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Chapek Speaks out on Theme Park Passes Exceeding Expectations

Chapek Speaks out on Theme Park Passes Exceeding Expectations
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Since reopening in July 2020, Disney has used a Park Reservation System. Do you like this system or wish it would go away?

Park Pass Reservations

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Since the phased reopening of the theme parks, park reservations are required for all four theme parks. Although Disney makes more park passes available at times, it’s a good idea to secure them as soon as you book your vacation. This is especially important during busier times of the year. 

Not Going Away Soon

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Holidays and school breaks increase the number of Guests at the Disney Parks. Park reservations fill up quickly for these times. Previously, the Disney Reservation Calendar allowed booking through the end of 2023. This has recently been extended through January 2024.

Recently we shared that Park Capacity will not soon return to normal. Check out this announcement HERE.

Limiting Guests

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Many Guests complain that the Park Reservation system limits the spontaneity of a trip to the Disney Parks. We agree with this as well. Unfortunately, Guests will have a very limited number of dates to visit Walt Disney World during busier times.

Disney’s Take

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The ever positive Bob Chapek boasts that as Disney continues park passes, this system “exceeds expectations.” Is this for guests or for Disney’s increased revenue?

Not only that, but Christina McCarthy, Senior Executive Vice President AND Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company, shared that “we’re choosing to limit attendance using our reservation system” to balance demand and attendance.

She stated Disney will continue increasing attendance through capacity. Not only that, but she also mentioned character meet-and-greets and nighttime spectaculars returning at Disneyland.

We’re choosing to limit attendance using our reservation system to balance demand and attendance.

Christina McCarthy, Senior Executive Vice President AND Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company

Do you think Disney theme parks are actually limiting capacity using these reservations? Or is it more of a way to track guests?

What are your thoughts on Disney’s Park Reservations? Do you feel like it benefits guests or Disney more? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


  1. They are definitely not limiting capacity. If they are it’s maybe 5%. Probably using that term to lure people into thinking it’s not gonna be that crowded. I don’t mind the park reservation system but I live in NW Florida so we aren’t that spontaneous. Haven’t had an issue yet. Genie+. Eeds work and should be about 35 per day. Weeds out a few more people but isn’t huge.

  2. Short answer is we don’t like Park reservations and most other recent changes. There may be a place for it at high demand times like holidays, but not every day. Bad for Disney resort guests, AP holders, DVC. Good for Disney bottom line but not for guests. Don’t believe a word that this improves guest experience.

  3. If they are limiting park Capacity then why are the parks so full that people can’t even walk. It seems that people are shoulder to shoulder you cannot walk people with strollers can’t push their babies in the strollers people with the scooters can’t drive the scooters I
    really don’t think they’re limiting it, I think they’re letting it go as high as they want it to.

  4. Its a lie! They say this to panic people into buying tickets sooner. It is a trap to control and have people spend more money. If Chapek boasts the system “exceeds expectations” – you know its good for Disney and Bad for the people.

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