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Fight Breaks Out At A Fan Favorite Attraction

Fight Breaks Out At A Fan Favorite Attraction
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Fight outbreaks at Disney Theme Parks have become a more reoccurring issue as of recently. Read on to find out what exactly happened and in line for what popular attraction.

Altercations at Disney Parks

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Before the beginning of the pandemic it was actually quite rare for news to be reported of a fight occurring at a Disney Park. Unfortunately, within the last two years it seems to be a more pronounced occurrence.

For example, back in September 2021, there was a fight on the ferry boat and quite recently, a fight in November at Epcot, and yet another one on New Years Eve.

So what is exactly happening that is causing these altercations between guests at the Most Magical Place on Earth?

Complete Guide to Boat Transportation at Disney World
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People could argue that higher crowd levels can lead to higher frustrations among guests. It could also be the heat, wait times, being hangry, and temporary breakdown technological issues.

It could also be due to issues of line jumpers, inconsiderate guests and even complaints from guests that overall the crowds of guests have become ruder after the pandemic began.

However, do these examples give a right to a person to begin an altercation with another guest?

What Exactly Happened?

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This time the altercation occurred while standing in line for the popular classic attraction Peter Pan’s Flight located inside Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This particular fight was between multiple parties while waiting in line for Peter Pan’s Flight.

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Many guests visiting the Magic Kingdom noted that they watched the fight break out. It was reported that an actual fist fight actually took place between multiple parties while waiting in line.

It is quite unfortunate that so many of these altercations are reoccurring on a more consistent basis. Many of us turn to our “happy place” to avoid the real world and moments like this certainly take away from the magic.

What are your thoughts regarding the reoccurring fights that are occurring on Disney Park properties? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.


  1. Hopefully, Disney sees your rude and racist comments and bans you. Maybe next time keep your thoughts about “the hood” & “these people” to yourself.

  2. Northerners aren’t rude southerners are there rude and snooty. I lived in Staten island NY Maryland and now Southwest Florida my nicest neighbors were in NY second nicest Maryland. Most going to Disney are Florida residents!

  3. My family and i spent new year’s eve at Disneyland and here was my assumption for this visit in comparison to yearly visits over the last 14 yearsi like mobile ordering, it is quick and for the most part efficient, for i dont like the genie and the new app makes me jump around to find the map and wait times, there were several rides that keep getting closed during the days i was there, and i could tell that a lot of the cast members are ne. So i think that the fact that disney lost experienced people it makes it that doesnt who work there now dont know how to maintain the rides, and customers facing employees dont have the true love for the job, and in top of that i think that covid and masks have made us all a bit more on edge, i dont have a problem with masks but i know it causes issues for multiple reason. Anyhow hopefully with time covid will go away and disney will get/develop a new wave of employee who can bring the magic

  4. Disney is getting toO big for the their britches the last time I was at Disney was when I was a Junior in Highschool, and it was so much better back then, unfortunately I haven’t been back in a long time and want to go back, however I have a feeling GREED is going to be Disney world, and Disneyland’s downfall.

  5. I agree that all the planning is exhausting. I am a person who plans and even I think that the new Disney is too much planning and takes away from the fun magical experience. I love going to Disney to escape the hectic reality of my everyday life but now it’s like the happiness is gone. The magic has faded as I have to stress about the reservations and being stuck in my device all day long. I no longer get to go and decompress or enjoy being in the moment. Disney needs to realize why they have so many fans in the first place.

  6. Bullshit, there is NO excuse for people fist fighting because they had to wait in line. The simple fact that you make excuses for this garbage behavior is part of the problem with society as a whole. Period.

  7. Tempers have risen during the pandemic. More people have anxiety these days. Depression also. These can lead to frustration, bitterness, anger and rage. People are living on the edge with so much negative emotions flying around. It’s easier for people to lose their cool.

  8. Disney stopped line jumping in the main queue when they reopened by having a cast member at the entry point of the attraction. Each group was asked if they had their entire party and had to step aside until they were all there. No one seemed to be cutting in front once in the controlled area. So it can be done. But the lightning lanes are the worst idea WDW ever started. It looks like no limits are set per hour and hundreds of people pay to cut the lines. Disney has to reason to set reasonable numbers of paid for passes into the lightning lanes when they are making money that way

  9. Hmmm, it’s almost as if locking people up, ruining entire families and businesses, destroying the economy and any rational way to plan for the future, and constant bombardment by the media and government about how you are evil somehow make people stressed and angry?

