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New Skyliner Popcorn Bucket at Disney World!

New Skyliner Popcorn Bucket at Disney World!
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Oh my, this is adorable! What do you think of it?

Disney’s Skyliner

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How has it been almost 3 years since the Skyliner soared into Disney World (and our hearts)? Disney’s newest form of transportation carries Guests from Epcot to Hollywood Studios with a few stops in between!

The Skyliner has also increased the popularity of the resorts that have one of the stations. Riviera, Caribbean Beach, POP Century, and Art of Animation are all incredibly popular places to stay due to the ease of transportation. You just hop right onboard and you can be at Epcot or Hollywood Studios in 10 minutes – oftentimes even less!

Popcorn Bucket

Credit: KtP

We first saw a Skyliner popcorn bucket in 2020, and it was oh so adorable! This new one though is even more special. It is a special 50th anniversary bucket!

The bucket is yellow with a special blue 50th anniversary detachable strap. On the front, there is a giant 50 with a smaller Chip & Dale in their special 50th outfits. The back says “The Most Magical Celebration” in honor of this special milestone.

You can see Mickey and Minnie on the side as if they are riding on the Skyliner. Don’t they look cute in their EARidescent outfits? The opposite side is plain yellow and has the door like you would see on the real gondola.

Credit: KtP

One may think that is where your popcorn goes, but it is not! The opening is actually on the top of the bucket! I am a fan of this design in general. Sometimes, the shapes of the bucket make it really hard to reach down for popcorn.

This is a nice square shape with plenty of room for popcorn! The bucket retails for $19 and has been found at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios so far. You can find them at the outdoor popcorn vendor carts. Kenny reported there were about 20 people in line at Hollywood Studios.

Remember: you can get $2 refills on the bucket so make sure you take it to the parks with you each day of your vacation!

What to do with your bucket when you return home

Credit: KtP

The fun doesn’t have to stop once you leave the parks and return home. There are so many fun ways to display and use your popcorn bucket!

You can store craft supplies, play with them, or proudly display them around your home. Get more ideas HERE.

Do you love the Skyliner bucket? Will you add it to your collection? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook.

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