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A Surprise Grand Opening at Disney World

A Surprise Grand Opening at Disney World
Credit: Disney

Something new quietly opened at Walt Disney World today! We have the details for you here.

Construction in Toy Story Land

Credit: Maggie

If you have been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios lately, you have probably noticed there are quite a few happenings in terms of construction. Guests will notice changes at Woody’s Lunch Box as the seating area gets an overhaul.

Additionally, you may have even heard about the new restaurant coming to Toy Story Land. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be adding a new Table Service restaurant to be called “Round Up Rodeo BBQ.” The restaurant is set to open this year!

Jessie’s Trading Post

Credit: Susan

You may have also noticed that if you visited Walt Disney World in recent memory, and you rode Toy Story Mania that things were a bit different. Guests were being rerouted a bit as they exited the ride.

This is because the gift shop that was at the exit of the ride is no more. Walt Disney World announced that a new shop called Jessie’s Trading post would be popping up soon in its place.

A Surprise Grand Opening

Credit: Disney

Today, July 22, 2022, some lucky guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios were lucky to stumble upon an unannounced surprise. Disney quietly opened Jessie’s Trading Post!

A small ribbon-cutting ceremony preceded the opening. Shortly after, guests began entering the new store at the exit of Toy Story Mania.

Jessie’s Trading Post in Toy Story Land is open for business!

Credit: Susan

Here, you will find all sorts of fun Toy Story merch. It is sure to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time to look around and enjoy the theming, which is similar in style to what you will find in the ride queue.

Were you one of the lucky few who got to visit Jessie’s Trading Post on opening day? Let us know in the comments. Or you can also join the conversation on Facebook.

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