  10. Easy explanation is that the experience isn’t what it used to be. All of the additional costs, additional genie, genie plus, pandemic protocols add stress and agitation. Families spend a week and thousands and thousands of dollars for their one magical experience maybe their first Vaca in years and then see others cut in line and skip the line (genie) and you and your kids miss out. While I can easily afford genie I will never pay to allow my kids to skip. The inequality is highlighted and thrown in the face of ppl that can’t afford it, and seeing it all day eventually tempers boil over

  11. The root of evil is money and Disneyland has a lot of it. They don’t care about you or your family only about the money your family brings in.

  12. Chapek has no idea on how to make more money, no vision. All he knows how to is raise prices and cut services. I am not a local but was in WDW, staying on property for about 30 days in 2021. The park experience is terrible. Genie plus…yea get up at 7 in the morning to sart it. I don’t get up that early for work. The park levels are up. People waiting in line for 6 hours for a pop corn bucket. I was there on 10/1 in MK I had a cast member day “we didn’t realize it would be this many people. BS… with the park reservation system you basically knew EXACTLY how many pll were there. Hopefully epic universe will light a fire. Curious…how many e ticket attractions will be started under the Chapek-D’amaro reign…my guess is 0. (Everything being built now- Guardians, Tron was stated under iger

  13. We we’re Disney passholders for 20 years and switched to Universal recently. Disney is all about the $$ and doesn’t care about the experience anymore. Very sad.

  14. This is very sad! I went to Disney once as a 16 year old and man did it take me back to the magical child like mind! I remember it as being one of the most magical memories of my childhood.. no fights… i was even so excited at one of the attractions i missed the line completely somehow and cut in front of so many people.. everyone laughed and was not upset they simply pointed out the line i apologized and went to the back of the line. That’s how it should be! I just got excited and made a mistake and gracefully stepped back when I was told I made that mistake. I was thinking of taking my kids for the first time to Disney this year but after all the bad reports I guess we’ll have to keep waiting! Get it together Disney please I really want my kids to have the magical experience that I remember having at Disney!

  15. Disney needs to go back to the way it was about the kids .an them having a great experience. Not about all this greed for money . Mr. Disney must be turning in his grave.

  16. Disney needs to get rid of all the technology needed to do anything! As a guest, I don’t want to have to constantly be on my phone checking this and that, I don’t want to be looking down and stressing about getting on a ride, I want to be looking UP at what’s surrounding me. We want to DISCONNECT while on vacation not be a slave to our devices!

  17. Realmente. Esse negócio de ficar pulando a fila está ficando chato mesmo. De 2019 pra cá comecei a perceber essa mudança na fila. Diversas pessoas pulando a fila. O que essas pessoas fazem na maioria das vezes , parte do grupo entra na fila enquanto que um vai no banheiro, vai comprar comida, vai fazer outras coisas e depois ele entra correndo na fila, passa por todo mundo, “excuse me”, “excuse me”, “excuse me”, e vai cortando toda a fila até chegar no seu grupo. E você que está lá parado a uma hora, 2 horas cansado, com fome, vontade.de.ir no banheiro fica com raiva mesmo ao ver essas pessoas que passam furando a fila. E isso está acontecendo em todos os parques. Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens. E o mais revoltante é que as vezes acontece na frente dos funcionários do parque e eles não fazem nada. Vê a pessoa furando fila e não fala nada. Revoltante!!!!!!
    Deveria ser proibido furar fila, pois todas as atrações tem o tempo de espera marcado na entrada. Antes de entrar na fila se você não está sozinho e sim em grupo, o grupo tem que decidir antes todo mundo vai? Alguém quer ir no banheiro antes? Alguém quer comer antes? E depois entrar na fila todos juntos. Esse negócio de cortar fila deve ser revisto e os parques devem tomar alguma atitude sobre isso, proibir de vez ou penalizar o visitante de alguma forma. Penalizar no sentido de, por exemplo, se ele pular a fila, terá que sair e voltar lá para o final da fila…sei lá. Só sei que esse negócio tá ficando muito chato mesmo e é um dos motivos para começar as brigas no parque.

