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Our best guess for the return date of Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom

Our best guess for the return date of Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

In case you have not heard yet, Happily Ever After will return to Magic Kingdom next year! Although a specific date was not given, here is our best guess for when we can watch it again.

Happily Ever After Returns

Credit: Disney

As the D23 Parks panel opened, Jordan Fisher sang a fantastic rendition of “Happily Ever After,” the beloved fireworks spectacular’s theme song. Then, Josh D’Amaro announced Happily Ever After is returning to Walt Disney World in 2023!

Following that announcement, Disney clarified we were not going to be seeing the return of Happily Ever After like we thought. The announcement stated the song “Happily Ever After” will return to Walt Disney World as part of an updated nighttime spectacular. It is set to debut in 2023.


Credit: Disney

Here is what we know about the return of Happily Ever After in 2023. A new, updated nighttime spectacular will debut in Magic Kingdom next year. It will feature the song we know and love, “Happily Ever After.”

So what does this mean exactly? Happily Ever After is returning, but not in the exact format we are familiar with. We will likely see changes to some of the scenes we know and love. New and updated scenes may replace them.

Disney released so many great films since Happily Ever After debuted in 2017. Maybe we will see new Coco and Encanto additions to our beloved nighttime spectacular!

Our best guess

Credit: KtP

With the 50th anniversary ending on March 31, 2023 it seems logical to have the new Happily Ever After debut on April 1, 2023. Enchantment is likely to be touted as 50th anniversary nighttime show, which we think means it will end when the 50th celebration officially ends.

There may be a week or two in between shows, but we believe Happily Ever After will debut in early April. With Tron’s official opening coming in the spring of 2023, Disney may try to align both of these new offerings around the same time. Does that mean we are looking at an early April opening of Tron?

What is your guess? Do you think Happily Ever After will debut in early April after the 50th anniversary? Will it align with the opening of Tron? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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