Home Disney News Breaking News: Disney Boardwalk Demolition is now in Progress

Breaking News: Disney Boardwalk Demolition is now in Progress

Breaking News: Disney Boardwalk Demolition is now in Progress
Credit: Disney

Without warning, Disney is undergoing demolition once again. Check out the current status along Disney’s Boardwalk

Tower of Terror Billboard Removed

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

If you have ever taken the bus, Magical Express, or driven your own car you have likely seen the iconic Tower of Terror billboard. The promotional billboard has been around for decades and entices you to ride the popular attraction.

It sits on World Drive just outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Check out the full story HERE. The billboard is one of the few attraction promotions that can be found on the property. Yesterday, without warning, demolition crews were in place to take down this structure.

Overnight this iconic billboard was turned to mere rubble. Now, demolition crews are moving elsewhere on the Walt Disney World property.

Demolition on the Boardwalk

Described as a resort that evokes turn-of-the-century boardwalks in coastal cities such as Coney Island and Atlantic City, the BoardWalk Resort has a theme that sets it apart from the rest. This resort has fun carnival games, exciting entertainment, and unique dining.

Many of the stores and entertainment options remained closed for quite some time even after the parks reopened in 2020. One such location appears to be permanently erased from the landscape of Disney’s Boardwalk.

Credit: Maggie

Today, Scott Gustin shared on Twitter that more demolition is in progress at Disney’s Boardwalk. The ESPN Club opened in 1996 and permanently closed earlier this year.

Demolition began today on the ESPN Club along Disney’s Boardwalk.

This location will be replaced with The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. This is expected to open in 2023. We knew it was coming but were surprised to see work begin today.

What do you think of the demolition of the ESPN club? What do you think about this new bakery? Do you love visiting Disney’s Boardwalk? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. Wouldnt touch Disney with a ten foot pole. Never going there again until they put it back to what Walt wanted….a safe place for children to go have fun.

  2. We started at the All-Star movies and music, worked our way up to Caribbean Beach then pop century. Been going to the Otten Beach club now for 15 years wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes we missed the ESPN club however to be honest we found other things to do. I’m kind of embarrassed to say it but we just ate at Chef De France last month after all these decades. Being able to walk in to the back gate of Epcot is magical. I was just on the Disney wish with my wife, who works there. We got to eat at 1923 Roy Disney’s restaurant. I made the awkward mistake of asking what the relevance of 1923. What kind of Disney kid am I age 63.5 now. Lol stay magical!!!

  3. So sad they took out ESPN club. We loved it as a place to stop in between parks. I would love to find those Cincinnati Reds seat they had in there and all of the memorabilia.

  4. Used to love to stop in and eat and catch some games especially football. It was one of the best places to go to. Night time on the board walk was fun and always had a great time, it reminded me of the times when I used to go to the Jersey shore.

  5. Loved ESPN as it was the last one. Sorry to see it go. Should have done another restaurant not a bakery. Eateries are crowded enough, now you took away more seating.

  6. Espn was a last resort spot at which to eat…. however, watched several big games there over the years.. lots of good memories … sorry to see it go

  7. I think that Disney is having a giant temper tantrum after losing (Reedy Creek) It’s good that they were put in they’re place..

  8. Glad my Father is not here to see it. It was one place we always stopped in for a drink and to catch up on the latest scores. Always met interesting people while sitting at the bar and the food was pretty good too! Sad to see it go!

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