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11 Attractions now have Extreme Wait Times at Walt Disney World

11 Attractions now have Extreme Wait Times at Walt Disney World
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The crowds have descended upon Walt Disney World and the wait times are pretty intense. Would you be willing to endure these long wait times for your favorite attractions?

Parks at Full Capacity

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Since the phased reopening of the theme parks, park reservations are required for all four theme parks. Last week we shared that the Walt Disney World Theme Parks would be at full capacity.

This past weekend and today, February 19-21, ALL Parks are unavailable for making new Park Reservations. This applies to ticket holders and Annual Passholders as well. This was a very busy weekend and today is even busier. On Friday, February 18th, we shared the rising wait times.

Unfortunately, these wait times continue to rise across the parks.

Current Wait Times

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Many have wondered what Walt Disney World would look like at full capacity since the wait times are pretty terrifying. But how long is too long to wait for an attraction?

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom are having a less than magical experience with extremely high wait times. Both Individual Lighting Lane attractions, Space Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, have over 100 minute wait times. Splash Mountain is close behind with a wait time of 95 minutes.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios has high wait times as well. There is no surprise that Rise of the Resistance has a high wait time. Currently the wait for Rise of the Resistance is at 120 minutes. What is surprising is the wait times throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

At this time 4 additional attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have wait times over 100 minutes. These include: Slinky Dog at 150 minutes, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at 110 minutes, Toy Story Mania at 120 minutes, and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at 130 minutes.

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Over at EPCOT, Frozen Ever After is temporarily unavailable. At other popular attractions the wait times are quite high with Test Track at 120 minutes and get ready for this…Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a 210 minute wait.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is also quite popular today. With Expedition Everest still closed for a refurbishment, this has increased wait times for other attractions. Flight of Passage is currently at a 150 minute wait. While Na’vi River Journey is at 105 minutes.

If you were counting, that is a total of 11 attractions that currently have 100 minutes or longer wait times at Walt Disney World. This is something consider if you plan to visit Walt Disney World during a holiday weekend.

If you were counting, that is a total of 11 attractions that currently have 100 minutes or longer wait times at Walt Disney World.

What do you think of the current wait times? Would you be willing to wait 100 minutes or longer for these attractions? What is the longest that you have ever waited in line for an attraction? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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  1. We were just there and will be twice within the next 11 months. Our Annual Pass expires at the beginning of February 2023. We’re DVC members. We place to skip the next use year and see how things are going there with wait times and availbility of annual passes. I doubt we’d purchase muli-day tickets. It might be time to try a stay at Alani or rent out our points.

  2. Disney world is clearly exceeding park capacity limits. Are there any published crowd capacity limits??? There is something very wrong with how Disney is managing park crowd capacity.

  3. My wife and I went in Sept. 2019 over Labor Day weekend and the following week. Same weekend that Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened and also the same weekend that hurricane Dorian threatened the Florida coast. We planned and saved for about 18 months. Research showed that September was the best time to go since school was just starting and family vacations were wrapped up. We were worried that the Star Wars opening would slam the parks, but thankfully Dorian’s threat kept park attendance at a respectable number to the point that we waited maybe 20 minutes at-most in a queue line ONE time during our entire week, otherwise, we were able to get on just about everything we wanted to with little-to-no wait times for most things. I wouldn’t trade our experience for anything. It was my first time at WDW and my wife’s third. At the time, I considered my experience to be authentic, magical and unforgettable. And while I still consider it magical and unforgettable, perhaps it wasn’t so much authentic but maybe more of an anomaly – especially by standards as of late. I feel bad for current park visitors. There’s a lot to see and a lot to do – even for the 8 days that we were there with the parks wide open. With a lot to see and do, that translates into a lot to miss out on as well with the parks as jam-packed as they are. It’s sad that people are paying that much money for an “experience” rooted more in what they missed out on than what they actually experienced.

  4. Agree with Robin…
    Disney has become a “pay to play” game that is stressful and tiring waking up every day before 7 am to get your rides is ridiculous and Disney calls it a “vacation” NOT!!!

  5. No longer getting the value for what you pay. Not planni g on going back till they address the crowding. Long liines for every little thing at ridiculous prices with fees upon fees and fewer attractions is not a vacation.

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