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See Pirates of the Caribbean like never before

See Pirates of the Caribbean like never before
Credit: Disney

Ride malfunctions happen from time to time. During a recent ride evacuation, Guests were able to see Pirates of the Caribbean like never before. Do you dare to see behind the scenes of this iconic ride?

Ride Evacuations

Haunted Mansion Walking Out With Lights On
Credit: KtP writer Susan

Imagine that you are right in the middle of your favorite attraction and the ride comes to an unexpected stop. In many instances the ride will soon resume and you will be able to experience the ride with a small delay. However other times small delays turn into unexpected voyages into the behind the scenes areas of the Disney Parks.

We have seen the Haunted Mansion with the lights on and been evacuated from Rise of the Resistance. Over the summer, Guests aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean were a bit surprised when a boat became misaligned on the track. Check out their unexpected voyage HERE.

Pirates of the Caribbean like never before

Credit: Susan

Have you ever wondered what Pirates of the Caribbean looks like with the lights on? Guests visiting Disneyland Paris on March 6th experienced this attraction like never before. Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris is very similar to the attraction in Disneyland. This attraction is quite a bit longer and has a longer queue before dropping into the pirate world.

The Disneyland Paris version is also a bit more scary in my (Donna) opinion, but for the most part the attraction is similar to the versions that Guests experience at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Credit: Donna

On March 6th, an unexpected ride delay turned into a ride evacuation and @SmileyBlueBXL shared his journey of the Pirates of the Caribbean with the lights on. In this first video, we hear “Your attention please, for technical reasons our adventure has been temporarily interrupted. We hope to be back in operation very soon. Please remain seated.”

On March 6th, Guests aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris were able to walk off this attraction with the lights on. This unexpected journey allows us to see this attraction like never before.

Once the lights were turned on, Guests could see inside the jail cell with the pirates trying to take the keys to their cell from our favorite furry pup. You can even see the many lights, fans, and projectors used to bring the pirate ship to life. Check a few of these pictures:

As the Guests were evacuated, they went through the large electrical room that provides the power behind all of the great magic mystery of this attraction.

This was truly an unexpected journey for these Guests. Of course, not many Disney Guests can say they have experienced Pirates of the Caribbean with this same viewpoint.

What do you think of this ride malfunction? Have you been on an attraction that had to be evacuated? Share you thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

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