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A Disney World shop will close forever and be replaced with something less exciting

A Disney World shop will close forever and be replaced with something less exciting
Credit: Disney

The parks are constantly revolving and that includes the addition and closure of various attractions and experiences. Now, one shop will close forever. However, its replacement is not nearly as exciting.


Credit: Disney

It’s not uncommon for Disney to close attractions and other experiences. It’s part of the evolution of the Disney experience. Could you imagine if the parks looked exactly the same as they did when they first opened?

Over at Animal Kingdom, we have seen the recent demolition of Primeval Whirl. The Dinoland attraction sat abandoned for a couple years before Disney finally tore it all down. It’s now stroller parking.

Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Viva Gaia Street Band
Credit: KtP

Hopefully we will see something great take its place. In the meantime, there’s another closure. It sure feels like the Animal Kingdom experiences are dwindling, but they are not. The Viva Gaia Street band has recently returned.

Out of the Wild

Credit: KtP writer Donna

Now, another location in Animal Kingdom will close forever. Out of the Wild is located at Rafiki’s Planet Watch and sells merchandise and various beverages and snacks.

In order to reach the location you must take the Wildlife Express train. This makes a fun experience to enjoy during your day at Animal Kingdom. However, it is rather secluded from the rest of the park. Perhaps decreased attendance is forcing Disney to focus on efforts elsewhere in the park.

It will close later this month, but we do not have a specific date. You will be able to find the merchandise at other locations in the park.


Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, we will not see another shop take its place. Instead Guest seating and vending machines will be put there for Guests looking for a break at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

While this isn’t exciting for most, perhaps it is for those who like to take frequent breaks in the parks. There are several places (and attractions!) to find a bench for a little rest.

Have you ever stopped at Out of the Wild to do some shopping? What do you think of the closures taking place around the parks? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. One last note to comments I already made below, since the comments show newer comments before what you’re replying to… I don’t see Disney going ANYWHERE for a long, long, long, long time. Newer theming is strategic & they know the adults have mostly seen all their creativity in the parks already in many if not most cases. Idk if a few rides will ever change totally into something else, such as the very specific flying ship Peter Pan ride (I mean they updated the lighting techniques in it & park-wide to make use of new “mapping” technology that new LED & other types of more recently adapted (LEDs aren’t new, nor are some others – but how & where we use them IS very much different lately than years ago.) This is how Tinker Bell appears to sprinkle her magical dust & how the Magic Kingdom can be lit to look like anything these days. But it’s hard to imagine an iconic ride so specific to a particular movie being reused for something else. That said, their Imagineers have done it before (think Tower of Terror, just a memory now of what it was originally & now returned to an Avengers theme & even changed in how it goes up & down for this reason – they needed to get rid of the fear factor for a more adventurous feel.) So will it change? YES! Will it go away anytime in the imaginable future? Come on. We middle-aged ppl & the Baby Boomers grew up on old Disney classics. But now they have to make way for movies like Frozen & the age-group that grew up to that, as opposed to Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs or Dumbo. It’s called progress, even if it feels unfortunate to lose some of our history. The Imagineers aren’t stupid. If you doubt me, watch the Behind the Attraction show on Disney+, or the Imagineering story on there. These guys keep up.

  2. Sorry so many error-correct monstrosities. Can’t seem to edit so I’m just stuck with them. I will say there is no Y restraint – that shoulda been a T. And the Arrow rails attach on the OUTER part, not the “putter” part. Also, steel coasters were new(ish) at the time of Space Mountain in Orlando – I didn’t mean they are now, obviously. And my phone also decided to change “crested & went off the chain” to “created & went…” I think the rest is intelligible enough for government purposes.

  3. I dont see a problem if the merch will be sold elsewhere as you said. Disney is in the process I think to see what updates they need to do before new things come in. We all know Disney will not sit around while the new Universal park is worked on. Super Mario World is said to be a possible first section and fir my generation that would be a huge deal! Disney has something up their sleeves in response to it. We shall see in the next few years if Disney will keep up.

  4. Been a huge Disney fan for years and over the last couple years I find myself telling friends and family the it used to be different stories. So many cut backs from food choices being reduced on menus, snack options changing, to closures. I find it sad my grandchildren will never get to see the real magic Disney used to have before corporate greed and making an extra dollar took over.

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