest apparently drunk at Disney, stumbling around the park as security escorts her out
Credit: Disney

The disturbing videos showcase the dangers of (apparent) drinking at Disney theme parks.

Caught on Video

Credit: KtP

With social media as prevalent in our society as ever, we are seeing more and more videos from within the parks. Whether that be families documenting their vacations or “influencers” in the park, viewers at home are able to see the daily happenings of Disney World in real time.

Some of that can be very good. I (Monica) love seeing my friends and family go to Disney and share about their trips! Following along with our KtP Stream Team every week helps me when I’m having the Disney blues. But, these videos can also be bad. More and more interactions with Guests and Cast Members are recorded in the parks.

Credit: KtP

You may remember the Guest who screamed at a Cast Member for moving her stroller. Or, you may recall the fight that broke out on the ferry last Labor Day. Most recently, two Guests got into a screaming match at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Now, this latest set of videos capture a Guest who is apparently (ie: looks to be) very drunk.

Epcot Incident

Credit: Susan

*Warning: the following stories and videos may be triggering and may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Several users took to TikTok over the weekend to share a Guest who appeared to be very drunk at Epcot. Epcot is known for “drinking around the world” which is where Guests drink alcohol from every country in the World Showcase. While that may have not been the case here, it does seem that some form of heavy drinking was involved.

Credit: Susan

In this first video, captured in the UK Pavilion, a woman is seen stumbling around while other people in her travel party hold her up. Disney Security Cast Members and members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department are also on scene as Guests pass by. You can hear someone say, “Just arrest her” which leads us to believe this may be a public intoxication incident.

We then hear (who we assume is) the woman exclaiming, “I’ve done nothing wrong!” as the Guests and Security members make their way through the pavilion. In the final moments of the video (not caught on camera), the Guest finds a wheelchair and is pushed out by another member of her party.


The Saga Continues

Credit: Monica

Another video also circulating on social media takes place towards the entrance of the park. The guest is still in the wheelchair and surrounded by Security Guards and Law Enforcement. The apparent drunkenness continues as she gives explicit hand gestures to those around her as she exits the park.

At one point, the Guest falls out of the wheelchair, and the person she is with tries to help her walk out of Epcot. We are unsure what took place after they exited the park.


This lady had all these cops plus more waiting outside the park 👀 I’m still trying to figure out why it escalated to this?! Anyone who was there and knows, please elaborate. I’m genuinely curious. #fypシ #epcot #viral #cops #drunkatepcot #foodandwinefestival2022

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Please let this serve as a cautionary tale. If this Guest was indeed drunk, there will almost definitely be legal consequences due to her behavior. We do not want to assume this to be the case, but if this is what occurred, please be careful of the amount of alcohol you consume at Disney theme parks.

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What do you think of this situation? Do you think the Guest was drunk? What do you think of Disney serving alcohol in its theme parks? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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