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Massive Te Fiti figure will be part of the new Moana attraction

Massive Te Fiti figure will be part of the new Moana attraction
Credit: Disney

She is huge! See what she looks like here.

Moana Attraction

Credit: KtP

When first announced, the “Journey of Water” was scheduled to welcome guests in October 2021 in time for the 50th Anniversary celebrations. That timeline was adjusted as this project is still well underway.

The original concept art featured a large flowing waterfall centerpiece with a heart of TeFiti-inspired design. Additional models show a walking trail that winds through greenery and other island-inspired forest areas.

See stunning details previously announced HERE and HERE.

Te Fiti

Credit: Disney

We now have a better look of the Te Fiti model that will be part of the attraction. The D23 Expo takes place in Anaheim this weekend, and all kinds of new projects are being announced.

Disney has a scaled model of the Te Fiti on display, and she is absolutely beautiful! While the model is small, the actual Te Fiti figure in the attraction will be 16 feet tall! That’s impressive!

Te Fiti will be 16 feet tall in the attraction at Epcot!

Her story in the movie is so interesting because she’s not really a villain. Instead, her heart was taken from her, and Moana gives it back to her. I love that Te Fiti will play a large part in the water-based attraction at Epcot.

Other D23 Announcements

Credit: Disney

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