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Check Out the Newly Refurbished Studios at the Polynesian Resort

Check Out the Newly Refurbished Studios at the Polynesian Resort
Credit: Disney

If you love the Polynesian Resort, you have to check out this photo tour of the newly refurbished DVC studios!

Polynesian Resort

Credit: Jaelyn

The Polynesian Resort is located in the Magic Kingdom area of Disney World resorts. With access to the monorail for easy transportation to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and other Magic Kingdom area resorts such as the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary, the location is prime.

The Polynesian offers both cash rooms and DVC accommodations, including the very luxurious bungalows. For a full review of the Polynesian Resort and all of its offerings, check out this article.

Polynesian Renovations

Credit: Monica

As we have covered in previous articles, the Polynesian Resort has undergone extensive refurbishments! From the new Moana rooms to the refurbishments of DVC studios, there has been significant work and updates at this fan favorite resort.

I (Jaelyn) had the pleasure of staying at the Polynesian in a newly refurbished DVC studio during the last weekend of January 2022. We booked our stay by renting points and we were lucky enough to score this room on a last minute deal for $250! If you are interested in learning more about renting points, check out this article. It is one of the best ways to stay at deluxe resorts and get all of the deluxe perks without paying top dollar!

Building Assignment

Credit: Jaelyn

We were assigned to stay at the Tokelau Building for this stay. This building was in a great location, located nearby the Great Ceremonial House but also within close walking distance to the Transportation and Ticket Center for easy transport to Epcot with no required monorail transfer.

Our room was located on the 3rd floor of the building. We had to maneuver all of our luggage onto the elevator, but it paid off because of the amazing views from our room!

Room Views

Credit: Jaelyn

Our room’s balcony directly looked out upon the Moorea building. When looking out to the left of our room, we had this stunning view!

Credit: Jaelyn

Soft Goods Refurbishment

The Polynesian studio villas underwent a soft goods refurbishment, meaning that changes that took place surround paint, furniture, and other accent items. No sweeping overhauls or massive renovations took place.

For a quick comparison of the main living/sleeping space from before the renovation to now, check out the following pictures:

Credit: Monica

This first picture is an image of a studio prior to the refurbishment. Note the orange and red color scheme, the carpeting, and the pullout couch that converts into a couch bed. This picture was taken by Monica, KtP editor, during her less than fabulous stay at the Polynesian. Read that review here.

Credit: Jaelyn

The image above is of the queen bed in the main living/sleeping space post-refurbishment. Notice the color scheme has been changed to green and blue hues. The wall art features a scene from Moana. While the physical bed and coffee table are the same, the soft goods upgrade totally changes the feel of the room.

Bathroom Spaces

The bathroom spaces underwent very minor changes including paint and shower curtain updates. There are still two bathroom spaces: one with a tub shower and toilet and another with a rainfall shower. The two bathroom spaces are a major perk to staying at the Polynesian. We loved this feature and capitalized on having two showers after a long day of traveling and hanging out at the Magic Kingdom.

The first bathroom space features a tub shower, toilet area, and vanity with significant storage.

Credit: Jaelyn

The second bathroom space includes another vanity with storage and a shower with a rainfall head. This shower was an exceptional place to relax after a long day!

Credit: Jaelyn

Sleeping Spaces

The studios at the Polynesian include three different sleeping options. As pictured above, a queen sized bed with storage space for luggage underneath is available for guests. The room also includes two other options: a queen size pull down Murphy bed and a small Murphy bed underneath the television.

The upgrade from sofa/couch bed to pull down Murphy bed was a major victory for guests. These newly designed beds, similar to those found at the Saratoga Springs newly refurbished rooms and at the Riviera, provide a significantly more comfortable sleeping space and a much more appealing living space.

The following image is what the queen size Murphy bed looks like when folded up and placed in “couch mode.”

Credit: Jaelyn

Here is what the same space looks like with the queen size bed folded down for guest use.

Credit: Jaelyn

The final bed is a smaller sized Murphy bed that is very similar to the bed that was previously in these resort rooms with a few updates to the color scheme. The small sized Murphy beds are my son’s favorite place to sleep when we come to Disney!

Credit: Jaelyn

Other Spaces

The table area still looks very similar to the previous Polynesian studios with the exception of a soft goods upgrade of different chairs.

Credit: Jaelyn

Finally, the kitchenette and closet spaces look very similar to their previous versions. See their appearances in the photos below.

Credit: Jaelyn

Overall Thoughts

Credit: Jaelyn

Overall, we were so pleased with our studio room at the Polynesian. It is spacious and the updates give it a more “elevated” tropical/Polynesian feel. The blue and green color scheme has a calming effect in the space and is a more modern take on the theme versus the reds and oranges of the past.

The biggest win in this upgrade is the addition of the queen size Murphy bed. With the double bathroom and queen size Murphy, this upgrade makes a Polynesian studio a much more comfortable and spacious place for larger families or groups with multiple adults.

When considering the studio overall alongside the Polynesian’s great amenities and close location to great transportation, it is easy to see why this resort is a favorite for many guests.

What do you think about the Polynesian’s updates? Have you stayed in a new studio or do you plan to do so in the future? Let us know in the comments below or by visiting us on Facebook.


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