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Guests aboard Pirates of the Caribbean Experience an Unexpected Adventure

Guests aboard Pirates of the Caribbean Experience an Unexpected Adventure
Credit: Disney

Tonight, guests aboard Pirates of the Caribbean received a different experience than expected. Find out all of the details from this unexpected voyage.

Attraction Malfunctions

Since the reopening of Walt Disney World, the four Theme Parks have had a HUGE amount of attraction closures and evacuations. Magic Kingdom recently had a less than magical start on on June 4.

Many of the major attractions were temporarily unavailable. This included Big Thunder Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Hatter Tea Party, and Splash Mountain.

These attractions slowly began to welcome Guests, but Guests had to revamp their touring plans accordingly. In Magic Kingdom, we have even seen evacuations and ride delays aboard the TTC PeopleMover.

Recently Splash Mountain experienced a temporary closure due to a “signal 25.” This code does not exactly create the same mass hysteria as the “2319” code in Monsters’s Inc, but it does indicate that fire alarms have been triggered.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Tonight as Guests were preparing to enjoy a swashbuckling voyage on the Pirates of the Caribbean, they instead experienced an unexpected voyage. A Guest, @samsdisneydiary, shared his experience aboard Pirates of the Caribbean.

Apparently a boat became misaligned on the track which led to the boat being evacuated. Maintenance crews came in to help set the boat back on track correctly.

This no doubt affected the experience for all of the Guests in this boat and all of those setting sail behind this unfortunate sea vessel. Pirates of the Caribbean was temporarily unavailable while maintenance was at work. This attraction has since reopened with about a 40 minute delay.

A boat became misaligned on the track of Pirates of the Caribbean. This created a 40 minute delay as maintenance was at work.

We have a fondness for Pirates of the Caribbean and we are glad that Guests at the Magic Kingdom can enjoy this attraction once again.

What do you think of this ride malfunction? Have you been on an attraction that had to be evacuated? Share you thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.

VIADonna Farmer


  1. I am thinking – are there more crazies in the world now or is is it we are more involved with social media, cell phones and 24/7 news? I hope its more the latter.

  2. Typically people who abuse park rules are escorted off the premises and in many cases banned from the parks completely.

  3. I agree. I bet the guest that got off the Living with the Land boat to steal a vegetable will try to sue Disney because she fell. She should have been escorted out of the park. Period.

  4. Sometimes these delays are caused by the passengers who try to jump off of them such as LIVING WITH THE LAND. HOW DO WE KNOW THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN HERE. ? AND What happened to those 3 people who did that? Where are the Disney Police or Management. Something has to be done to stop these crazy people who ruin the rides for all of us. We all pay so much money to relax and enjoy the rides. Yes they do breakdown, but sometimes it is the people riding them causing the problem.

  5. In past years, when a ride broke down, all of the guests remaining in line were given “Fasr Passes”. Has this also been suspended. If so, WDW should refund the park ticket price of the affected guest.

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