Home Disney Planning Tips Is this the Worst PhotoPass Location in all of Disney World?

Is this the Worst PhotoPass Location in all of Disney World?

Is this the Worst PhotoPass Location in all of Disney World?
Credit: Disney

Have you received a terrible PhotoPass picture? This location does not make sense at all!

PhotoPass Service

Credit: Disney Photopass/Susan

While you’re visiting Disney, let the PhotoPass photographers take care of photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime. You’ll find Disney PhotoPass Service throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Find out where to get the shot above HERE.

At select attractions and iconic park locations, Disney captures your vacation moments with one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. Minutes later, your pictures are ready to view in My Disney Experience. Check out how to add everyone to your My Disney Experience HERE.

Getting Your Pictures

Photo courtesy: Disney PhotoPass Service/Maggie

Although taking photos is a “free” service, unless you purchase an Annual Pass that includes photos, you’ll need to purchase Memory Make to access all your pictures. Also, you see all pictures (with a watermark) without purchasing Memory Maker to give you a sneak peek.

Cool Spaceship Earth Photo Shots

Credit: Disney PhotoPass/Susan

The Spaceship Earth light show is truly one of the best things about Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. You’ll find Photopass photographers eager to take shots of your party with this amazing geosphere in the background during the day and evening. Also, the cool shot above is called a “tiny world” Magic Shot.

Disappointing Shot

Credit: Disney PhotoPass/Susan

On a recent visit, I spotted a photographer taking shots between the pylon statues and Spaceship Earth. Then, I eagerly waited for the picture to show up in My Disney Experience. When I saw the shot, I was totally confused. I kept asking myself, “what is going on here?

Do you see me? I’m posing with my shades on in a navy t-shirt right behind the tan pylon base. Although I’ve had the most amazing pictures taken at Disney, this is not one of them. This shot is a total bust!

This is the worst shop ever taken by Disney PhotoPass photographers.

Additional Shot

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is epcot-photopass-zoom-out-picture-photo.jpg
Credit: Disney PhotoPass

In addition to the first terrible shot, we were also given this cool panned out shot. Although hardly visible, my friend is standing between the pylons and Spaceship Earth. Is this shot any better? It’s a cool shot, but is it worth being in if you can’t see yourself?

What are your thoughts about this location? What other spots would you like to see Disney photographers? Please tell us about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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