  18. I agree with you totally, Mo. We, also, we annual pass holders. Not anymore. And not for the forseeable future. I’m not paying for petty fights, people jumping off rides, having to cater to people with wretched children who have , rude people with strollers and crowds. If I go to Orlando anytime soon, it’ll be to Universal. As expensive as things are, I wish they would raise the prices with no payment plan. Maybe that would weed it out a little.

  19. The line cutting and stealing is awful. Using baby strollers as battering rams and forcing their way in line. Unless this is addressed, it may be the beginning of the end for the parks.

  20. Alligiant air
    Frontier and all the other 50$ or less carriers are making it a very viable option to go to fla and
    Be Disney on a budget
    Even 3 years ago you had to choose your flight from the $300 21 day notice and 2lay over choices and take 6 to 8 hrs to reach the destination
    Now you can hop on a flight with a few days notice for 50$ and be in Disney that afternoon!!

    They have targeted Boston, New York , philly , and most far north city’s for the bargin option!!
    That action has added 100 fold to the rude northerner traffic that find it acceptable to run down a child with a scooter or stand in front of a 5 year old as common practice where they come from lol!!

    I think you’ll find the wholesome family experience very hard to find the the hoods of northern city’s
    So why be surprised when your forced to share a line with people who look the other way when strangers are beaten or killed!!
    Look around you you didn’t see this kind of people ten years ago when Disney has pride in their name instead of profit only!! what parent wants to bring their child to see magic and see a drunk fight a park Guest without any reprisal from the park or it’s employed!!!

    Look at philly and New York infected with crime and murder and you’ll see the future of Disney
    Like everyone else here it breaks the heart to see a beautiful experience you have enjoyed and planned to pass down to your families destroyed as you watch

    A sad end to one of the few simple true magicial experiences left to share with your loved ones.

    In the end it’s up to Disney to stop this decline by banning rude park goers and enforce strict rules of behavior before it’s destroyed forever..

  21. People were given permission to behave their worst. As a society, we glorify lying, stealing, and bad behavior. If people don’t behave at home, why would you expect them to behave at Disney.

  22. Unless they were just complete jerks to begin with, so many people are stressed to the max right now. Maybe our culture has become crass and has lost its respect for others, but I’d like to think it’s just all the stress we as a nation have been under ever since the pandemic hit the US. Shortages of just about everything, wondering if you need a mask or not, vaccinated or unvaccinated, wondering if you can even see the vet if your dog gets sick, if you have to go to the hospital will it be on diversion, and on and on and on the stress and changes keep coming. Just when we all wanted normal, America’s Happiest vacation place decides to change just about everything. I still stress just wondering if I have to use the restroom and the nearest place to stop is a Taco Bell or Mc Donald’s, is it actually going to be open? Right now, I don’t think people are shaking it off very well. I did enjoy a concert with thousands of fans and I admit, my friend treated me to tickets and I paid quite a bit of money for VIP everything to have fast parking, better restrooms and private concessions. It was a once in a lifetime event. And with Disney raising prices on everything and making it more stressful it will only be enjoyable if vacationers spend double what they did pre-covid which means I don’t plan on going anytime soon.

  23. Honestly, my husband and I have been to Disney around 22 times since we married and went on our honeymoon 32 years ago.
    It was so magical and affordable back then.
    Disney has degraded so much especially in the last 5 to 7 years but the change since the pandemic and people feeling entitled to just be rude and feel and act anyway they feel, plus the cost increases, the benefits decreasing, being tied to a device all day, having to plan each minute of everyday out including which park to visit before your even travel and the constant ride breakdowns, the 2 and 3 hour wait in lines has made my husband and I decided we will not be returning until the magic returns including benefits, no more ride fast passes at all unless they work like the old paper tickets did…you had to physically go to the ride while at the park to get the fast pass and then return and you could only get 3 per day…fast passes increase the time in the regular queues massively because only a few from the main queue gets loaded most are from fast passes.
    At is so sad. Walt is rolling in this grave at the mess his dream has turned into.

