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Video: Argument between Disney World Guest and Cast Member in the middle of Magic Kingdom

Video: Argument between Disney World Guest and Cast Member in the middle of Magic Kingdom
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It seems to be a more common occurrence: arguments and fights at Disney World. An argument broke out between a Disney World Guest and Cast Member in the middle of Magic Kingdom. See the video below.

Is the magic fading?

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

It seems like fights and arguments occurring at Disney World seem to be more common than in the past. Maybe it’s the increase of social media in our technological world or emotions at an all time during a pandemic. While we certainly don’t like reporting it, it does shed a light on the state of the theme parks and the daily happenings.

We have shared some recent incidents occurring in the last couple weeks. One physical fight broke out in the middle of Toy Story Land around New Year, and just last week a fight took place at Peter Pan’s Flight.

It definitely feel like all these arguments and fights are causing the magic to fade a bit at The Most Magical Place on Earth. No one likes to witness these incidents, especially when you are traveling with children.


Credit: KtP

Located in the heart of Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland transports Guests to a world of make believe with rides like it’s a small world and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s a place to feel like a kid again and step into your favorite scenes.

Unfortunately, a video surfaced yesterday of a women berating a male Cast Member in the middle of the land. By the looks of the video, it appears that the woman was upset about a stroller. It looks like maybe she was recording the exchange with the Cast Member on her phone.

Credit: Monica

While we can’t say for sure if the stroller was the issue, oftentimes Cast Members will move strollers around to a nearby spot if Guest safety or park efficiency becomes an issue.

Thankfully, it looks like the Cast Member was professional and kept his cool during the ordeal. Unfortunately, it took place right next to Prince Charming Regal Carrousel which is right in the middle of Fantasyland. You can see many other Guests stop for a minute to witness the exchange.

Check out the video from TikTok user @maddieisraddie:

Please be kind to others. Disney has certain rules in place for your safety, and Cast Members are only trying to do their job.

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  1. Yeah. That’s what’s causing the obnoxious behavior in these maniacs. Because it has become a ‘take no responsibility’ society. Hmm, where could that possibly have come from?

  2. I would not give Disney world or Disney land one thin dime of my money when I was a kid it was family oriented and friendly and had wholesome moral values now it is a political correct liberal corporation only looking for the holy dollar and how to make as much as they can I use to live in the Orlando area for 10 years the only time I went their was if friends or family what we’re visiting wanted to go to the park I went once before that when I was 7 or 10 years old never really had a draw or reason to go since then

  3. My husband and I had a disney timeshare from1995 to 2016,WE had a magical time each and every years,great memories. The older we became the crowds were getting more difficult for to handle,the longs were getting longer and longer.there more and more strollers ,with children running wild.mother and strollers cutting in line,thinking they could get away with it. I never had a rude person from a cast member anywhere or park guest.But a strange thing started to happen,As much as we loved Disney , started to notice the MAGIC WE LOVED SO MUCH WAS FADEING,IS THIS BECAUSE WE ARE OLDER OR IS IT IS THE CHANGES I HAVE MENTION.IT ASLO WAS GETTING TOOO EXPENSIVE. WE SOLD OUR TIMESHARE AND SAID GOODBYE TO MICKEY,THIS JUST BROKE MY HEART ❤

  4. They need to be able to tell you where they moved the stroller to it can be an issue when it’s moved and they’re not able to tell you where it’s been moved to and you spend forever looking for it. If the persons gone on break tell the relief where the strollers were moved to. I don’t know the behavior or see the video but having signs or people to let you know where to look would be helpful in my opinion

  5. So tired of the way paying guests are treating working Cast Members. She was obviously looking to start a ruckus with her phone in his face. So rude! Cast Members always go above and beyond for kind people and continually get yelled at by mean people. If you can’t be nice, stay home so that the rest of us can enjoy our vacation

  6. There is never enough stroller parking in the area around the carousel. No excuse for the rude behavior. This happened to us also. Took a cast member 45 minutes to find our stroller which was closer to the castle way back around the side of a building out of sight. They need to post an overflow sign for parking in that area or provide so guest a warning their stroller may be moved.

  7. The fact that she has her phone ..she is hoping and looking for a fight so she can have a tiktok to share ad get her two seconds of fame…it has NOTHING to do with what she is experiencing and all to with her egotistical pampered tailhole self.

  8. If Disney has the list the magic for people who have been “cooped up” to the point they can show their buts whenever they feel like it, let those “poor souls” stay away from Disney PLEASE.

  9. Please stop using Covid as an excuse for bad behavior. He moved her stroller. She acted like a maniac. Probably not her first time screaming at someone doing their job. I hope everyone she knows sees this and she is mortified, but she’ll probably be proud of herself.

  10. If overpriced Disney world is the “excuse” for the bad behavior then maybe they should choose not to go and be miserable and rude. No one is being forced to travel to overpriced vacation destinations. Stay home and go to the local fair if Disney prices make people that upset.

  11. No free passes here for bad behavior. Everyone has experienced the bad that the virus has brought on. If your not in a state that allows you to act like a civilized person to everyone in the parks then by all means stay out until you are. Everyone gets upset but that is no excuse to project your feelings on to someone else. Nothing and I mean nothing gives anyone the right. I surely will never make excuses for anyone that causes a park goer or cast member to have a terrible day. We need to stop making excuses for these people. They need to accept the consequences of their actions.

