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Guest Fight Breaks Out on Ferry Boat at Disney World

Guest Fight Breaks Out on Ferry Boat at Disney World
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Labor Day weekend is in full swing, and boy do we have the stories to prove it. A Guest fight broke out on one of the ferry boats at Disney World.

Labor Day Weekend

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One of the busiest weekends of the entire year is Labor Day Weekend. It’s a great time for families to come and take a quick break since most schools are not in session on Monday.

Unfortunately, with those crowds come the stories. Last night we broke the news that a man with a hatchet forced the Tom Sawyer Island attraction to evacuate. We do have exclusive confirmation about what exactly happened, which you can read about HERE.

If that was not enough, another incident occurred a few hours later – also in the Magic Kingdom area.

Guest Fight

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A fight broke out between multiple Guests on one of the ferry boats leaving Magic Kingdom on Saturday, September 4. In a video that was posted on social media, it looks like there were about 6 people engaging in a fist-fight while a small child is right in the middle of the scene.

The video started in the middle of the fight and ended when the fight moved out of range, so we are unsure what caused the fight or who started the argument.

Credit: KtP Writer

A Guest fight broke out on the ferry boat over Labor Day Weekend.

Other Guests can be seen on the boat but trying to avoid the situation. It is unclear how many people were fighting and how many were trying to break up the incident.

Two Incidents in One Day


The Tom Sawyer Island situation and ferry boat fight both occurred in the Magic Kingdom area on the same day (Saturday, September 4).

Hopefully the rest of the busy holiday weekend is more quiet. We certainly do not condone all of the behavior we report on, but we do make our readers aware of any news that comes out of the theme parks and resorts.

Did you witness the fight on the Disney World ferry boat? Please let us know what you saw in the comments below or on Facebook so we can update our story.

(Note: we did not include the video from social media due to the fact that a child was involved and the face was clearly visible. Thank you for understanding.)

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