  24. We had a wonderful time in Disney last July in spite of all that had changed. Unlike any other time we have been to Disneyworld I found many people to be very rude and looking for an altercation with cast members and other people in line. Life has changed people, and some not for the better. Most all the cast members were wonderful, but some also lacked the ‘magic’ we have experienced for the past 40 years. I am in the process of planing another vacation and know it will be more expensive than ever. I hope Disney can find it in their heart to bring back some of the things they have taken away while increasing the prices. It is disheartening to plan a trip, have to fight to set up dinner reservations and reserve parks, and to get there and not have the ability to get on rides without having to pay an additional fee. It is not fun to get up early to try to get a spot in one of the queues. It used to be simpler – you planned and with fast pass in place, you had the comfort of knowing you would at least get on those rides. When we went, rooms weren’t cleaned because of Covid and the staff at the Beach Club was significantly smaller. I miss the dining plan, I loved that I could prepay for out large party, it was just much less confusing. Disney needs to dig down deep in their pockets and restore some of the things they have taken away that just worked.

    All that said, for those people who are miserable while in the most magical place on earth, we will do our best to avoid you and hope your life, as well as your attitude gets better.

  25. Disney no longer cares about the park experience, it has deteriorated to a level I have never seen before. Their only concern is the almighty dollar, it continues at an unabated level tickets, parking, souvenirs you name it, just this week the prices went up on over 100 food items. I am shocked that these park goers are continuing to support this GREED in Disney until the act with their pocketbooks nothing will change as has been made perfectly clear by what they are choosing to do at the parks, people stay away from Disney, they do not care at all about the quality of your experience, but you continue to feed the beast. What they are doing to the public is nothing short of legal robbery on behalf of their shareholders. Park customers mean nothing anymore, Disney people smart in up with your pocketbooks!!!

  26. We are annual pass holders and we were at AK waiting for the light show on tree of life when a “Karen” steps in front of my daughter. When I ask her to please move her response was to huff and say “are you kidding me” and proceeded to stand in front of her while the other woman in her party moved to the side.. I just don’t understand why all the rudeness..if you r that unhappy with your life..change it!!! Don’t come to a magical place and be a complete prick!!

  27. We visit Disney parks quite often, I see a lot of line jumping and cast members don’t have any kind of protocol to follow. But confronting a guest is a sketchy situation at this day and age, lines are long, entry isn’t exactly cheap, Regardless of all that I see a lot of alcohol consumption, I don’t drink anymore but I know that if you add alcohol to a frustrating situation it might get out of hand which it has at many occasions at the parks, We appreciate all the hard work and time the cast members put in to making everyone’s visit MAGICAL. I think Disney needs to set some strict guidelines for cast and GUESTS to follow for the different instances and maybe it will come to an end. All and all we have a great time at Disney, Kudos to cast members, and Disney for trying to make it the most magical place on earth.

  28. Please don’t try to blame alcohol for this @Phil. Peter Pan = Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom = no alcohol. People are becoming more rude and entitled and there are less cast members around to keep an eye out/provide support. We are annual passholders and over time the Disney experience has really devolved. I overheard someone pushing a stroller tell her daughter to “run them over if you have to!” Not very magical at all.

  29. I basically agree. We were there the Friday before Thanksgiving and 2 of my 6 grandchildren visited for the first time and I was so disappointed for them. They were 3 and 5 and the crowds were terrible as well as the time in lines! They left the day before Thanksgiving and that day on was a bit better. For those of you who say what do you expect for a holiday, we often go the week before Thanksgiving and it usually gets a bit more crowded each day starting on Tuesday but we usually leave the day before Thanksgiving and it was never like this. With no more fast passes (I don’t like Genie or the cost of it and managing it on my phone all the time as well as having to order quick service this way) Seems like you were never disconnected from your phone, and I hate it! Doing away with Magical Express will be more difficult and expensive for trips as well as every time I turn around Disney is raising prices. No more park trips for me for some time! My Happy Place was not Happy! But, our family did enjoy all of us being together and all the cousins reconnected and took care of each other which was wonderful!

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