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Will Park Capacity ever Return to Normal?

Will Park Capacity ever Return to Normal?
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Park capacity has been limited since the reopening of the Disney Parks. Will park capacity ever return to normal? Check out what Disney’s CFO had to say about this.

Park Reservations

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Since the phased reopening of the theme parks, park reservations are required for all four theme parks. Although Disney makes more park passes available at times, it’s a good idea to secure them as soon as you book your vacation. This is especially important during busier times of the year. 

Holidays and school breaks increase the number of Guests at the Disney Parks. Park reservations fill up quickly for these times. Previously, the Disney Reservation Calendar allowed booking through the end of 2023. This has recently been extended through January 2024.

Guests have wondered when park capacity may return to normal. The answer to this question may surprise you.

Limited Park Capacity

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Along with the Park Reservations, the Disney Parks have been operating at a reduced capacity. Of course capacity has increased as social distancing guidelines were removed, but they are still operating at a reduced capacity.

Today Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy shared the plan for park capacity during a Morgan Stanley’s 2022 Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. We were elated when McCarthy shared that character meet and greets would be returning soon. Read her full statement HERE.

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The conversation shifted a bit when the subject of park capacity was questioned. McCarthy shared, The parks are not yet back to their ‘normal’ capacity.” This may be surprising to Guests visiting where wait times are on the rise. McCarthy shared that “normal” attendance levels would not be returning.

McCarthy shared that “normal” attendance levels would not be returning.

Thanks to the current park reservation system, crowds are monitored more easily. McCarthy shared, “Disney doses not want to have the parks bursting at the seams. Many question what operating capacity the parks are currently at.

What do you think of the parks not returning to “normal” capacity? Do you think the parks are still too busy? How would this affect your interest in visiting the Disney parks? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I was there last week and it was insane! The new genie plus is absolutely awful they need to bring fast pass back. $15 a day per person, you could only book one ride at a time, sign on at 7 AM get a 10 o’clock ride, and then at 10:05, you can’t get another ride until four or 5 o’clock if you’re lucky.

  2. Crowds are already ridiculous and if WDW isn’t planning to increase reservations then why are they enlarging the parking lot? It’s obvious prior to Covid on a few instances the park closed due to max. Guess they meant lack of parking spots

  3. I have been going to Disneyworld for yeas and have never seen it so crowded and waited so long in ride lines. I was there March 1 and the wait times were outrageous. If Magic Kingdom isn’t at capacity I would hate to see it at full capacity. The lightening lane for splash mountain was all the way out to the front of the ride…..if I paid for Genie I would want a full refund. It is to the point where everyone I spoke with that day said they wouldn’t make another trip back for a long long time. Food prices are ridiculous and the food leaves a lot to be desired. Also the ladies room at Columbia House was absolutely disgusting. Disney sure isn’t magical anymore. You keep raising prices and still not providing the full Disney experience. Disney will soon become a place for the wealthy families only…so sad. No Need For Price Increases…you will be losing so many people…certainly not the happiest place on earth right now and God knows we all need a magical day or two.

  4. Returned to normal? It depends what your definition of normal is. The parks are most definitely not operating at reduced capacity. January and February are typically some of the quietest months with the exception of marathon weekends, MLK weekend and President’s Day, yet lines on most attractions have exceeded 45 minutes consistently. We were there in January and have friends report on visits in February and this is most assuredly not normal. I honestly believe they’ve increased park capacity to convince guests to pay the ransom of using Genie+.

  5. Marcy I believe parks have reached their full capacity a long time ago. Its a con by Disney execs to make more money and to keep reservations forever. This way they can control the guests and force them to go to the parks where they want them to go. Look at the deluxe hotel 2 hour plus. It is only once a week for one park at a time. Control!!!

  6. I think its all BULL! Disney parks are at full capacity plus. Execs are using that as an excuse to control the guests. They are controlling guests in every aspect. First with park reservations. Then with ride reservations. Then with park hopping starting at 2 PM. Its all to make more money. Keep the people away from the rides and make them spend more money. Every long wait for a ride – means more snacks, drinks and shopping. I have gone to WDW for over 20 years. There were times back in the 90’s where the parks had reached capacity. They were never as packed as they are now. Wake up everyone – its a huge CON!

  7. If parks are not at full capacity I hope they never are! Crowds are insane along with the lines for rides and even quick service even when using mobile order. You need to live on your phone. Capacity must be at 95%. Why do they keep building and selling more hotels and keep bringing more and more people in? There isn’t the room to enjoy the parks.especially for those who are there for short periods of time. They don’t get on many rides due to the lines and it is really hard on young children. I’m all for reducing capacity even more!

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