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Iconic Structure to be Removed from Disney World

Iconic Structure to be Removed from Disney World
Credit: Disney

This iconic structure at Disney World has been a staple for years.

Tower of Terror

Credit: Kenny the Pirate

One of my (Monica) favorite rides at Disney is Tower of Terror. I love the pre-show, the ominous vibe, and the exhilarating drop! Hollywood Studios feels like a park of headliners now, but I always make a point to drop in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Enter the rickety, elevator-style lift, strap yourself in and prepare to discover what lies beyond the darkest corner of your imagination. 

Shriek in terror as you’re suddenly propelled up and down the abandoned shaft—unexpectedly dropping and rising—as you hear the sound of cables snapping and metal clanging overhead. 


Credit: Susan

If you have ever taken the bus, Magical Express, or driven your own car you have likely seen the iconic Tower of Terror billboard. The promotional billboard has been around for decades and entices you to ride the popular attraction.

It sits on World Drive just outside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The billboard is one of the few attraction promotions that can be found on property. Here is what it looks like when it’s operational:

Tower of Terror and its billboard have been a staple for years. It has undergone many changes – including a park name change and attraction version changes.

However, it does not function properly and is often not “on.” When working, the ride vehicle on the billboard shakes around giving the illusion that it’s falling.


Credit: Susan

For many years, rumors have swirled that the billboard would be taken down due to the fact that it does not work properly. Surely maintenance and repairs on it cost a lot. While it may not be worth it to Disney, it is worth it to Guests who enjoy seeing it visit after visit.

The Tower of Terror billboard is finally coming down. No word on why it’s coming down, but landscaping will reportedly go in its place.

Also, it’s worth mentioning this does not mean Tower of Terror will undergo any changes. At this time, Disney has not announced any plans, and we do not anticipate that either.

How do you feel about the Tower of Terror billboard coming down? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.


  1. So iconic that I’ve never seen it in my 8 trips and never heard any Disneytuber mention it.. nice clickbait.

    Personally I think it looks tacky, like an advertisement you’d see for a tourist trap. Not to mention the Tower isn’t as much of a pull as it used to be, not with Galaxy’s Edge and Runaway Railway in the park now. Iconic, sure, but not a headliner.

  2. How long will it take Bob Paycheck to remove all since of wonder and magic instilled in the parks by Walt Disney. When people have had enough and profits evaporate, Mr Paycheck will sell the parks which will become known as Six Flags World. All the “Disney” will have been sucked out of the place.

  3. Disney is no longer magical….. Margaret is correct. Everything that made it magical is gone. it’s all about money and waiting forever in ridiculous lines. I’ve had enough. I will be taking all my houseguests to seaworld.

  4. This really makes me sad. Each time we drive by it I get excited anticipating the ride, I’ve loved it for years. Disney has raised prices on everything, you know they have the money to fix it. Just another example of Disney screwing over their fans and being greedy. May not be a big deal to some, but to others it really is

  5. Sad because bit by bit the Walt Disney World we know and loved is disappearing. The “magic” is being faded into the sunset.

  6. Ugh…this is a story? That thing hasn’t worked in forever and the attraction opened decades ago. It’s done it’s time. Chill.

  7. So sad!! Everything that made Disney magical is being removed or changed in some way. That iconic tower on World Driveway gave guests a thrill as they drove by, again, I’m so sad they are removing this “peak” into what’s to come on a child’s dream vacation!!

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