  12. She was wrong.Why do so many people think the world revolves them? It stated with the “Me” movement years ago…me..what do I get out of this and who cares about anyone else…me, me me….not covid, not mask, just spoiled people.

  13. This is what happens when you “flatten the curve” for over two years by isolating people to the point that we lose human connect and decency, not to mention masking. If you look into the psychological effects of masking, people become less empathetic towards each other. Let’s also not forget the super high expectations that come along with Disney’s crazy high prices. There are consequences for everything.

  14. People have been cooped up and Disney has taken away so much magic to re-coop lost money. I think when your having to pay more for less, these things are going to keep happening. You can’t say it’s social media it’s been around before covid and you didn’t see all this happening before.

  15. I agree that “bad behavior” seen by adults everywhere, Disney included, is from the repercussions of Covid. People have been stuck in their home for WAY too long & have lost the ability for human decency. It’s definitely not just here. I could post quite a few disturbing examples, but I won’t because this is about a Disney meltdown over a stupid stroller being moved, which for most of us, we know this is expected! I hate how none of the other non cast members even, stand up for this man, who should get an award in customer service!! There needs to be consequences for these people. Nothing happened to her or her family, except her stroller was moved. Disney moves everything to keep the rest of the patrons safe & things moving to fit new ppl arriving at an attraction. The days of human decency are long gone. No door holding, for wheelchairs, strollers, the elderly, standing up on a bus so a woman & child or pregnant Mama can sit down. If everyone can’t act in a civil manner, their ticket should be revoked and to never return!! Also, the decreased amt. of cast members is a situation we have all over. No one wants to work!

  16. I hope she’s banned for life. It must be her first trip if she didn’t know they will move your stroller if it’s in the way or to make room for more strollers.

  17. If these types of incidents are happening more often Disney World needs to increase the size of their security force. Looking at the size of the crowds they surely can afford it. Do not overdue it but make people aware they are there (make their presence known or even have security boxes set up throughout the parks) to ensure everyone enjoys their Disney experience. If a cast member is getting abused by a patron or any other major issues they call in security immediately. The cast members should never have to stand there and be subjected to this. In this particular case help the lady find her stroller and roll her straight out of the park-ban her. Since it looks like she had so much of a problem finding a stroller when there were maybe 50 at the most in a small area she surely would have been out in the parking lot for hours trying to figure out where she parked her car amongst all the 1000’s of cars. Her having her phone out just looks like she was trying to get a reaction from the cast member which shows the type of person she is. I would like to see a video of her wandering around looking for her car.

  18. I parked a stroller in a no parking zone once on our first trip, first day, early in the day. I didn’t know there were specific areas. Was super excited about the ride, caught up in it all. Absolutely oblivious. Anyways. Came out the other side and the stroller was gone. I totally panicked. Found the nearest cast member. They explained what I did wrong. Helped me find my kids stroller and from then on out everything was good. This lady is def in the wrong. But I can also get that oh crap feeling when you can’t find your stroller and it was something important to your kid in it. Ours had a lovey in it.

  19. She was out of line. The castmember did nothing wrong. Too bad something didn’t ban her. They need more cast member to help each other out. This women was wrong to act like that. She is setting a bad example for her children . She probably screams at them too.

  20. I would like to know why no one stopped and told her to knock it off?? I would have in a heartbeat! I feel so bad for cast members!! Also, why did other cast members not intervene if they saw her rude display?

  21. We are a party of ten. We get in line together but there is always another group at the entrance to the line that pushes their way into the line and separates our party. It’s frustrating. Either we step back to our party or our party moves up to be with us.

  22. Totally uncalled for. This is my take. Anyone acting this way ban them from the parks permanently-regardless of the situation if you cannot act like a civilized person. I had a stroller on a recent trip it was crowded and cast members moved it all the time to make room for others. No big deal I found it within a couple of minutes (put a flag or something on it to help you find it easier). Disney World step up and ban alcohol. If the prices are too high to go to the parks do not go-why ruin it for everyone else. The line cutting seems to be an issue-ban the cutters and anyone that gets into a fight with them. Do you really want to ruin your vacation getting into a fight with a line cutter? Overall scheme of things it is only going to add a couple of minutes on your wait. Discretely video the cutter and report them. Disney World step up-cameras are cheap to install. Once a report is made identify them-ban.

  23. We were in WDW the first week of the new year. We were also there December 2020 and June 2021. January 2022 was incredibly more crowded than our previous 2 trips – obviously.
    There was a noticeable lack of cast members during this last trip. The ratio of park guests to cast members was very skewed.
    There is absolutely no excuse for recent behavior of guests at Disney Parks. I think it’s part change in the national collective consciousness due to the pandemic, for some reason some people feel they are owed things. What has happened to common decency? Patience? Behaving like a human?
    All that being said, Disney management need to realize a few things… more cast members are desperately needed, and need to be trained in de-escalation tactics, and perhaps alcohol consumption in the parks is also contributing factor to adults’ bad behavior.

  24. She looks like a lot of fun to be around
    Relax lady you’re in magic kingdom.
    Imagine if this is what it takes to yell at people doing their jobs. She should be embarrassed of herself and apologize.

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