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Everything You NEED to Know about FuelRods at Disney

Everything You NEED to Know about FuelRods at Disney

Save yourself from a dead cell phone battery by reading this article!

Disney Technology

Credit: Susan

Now more than ever, guests rely on cell phones at Disney parks. Cell phones are used for so many important features. From taking that perfect castle picture to mobile ordering food to grabbing a virtual queue or your next lightning lane attraction, phones are a necessity! The My Disney Experience app is a hub for all of the information you need to have a successful day at the parks, and you can’t access it without your phone!

The compounding issue is that several of these features take a LOT of phone battery power. When your phone runs out of power, it makes the overall experience at Disney very difficult! There are not many places around where you can simply plug in a phone charger and sit and charge your phone in the parks. Enter the need for mobile charging and enter an excellent solution: FuelRods!

What are FuelRods?

Credit: Jaelyn

FuelRods are portable device chargers that can be purchased both inside and outside of Disney parks. There are many different brands and types of portable device chargers that you can buy to take with you on a trip. The unique aspect of FuelRods, however, is that these devices can either be recharged on your own or swapped for a fresh FuelRod via a kiosk.

How does it work?

First, guests need to purchase a FuelRod kit. These are available at several different kiosk locations both inside and outside of Disney as well as online. Your FuelRod kit will come in a cylinder tube with the actual portable battery and all of the adapters and cables you need for Apple iOS and most Android devices.

The specific cables and adapters include:

  • One 3.5″ USB to micro-USB cable
  • One USB C Adapter
  • One 3.5″ Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Credit: Jaelyn

The device comes fully charged and is immediately ready to be used. Just find the appropriate adapter and plug it directly into your device! You can continue to use your device as it charges.

If you prefer to charge your own FuelRod, use the supplied cable and plug it into a USB wall port or charger. Or, if you are out and about and need a swap, head to a kiosk and exchange your used FuelRod for a newly charged alternate!

Cost and Kiosk Locations

Credit: KtP

If you plan to buy your FuelRod on site, one kit will cost you $30 at a Disney kiosk. If you plan ahead and order on Amazon, you can snag two kits for $34.99. This is almost half the cost of purchasing on site, so it definitely pays off to plan ahead!

Currently, all swaps at the Walt Disney World resort are free of charge! This is a HUGE perk and benefit for the use of FuelRods on your next trip! Available Kiosks on the Walt Disney World Resort property include:

Cosmic Ray's at Magic Kingdom Offers a Galactic Good Time
Credit: Monica

Magic Kingdom Locations:

  • Tomorrowland Light & Power Company
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Curtain Call Collectibles
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

EPCOT Locations:

Credit: Maggie
  • Disney Traders
  • International Gateway
  • Gateway Gifts
  • Test Track
  • The Land
  • Imagination
  • The Living Seas
  • Mission Space

Hollywood Studios Locations:

Credit: Maggie
  • Celebrity 5 & 10
  • PizzeRizzo
  • Rock Around the Shop
  • Toy Story Land
  • Tower of Terror

Animal Kingdom Locations:

  • Island Mercantile
  • The Dino Institute Shop

Disney Springs and Water Park Locations:

  • Disney Springs Welcome Center
  • Sundries
  • Disney Photopass Studio
  • Singapore Sal’s
  • Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach

Resort Locations:

Whispering Canyon Cafe New Food Review: Is It Still a Roaring Good Time?
Credit: KtP writer Susan
  • Lobby at Port Orleans Riverside
  • Lobby at Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Reel Fun Arcade at All Star Movies
  • Note’able Games Arcade at All Star Music
  • Game Point Arcade at All Star Sports
  • Near El Paso at Coronado Springs
  • Near Pepper Market at Coronado Springs
  • Near Phone Bank at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • South Foyer at the Grand Floridian
  • 4th Floor at the Contemporary Resort
  • Lobby at the Wilderness Lodge
  • BouTiki at the Polynesian
  • Dundy’s Sundries at the Boardwalk Inn and Villas

My Experience and Top Tips

Credit: Jaelyn

After waking up at 3 a.m., flying to Disney, heading directly into the parks, and spending the morning heavily using my phone for photos, mobile ordering, and Genie+, my cellphone was dead by mid-day in EPCOT. I did not have a portable charger on me and just had my normal corded charger. After not having much luck finding somewhere to plug in, a cast member suggested I purchase a FuelRod and pointed me to a nearby location.

It is important to note that the FuelRod kiosks are third party owned and operated, and thus Disney cast members cannot troubleshoot them. I went into Gateway Gifts to buy a FuelRod kit, but the kiosk gave me problems. The cast member did try to assist me, but we could not figure it out together. She was so sweet and directed me to another location to try.

I was able to get my FuelRod kit and immediately began using it to charge my phone. While charging, I still used my phone heavily. One FuelRod was able to take my iPhone 12 Pro Max up to about a 50% charge while still engaging in heavy use.

Credit: Jaelyn

Throughout the remainder of the trip, I swapped my FuelRod in the lobby of my resort, the Wilderness Lodge. Each day I made sure I had a fully charged FuelRod. Then, it was as simple as throwing it into my Loungefly, and I was good to go!

Overall, I think that FuelRods are the best option for parkgoers who are looking for a quick charge. While I wasn’t able to take my phone from completely dead to completely charged, it gave me sufficient battery power to continue doing all of the things I needed to do on my phone in the parks. I was also able to immediately swap for a new FuelRod whenever I needed one instead of having to worry about charging my power bank.

Do you use FuelRods in the park? What are your experiences? Comment below or on our Facebook page to continue the conversation!

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Thursday 15th of September 2022

Thank you!


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Yes, my experience has just been to put the battery in and get a new one without connecting!


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Just the battery portion!


Tuesday 13th of September 2022

Question-When you swap them out-Do you swap the cords or just swap out the "battery" portion?

Marc Benz

Tuesday 13th of September 2022

I bought 2 kits a couple of years ago when all swaps still were free. When they announced that they would charge a fee for swapping, I was able to join their legacy customer program, where unlimited swaps are still free anywhere.

I hadn't realized that all swaps were still free at WDW. That would have saved me some time, as at other machines where swaps usually aren't free, you need to scan the machine's QR code and the app connects with the machine, sharing your legacy customer status and only then can you put in the empty battery.

Since all swaps at WDW are still free, there probably isn't a need to connect to the machine first and just putting the empty battery in?

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