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Many big attractions closed this morning at Magic Kingdom

Many big attractions closed this morning at Magic Kingdom
credit: Disney

All Disney Guests understand the occasional temporary closure of an attraction, but this morning several attractions were closed as Magic Kingdom welcomed Guests. Find out which attractions are currently affected.

Earlier Evacuations

This week has been a rough week for Magic Kingdom. For the past 3 days in a row Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, or PeopleMover for short, has had some issues.

Various social media users report the ride stopping and going and then having to be evacuated off. Check out the full details of the unexpected evacuations of this attraction HERE.

Multiple Attractions Affected Today

As Magic Kingdom welcomed Guests on June 4, many of the major attractions were seen as temporarily unavailable. This included Big Thunder Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Hatter Tea Party, and Splash Mountain.

Not even mentioned in this list was Jungle Cruise that was still closed. This attraction is undergoing quite the refurbishment while remaining open to Guests, but this morning it was still unavailable at Park opening.

Currently Splash Mountain and the Mad Hatter Tea Party have reopened. We are uncertain as the explanation for so many delayed starts this morning at Magic Kingdom.

Big Thunder Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Hatter Tea Party, and Splash Mountain were all temporarily unavailable at Park opening.

Can you imagine Guests who had meticulously made touring plans with Character Locator only to discover that many of their favorite attractions were closed?

Breaking News: Popular Magic Kingdom Attraction Evacuated!

This would be quite the shock to Guests who had planned to arrive at Rope Drop to enjoy these big attractions that have longer wait times throughout the day.

We are hoping that as the day progresses even more attractions will open at Magic Kingdom for Guests.

What would you think if so many attractions were closed for the start of your day at a Disney Park? Which attractions do you enjoy doing at Rope Drop? How would this affect your touring plan? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. We just returned from Disney this past weekend and we were soo disappointed in the service and finding something to eat was mission impossible unless you had qued it ahead of time which was never disclosed, also the 1 plus mile hike to get into the park from the parking garage was not the joyous way to start the day. We were lucky enough to get a boarding pass for the star wars ride but the Disney cast member Samantha was really rude to me as my child with behavioral disabilities had to use the restroom and was not back in time with dad before I was in the front of the line I explained he had lactose issues from eating ice cream ( some of the only food we could get with out waiting 3hrs) and he would be right back she actually scoffed and said all these kids must be related having diarrhea you moms need to come up with better excuses. WTF. Disney is going to really need to do some organizing. We had went to universal studios the day before and they did a amazing job we only waited at most 45min for a ride food was readily available and the walk to the gate to get in wasnt a marathon. We definitely wont be doing Disneyland again for a few years but will return to universal this October.

  2. We purchased tickets a m ok nth in advance for Magic Kingdom. Last week a friend asked if we had reservations. I thought the purchased passes confirmed our entrance. No, I called to learn that our Purchase didn’t secure our entrance. We were told Magic KINGDOM would nit be available on our date and Epcot would have to be substituted. None of us like Epcot! We were asked to pay $89.00 per person for Hoppers that will let us into Magic Kingdom after 2:00p.m.
    Please tell me who to speak to about this madness! We’ve invested lots of money on flights, rental vehicle and resort stay. Disney, pleade don’t CHEAT my grandkids out of a great vacation.
    -Barbara Ivy from Mississippi

  3. We are going next week just for One day Saturday, this would be so disappointing if these ride were closed. Can’t even imagine! Coming from Norther California just to go…

  4. Disney thinks it has us hooked now and can get away with anything. Walt wasn’t always about money. The original plan was and always will be the best. You can’t improve on Walt’s original concept. Before changing anything, ask, “What would Walt do?”

  5. Umm since the pandemic they got cheap and let some of the rides break down and do a temperelly fix for it only to break down again

  6. Tom Rains: I wholeheartedly agree with you! We spent last week at Disney and not only were many rides closed down but restaurants as well. It is wrong to charge $150 to enter a park and not get what you paid for. COMPLETELY overrated.

  7. I am happier everyday that I bought Universal Studios anual passes. I spend money and time where I am given proper customer service and actually get to enjoy the experience. Even a meal is a problem at Disney. They can keep their privileges.

  8. Most of the rides mentioned are not wheelchair accessible so it is no big deal to me ,but I think chapel is not spending the money on maintenance.

  9. New “woke” Disney regime doesn’t care about the loyal faithful… complete disrespect to the customer for what has become an inferior product. Need to send a message …stop paying your hard earned money in the parks and quit Disney+…watch how fast things change for the better….go woke..go broke

  10. Bring back fastpass .. and not the kind you have to pay for… Why, just because you have so much extra money to spare should you get to be in a fast lane. Walt would want anyone and everyone to be able to get into the fast lane. I understand some people don’t like the planning way in advance in order to get a bigger ride… Well maybe Disney can change something to where they release more same day fastpass times… All I know is the solution is not a paid system and it is not to get rid of it….

  11. Yes they should take the amount of minutes that any ride is closed and divide that by the price of the ticket and automatically compensate every guest in the park that day. Since you need a reservation on the my Disney app, it could even be a credit on there – Splash mountain is down for an hour, every person in the park gets a five buck credit. That’ll get them to start fixing things!

  12. Former attractions CM. Sadly this just happens sometimes when the randomness of the universe so decides. The rides are always operated safely, but sometimes it’s just bad luck on a bad day that means a few attractions are down at once. Many cast members are always working behind the scenes to get rides up and running on time. Talk to guest services about getting a replacement fast pass.

  13. I think Disney should also lower the price of drinks if they’re not going to do the souvenir cups. 3.99 for a soda or 4.50 for a 20oz when you can pay 12 bucks with like 2$ refills.

  14. I was here today at magic kingdom and had a great time. Was able to ride all of these rides and didn’t experience closing until thunderstorms rolled in around 5pm.

  15. This happening far too often. Has Chapek cut the maintenance budget in addition to cutting everything else ? But hey people are still happy to pay for this joke of an experience. Stop being suckers then they will listen.

  16. My honest opinion is that Disney needs to compensate us for these closed attractions, especially if it is the last day that visitors have for the park. What if you can’t come back later that week–we were really irritated when that happened to us and I swore off of Disney

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